Colm Phelan

Colm Phelan

A.K.A. Digital PR Manager

8 Years Experience

128 Articles Written

Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser.

About Me - Colm Phelan, Casino News & PR Expert

Where do I begin? I guess at the beginning. I got a taste for writing at an early age, having created blogs around a number of topics, and ever before I joined the iGaming industry, I was talking about betting. It had always been a passion. Fast-forward a few years and a journalism degree later, and I was working for a national newspaper in Ireland. My byline has featured everywhere from Sky Sports to the NY Post. But alas, I gravitated back to the iGaming industry six years ago, where comes in, and I’m currently spearheading news and PR across the entire site. 

My Role at

The iGaming industry is fast-paced, and yes while there are always new casinos and slots to be reviewed, there is a revolving news cycle with eyeballs globally. And that’s where I come in. I’ve spent years learning the ins and outs of the casino world from professional gamblers, iGaming CEOs I’ve interviewed and industry vets to name a few. Couple that with a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing, and you have a recipe for knowledge on what casino afficandos want to read and what they care about.

Why I belong here

Over five years ago, I was among the most useless casino punters around. Now, in 2023, I’m still one of the most useless bettors but at least I can’t blame the knowledge I’ve picked up on the way. I’m not pro-gambler, but I can tell you everything from the Martingale to the Paroli systems, as well as the best casinos from Macau to Monte Carlo. I have multiple fingers on the pulse of the casino industry, and that’s probably why I’m allowed to tell stories here at

Experience Group Group
  • Digital PR Manager // 2022 - Present
  • Content Manager // 2020 - 2022
  • Production Editor // 2019 - 2020

Teams I support

When I’m not working, I’m supporting (my family, but also my sports teams). I’ve been an Arsenal and Bohemians (Irish football team) fan my whole life, and somewhere along the way became a long-suffering Chicago Bears supporter. It’s been a tough few years. 

When I’m not here, where am I?

I won’t bore you with too much, but away from the desk you’ll find me in one of two places - at the golf course or watching a variety of sports. OK, you might also find me in a pub enjoying a pint of Guinness. But I am Irish, so that’s a given. And yes, I’m allowed to stereotype when I’m being self-deprecating. 

Let me boast a little bit

How long do you have? I’m the two-time GDC Group Golfer of the Year champion. I might be the only person at who can catch and successfully gut a fish. 
“A wonderful, accomplished young man.” - My mother*

*Quotes are not accurate and have been manipulated. 

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