Hulk Hogan Reveals His Biggest Gamble as He Unveils New Beer for Fans

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Hulk Hogan Reveals His Biggest Gamble as He Unveils New Beer for Fans

He has stunned crowds around the world for over forty years. He has taken on the challenges of “The Giant.” But what was the biggest gamble that World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer, the legendary Hulk Hogan, ever took? 

Hogan revealed that and much more when he journeyed to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa on Friday afternoon to promote his latest endeavor, a new entry into the beer market called Real American Beer.

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Whatcha Gonna Do, Brother?

Hogan was running a bit behind on this day due to having to do a similar press conference in Hollywood, Florida, earlier in the day. Once he strolled into the Council Oak Steakhouse on the Hard Rock grounds, however, he was ready to talk about his beer and several other things.

Asked about why beer, and why now, Hogan took on a visionary outlook. “When I drank beer, there were the usual light beers out there, Miller and others,” Hogan said. “What I wanted, though, was something that had a fuller taste to it, more body. With Real American Beer, I think we’ve found that perfect touch.”

“I also thought about the state of our nation right now,” “The Hulkster” continued.” We’re so divided right now, and one thing that we’ve always been able to get behind is our choices of beer. I’m hoping to draw people together, no matter their beliefs, behind Real American Beer.”

Hulk Hogan for Real American Beer at Seminole Casino in Tampa

Hogan was also able to reminisce about a subject that is close to his heart, his longtime friend and mentor in the WWE Hall of Fame, Andre the Giant. “He would have smacked me on the back and said, “Good job, boss!” Hogan stated when asked how Andre would have received Real American Beer. He also regaled the crowd with a story of how Andre, who passed away in 1993 due to congestive heart failure, had a layover in Tampa one day and called Hogan to come to the airport.

“Of course, I raced over to meet up with him, and we had about fifty minutes with each other,” Hogan said. “As we sat there, Andre had beer after beer after beer…you’ve all seen the pictures of Andre holding the beer can in Sports Illustrated, right? We counted after Andre had left…he had drunk 105 twelve-ounce beers in the fifty minutes that we were together!”

Still Drawing Crowds Wherever He Goes

One of the final questions asked of Hogan was if Real American Beer was his greatest gamble. 

“Oh, no, not even close,” he replied. “My greatest gamble was slamming Andre at WrestleMania III (the then-largest ever crowd to see a wrestling card, 78,000 at the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit, MI). We never rehearsed it; I said to Andre that we needed to work it out, and he said in his booming voice, “NO!” I didn’t know if I could do it until the actual night of the match.”

(Hogan is reported to have torn several back muscles from lifting the 500-pound legend to perform the slam.)

Hogan then led the ensemble to the Center Bar at the Seminole Hard Rock, a sight that was impressive to witness. It started as a small group but, like a snowball rolling down a mountain, the size of the throng grew as it drew closer to the Center Bar. 

By the time Hogan, his wife Sky, and several members of the Real American Beer staff reached the bar, the fans were cheering, chanting “USA! USA! USA!” as Hogan stepped behind the bartender’s rail; it might not have been as loud as the crowd that night in the Pontiac Silverdome, but it was pretty damn good for a Friday afternoon in Tampa.

And Hogan did not fail to entertain the crowd. Joined by former undisputed Heavyweight Champion Riddick Bowe, Hogan posed for pictures, tossed cans of Real American Beer to the people who were packed four-deep around the bar, and spoke to everyone who was within earshot as he deftly managed bartending duties. 

After ninety minutes with the fans in Tampa, Hogan had to call it a night as the travel from Hollywood to Tampa had aggravated his arthritic back from too many years of taking bumps on the professional wrestling trail.

The beer, you ask? It pleasantly surprised me. It had a pleasant taste, not too heavy, and no aftertaste that you might find with other beers. It was an American lager, a light beer (lower calorie), typical for its namesake and befitting of having Hulk Hogan, the Real American Hero, serve as the promoter. 

It will gradually be rolled out in seventeen states, with three states - Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado – being part of the initial wave. It will be available at Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos, select Hooters, on US military bases, and retail outlets such as Sam’s Club, Total Wine & More, and Walmart.

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