Luckiest Casinos in the State of Louisiana

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Luckiest Casinos in the State of Louisiana

Are you wondering what the luckiest casino location in Louisiana is? Look no further; we have all the answers.

The state of Louisiana is known for a few things - Mardi Gras, cajun cooking, and floating lazily down the Mississippi River. But don’t worry, gamblers, the state has something for you too! 

Louisiana is home to four Native American casinos, and 43 state-licensed casinos, which is a pretty impressive number. 

Gambling on river boats and at land-based casinos has been legal in the state since the 1990s, and over the years, the sector has become a significant contributor to the economy, currently employing over 41,000 people. 

In April 2024, the Louisiana Gambling Control Board reported that revenue for the industry hit $220.7 million in March this year, which is an increase of 1% on the same period in 2023. 

It was similar in February, when casinos and racetracks generated $194.5 million, which was also a 1% increase on the previous year.

With so many gambling facilities across the state, it stands to reason, then, that they can’t all be the luckiest place in town. We decided to send our team of experts on a mission to analyze all of the TripAdvisor reviews of the Louisiana casinos and see which ones give you the best chance of a win. 

Our team looked for mentions of words like "jackpot,"  “luck”, and “winning” and we concluded that the reviews that have the most mentions of our keywords are the luckiest places for you to play.

Just in case you don’t know already, slots are based on Random Number Generators, so technically you always have a chance of winning, but there’s also a “house edge” which the casino keeps, hence the saying “the house always wins”. 

Putting all of those technicalities aside, here are the casinos we looked at:

Luckiest and Unluckiest Casino in Louisiana ranked table

Right at the top of the list was Delta Downs Racetrack & Casino, which had a luck percentage of 26.45%, although we will admit that’s not particularly high compared to what we saw in some other states. 

The combination racetrack-casino offers 30,000 square foot of casino floor, with over 1,500 slots and of course lots of live horse races. We identified 18 our of 94 reviews which mentioned the word "won."

“It took only minutes to hit diamond hand it was a nice trip. We drove from Houston and this time we won.” - says one review.

Coming in at second place, we have Coushatta Casino Resort, with 24.16% on our luck percentage scale. This one is the state’s largest casino resort, and it boasts around 500 slots and 70 table games. 

As a major casino, it makes sense that there were over 800 reviews for us to peruse. The word “won” was mentioned over 70 times, and 37 reviews also called out “winning”.

Rounding out the top three was Louisiana Downs Racetrack and Casino, coming in at 21.14% luck. This racetrack and casino has over 3,000 reviews, so there was guaranteed to be a bit of a mixed bag, but we were impressed to see 129 mentions of the word “won”, including a positive review that said “Was fun, had an awesome time an won a little bit of extra spending money!!”

top 5 luckiest casinos in Louisiana table

Okay, let’s move on to the not-so-good news. 

While there’s always a chance of losing money when you’re gambling, there might be a greater chance of that if you visit Margaritaville Resort Casino, which comes in at just 5.70% on our Luck Scale. Even Jimmy Buffet would disapprove. 

Out of more than 4,000 reviews, absolutely no one mentioned the words “success” or “hand pay”.

Also near the bottom of the list is L'Auberge Casino Resort, but at least this golf course, spa, resort, and shopping destination scored 10.68% on the scale. 

There were no mentions of the word “won” across the 740 reviews, but it’s not all doom and gloom  - in fact, one review even says “we played the slots and were very lucky to win and walk out with money.”

Methodology utilized Tripadvisor reviews to do an in-depth analysis of phrases associated with luck to determine the luckiest and unluckiest casinos in the state of Louisiana. We calculated the percentage of luck-rated mentions in the total Tripadvisor reviews and extrapolated them as if all casinos had the same number of reviews for fairness.

Keywords tracked: Lucky, Luck, Winning, Big Win, Winner, Bonus, Profit, Success, Jackpot, Hand Pay

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