New Slots Calendar | 2024

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Last Updated 6th Jun 2024, 12:25 PM

We've created a new slots calendar. Why? To keep you in the loop with all the latest slot game releases of course!

New slots go live daily at the best slot sites. This is an amazing thing, and yet can get overwhelming. The calendar we've set up will give you a clear overview of when each brand-new slot game is dropping. If, like us, you're into slots, you know how exciting a new game release can be. So exciting that you don't wanna miss it!

My colleagues and I are in contact with casino software providers so that we are alerted of what new games they'll be releasing. This way, we can stay ahead of the game, as you can see from our new slots calendar for 2024, which reveals what is about to happen month by month.

After we know which games to expect, we work hard to identify the new slots that are most likely to create a stir. We subject them to a rigorous review process. Only the very best new slots make it onto this page. It is updated on a regular basis, so make sure you bookmark this page to stay abreast of all the top new online slots.