What are Progressive Slots? Full Progressive Jackpots Guide

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What are Progressive Slots? Full Progressive Jackpots Guide

Playing a slot machine is all about the rush to land a win. We all know the thrill of your heart missing a beat when playing a real money slot game at an online casino. So if thrills and adrenaline are what you are looking for, why not play progressive slots for a chance to win a sensational jackpot prize?

In this guide, our slot experts at Casinos.com will cover everything you need to know about playing a jackpot game. So keep reading and learn how to get your chance at those lucrative winnings that can change your life for the better!

How Do Progressive Slots Work?

Wagering on a standard slot game is quite simple. You spin the reels and if you hit a winning spin, the size of your jackpot will depend on your stake. With progressive slots, your potential wins at leading slot sites are much bigger.

A progressive jackpot slot features a jackpot prize that is built of two components. Either the online casino or the game provider will put up an initial amount towards the prize. This is called the jackpot seed. Then, a percentage of every wager that you and any other gambler makes on this slot will go towards the jackpot prize pool. You will be able to see a jackpot meter that displays the growing amount of money in the pot. When that one lucky winner hits that winning spin and lands the jackpot, the jackpot meter resets and the excitement starts building again.

What Are the Different Types of Progressive Slots?

If you are new to playing progressive slots, you will need to first understand the basic types of progressive slots that are available.

Standalone Progressives

  • As its name suggests, a standalone progressive is a slot with a progressive jackpot that will only grow with wagers being placed on this particular game. Thus, the prize is not linked to any other jackpots or games. Although the prizes of standalone progressives can smaller due to a limited player pool, the odds of winning these jackpot prizes can be much bigger.

Local Progressives

  • Local Progressive jackpots, also referred to as in-house jackpots, are offered when a group of slot games are linked together to one jackpot. These are very popular in the land-based casino scene where slots are grouped to allow one massive win. At online casinos, local progressives would be provider-based. Meaning, that a game provider would offer a linked jackpot prize across several slot games.

Wide Area Network Progressives

  • Deemed as the most lucrative progressive jackpot in land-based casinos, Wide Area Network Progressive jackpots group together several casinos to share a common prize pool. Therefore, every wager that every gambler takes on these slot games in each of these casinos will contribute to an overall pot. Of course, the jackpot is normally a sizable amount, and winning this could grant you millionaire status.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Odds and Tips on Winning

The odds for winning a progressive jackpot are not as big as other slots. However, it was done before and will be done again. Most chances are you won't walk home a millionaire, given it mostly depends on luck. But there are a few tips that can help.

👀 Look For Overdue Jackpots - Doing your research on a progressive slot always helps. If for example, we take NetEnt’s Mega Fortune’s track record, you can see that the game jackpot is normally won every 2-3 months. So the bigger the pot, the more time you should invest in the game. Once a jackpot reaches a specific amount, the statistical probability is that it should be hit soon.

💰 Huge Jackpots Deserve a Good Wager - When the jackpot prize reaches a specific amount and is nearing its overdue stages, you can consider your risk strategy. Investing large in the game when it is overdue could earn you a great payback. However, it is always important to set your limits, keep a close eye on your bankroll and gamble responsibly.

⛔ Don't Spread Your Odds - Many players that visit the casino are dazed by all the ticking jackpot meters. Although progressive slots are tempting to play, keep in mind that the odds of winning a jackpot are slim to begin with. So jumping around and playing too many progressive slots will put a strain on your bankroll quickly.

🧐 Check Wager Eligibility - Some progressive slots award different jackpots for different wager sizes. So to qualify for a higher jackpot win, you may need to bet a certain amount. Imagine how disappointing it may be to think you won a jackpot, just to find out later you didn't qualify for the full amount. So always check the game's terms and conditions.

What are the best Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Many players seek the ultimate gambling prize: winning a progressive jackpot. But what makes one progressive slot more in demand than another? The theme of the game always plays a big role. Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams offer you a glimpse of the luxuries of life if their jackpot is landed. Major Millions offers you the same vibe.

Bonus features also play a role in establishing the king of progressives. The more opportunities you have to win along the progressive journey, the more money you will have to continue investing in that sought-after jackpot. Wagering eligibility is also an important factor to consider when selecting a progressive jackpot slot. If you can wager a smaller amount for much better chances to win a jackpot, it is a good option even if the jackpot is smaller. Especially, for players who are on a budget. Find all the slot bonuses here on Casinos.com

And finally, the jackpot size is of course one of the most important factors, and for many players the most important of all. The bigger the jackpot, the more players you will see flocking in, congregating, spinning, and making the jackpot meter tick. Although there are players that are loyal to specific progressive slots, usually when a jackpot grows that progressive game will become massively popular.

