Each US States' Favorite Superhero & Superhero Slot in 2024 Revealed

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Each US States' Favorite Superhero & Superhero Slot in 2024 Revealed

Comic books and superheroes have been a long-standing presence in US homes for generations, with growing fan bases that are constantly hungry for new films, TV shows, and even real money slot games

Marvel and DC dominate affairs in the comic book business, and likewise when it comes to superhero-themed slots. Also, the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise movies are the highest-grossing of all time as of July 2023, bringing in $29.55 billion in total. Spider-Man, Batman and the extended DC Universe sit at around $22.35 billion - making the comic book movie industry at $50 billion+ industry. Not too shabby. 

At Casinos.com, we were researching which state’s favorite slot machine was, but then we noticed that National Superhero Day was coming up on April 28, so we slightly changed tact. We shifted towards finding out what each state’s favorite superhero-themed slot was.

Along the way, we discovered the nation’s favorite Superhero overall, alongside which characters are more popular - DC or Marvel. We used Google Trends and other search volume tools to gather data for the previous 12 months to give us the most recent data. Hover over each state in the map below for their individual results:  

Who’s The United States’ Favorite Superhero

Okay, the results here surprised us a little. According to our research, Catwoman is the most popular Superhero in the United States in 2024 so far. When considering the search volume for all states combined, Catwoman emerged victorious out of all the other superheroes. 

A total of eight states - Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin - listed Catwoman as their top search query. 

Among the other highly searched superheroes were obvious candidates Batman and Superman. Six states picked Superman as their top choice, with the same amount highlighting themselves as Batman fans. 

Both Batman and Superman appeared in the top three lists a total of 21 times. Thor also performed well in 2024, appearing as eight states’ favorite superhero, albeit with a lower search volume than Catwoman overall. 

Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming all are partial to the Son of Odin, who appeared 17 times in the top three lists overall. 

StateFavorite SuperheroSlot Game
AlabamaCatwomanBatman & Catwoman Cash Slot
AlaskaCatwomanBatman & Catwoman Cash Slot
ArizonaSpider-ManThe Amazing Spiderman Slot Machine
ArkansasCatwomanBatman & Catwoman Cash Slot
CaliforniaSpider-ManThe Amazing Spiderman Slot Machine
ColoradoThorPower of Thor Megaways
ConnecticutCatwomanBatman & Catwoman Cash Slot
DelawareWonder WomanWonder Woman Gold
FloridaCatwomanBatman & Catwoman Cash Slot
GeorgiaBatwomanBatgirl & Catwoman Slot
HawaiiWonder WomanWonder Woman Gold
IdahoThorPower of Thor Megaways
IllinoisSupermanSuperman II
IndianaDaredevilDaredevil Slot
IowaBatmanBatman & The Joker Jewels
KansasBatmanBatman & The Joker Jewels
KentuckySupermanSuperman II
LouisianaWonder WomanWonder Woman Gold
MaineCaptain AmericaCaptain America The First Avenger
MarylandCatwomanBatman & Catwoman Cash Slot
MassachusettsCatwomanBatman & Catwoman Cash Slot
MichiganBatmanBatman & The Joker Jewels
MinnesotaThorPower of Thor Megaways
MississippiBatwomanBatgirl & Catwoman Slot
MissouriBatmanBatman & The Joker Jewels
MontanaThorPower of Thor Megaways
NebraskaThorPower of Thor Megaways
NevadaSpider-ManThe Amazing Spiderman Slot Machine
New HampshireDaredevilDaredevil Slot
New JerseyDaredevilDaredevil Slot
New MexicoWonder WomanWonder Woman Gold
New YorkCaptain AmericaCaptain America The First Avenger
North CarolinaSupermanSuperman II
North DakotaBatwomanBatgirl & Catwoman Slot
OhioSupermanSuperman II
OklahomaDeadpoolX-Men 50 Lines Slot
OregonDeadpoolX-Men 50 Lines Slot
PennsylvaniaBatmanBatman & The Joker Jewels
Rhode IslandCaptain AmericaCaptain America The First Avenger
South CarolinaSupermanSuperman II
South DakotaThorPower of Thor Megaways
TennesseeBatmanBatman & The Joker Jewels
TexasSpider-ManThe Amazing Spiderman Slot Machine
UtahCaptain AmericaCaptain America The First Avenger
VermontCaptain AmericaCaptain America The First Avenger
VirginiaSupermanSuperman II
WashingtonThorPower of Thor Megaways
West VirginiaDaredevilDaredevil Slot
WisconsinCatwomanBatman & Catwoman Cash Slot
WyomingThorPower of Thor Megaways


There were some poor performers, however, with the most surprising of those being Iron Man, who finished second to last in terms of overall search volume, just marginally ahead of Doctor Strange. 

Batwoman won’t be best pleased with her performance in the female category compared to Catwoman, with just four states featuring Kathy Kane in their top three superheroes.

Spider-Man also didn’t cover himself in glory, landing in just 7 top three lists, which was well below the likes of Daredevil (11) and Deadpool (13) - although Deadpool can probably thank his upcoming new movie with Wolverine for his good results this year. 

Our data also concluded that DC characters are overall more popular than Marvel, if the top three lists are to be believed. DC Comic characters are featured 82 times overall across all 50 states’ top three lists, with Marvel stalwarts totting up 68 places on the podium. 

Superheroes and Their Slot Games 

It wouldn’t be a Casinos.com article if we didn’t talk a little bit about slot games. After all, this is how we got this entire idea in the first place!

The superhero slot theme has been a popular one for years, with a slot game available for all superheroes out there. There's even a slot game called just Super Heroes. Hundreds of thousands of people love to play superhero slots, with both online casino sites and land-based slot machines available to play. 

Most years, you can place a reasonably safe bet that a new superhero flick will drop. And with that, there will always be a steady flow of new slots alongside them as developers look to capitalize on their popularity. 

Not every state can play at online casinos sites. Although land-based is available virtually everywhere, the ability to play slots at social casinos has seen their popularity increase even further over the last few years. 


We used Google Trends to measure the level of interest in 15 of the nation's favorite superheroes. 

  • Data was collected over a 12-month period from April 23, 2023 - April 24, 2024

In the case where a state had equal levels of interest for multiple characters, search volumes for each item using Semrush were measured in that area to determine a favorite.

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