Now that you know so much about progressive jackpot games, it's time to spin the reels for your chance of winning a sensational prize. To get you started, we listed below some of our favourite progressive jackpot slots that are definitely worth a spin, or two. If any of these tickle your fancy, click the picture to go straight to an online casino to try them out!

Mega Moolah - Microgaming

  • Probably the world's most famous online progressive slot, Microgaming's Mega Moolah has already turned many lucky players into multi-millionaires. The African safari-themed game is filled with animal symbols, fun gameplay and also offers 4 jackpots. Depending on your bets, you could walk away with the Mini, Minor, Major, or Mega Jackpot.
  • When we say millionaires, we mean record-breaking wins! In 2015 a lucky player won a jackpot worth £13,213,838.68. It was recorded as a Guinness World Record for the largest online jackpot won at all times. Mega Moolah made many millionaires since, with one of the latest prizes worth €14,239,532.84 won in August 2020.

Hall of Gods

  • NetEnt’s Hall of Gods is a nod to Norse mythology and the Viking era. To land the jackpot, you would need to be playing at the maximum paylines and only once you trigger the bonus game, you can be eligible for scooping a jackpot. Offering three jackpots, namely the Mini, Midi, and Mega, you are transported to a screen to choose your jackpot prize.

Major Millions

  • Microgaming's Major Millions offers 2 game variants. You can opt to either play with a 5 reel and 15 paylines setup or a 3 reel and 3 pay line option. A minimum stake is needed to be eligible for the jackpot. If you spin the reels and 5 Mega Millions symbols appear on your screen, rejoice, you’re a winner. Playing at a max take of 15 paylines will see you walk away with a hefty win, but not a million win.

Divine Fortune

  • Netent’s Divine Fortune is a homage to Greek mythology, with the added spice of a progressive jackpot. The 5 reels and 20 payline slot machine also offers free spins, expanding wilds, wilds, and scatters. Collect 3 scatter symbols to trigger the jackpot game. The bigger your wager, the better chances of landing the progressive pot.

Mega Fortune

  • Mega Fortune is another NetEnt progressive slot with symbols and an underlying tone of indeed, fortune. Free bonus spins are granted when scatters are landed. If you manage to land 3 bonus wheels anywhere on your reels, you get to tempt your luck in the jackpot game. Spin the jackpot wheel to reveal your prize or move to the next level. Here you can land the Rapid, Major, or Mega Jackpot.

Arabian Nights

  • This time around, NetEnt takes you on a progressive jackpot tour around Arabia and the days of Aladdin. The jackpot game features wilds, scatters, and there is also a worthy jackpot at the end of the tunnel. Your goal is to land 5 Arabian Night game symbols on your reels to walk away, a winner.

Wheel of Wishes

  • Microgaming’s Wheel of Wishes does indeed grant wishes with its 4 jackpots on offer. You can opt to play at the base game or go all-in with the power game. The power mode offers you more possibilities of landing a jackpot. This game feature multiplies all wins by 10x and grants you power spins. And finally, the power spin mode is activated when you land 3 Wheel of Wishes anywhere on your reels. Spin the wheel to reveal your jackpot amount.

Age of Gods

  • Playtech’s star jackpot game is definitely the Age of Gods. Another Greek mythology homage, with 4 jackpots on offer: Power, Extra, Super, and Ultimate Power Jackpot. Various Greek gods grant you a diversified bonus experience. Free spins and even multipliers will boost your winnings. Jackpots are awarded at random, but playing at a higher stake always grants you that extra edge.

The Difference between Offline and Online Progressive Slots?

Naturally, the types of progressive jackpots that depend on a physical area are common in brick and mortar casinos. But when it comes to online progressive slots, physical distance is not an issue. Thus, players from all over the world can play on one progressive slot regardless of their location.

Also, the Return to Player (RTP) which is the slot's payout to players in winnings, is usually considerably lower at land-based casinos. This due to brick and mortar casinos having rent, labour, and other and considerably-higher costs than an online casino.

While brick-and-mortar casinos provide a great buzz and exciting gambling experience, it requires travelling and booking time off. However online casinos are available 24/7 through any computer, and wherever you happen to be if you play slots for mobile. So you can concentrate on the progressive slots you are playing at the time and place that works best for you.

Progressive Slots Summary

Progressive slots are considered by many as the most exciting form of gambling a casino has to offer. You will become part of a community of players from all over the world that are playing together and contributing to one common prize pool. And the excitement grows by the second when the jackpot meter keeps ticking and the prize keeps growing.

Join one of our featured online casinos, claim a welcome bonus and start spinning the reels of the world's best progressive slots. Who knows, maybe you will be the next lucky winner!

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