Welcome to Casinos.com - 'A Truly Player-First Experience'

Welcome to Casinos.com - 'A Truly Player-First Experience'

The game has changed. Casinos.com has launched and this exciting new project has prompted some questions. Here is everything you should know.

What is Casinos.com?

Casinos.com is the new venture from the multi-award-winning Gambling.com Group. The aim is simple, to provide an industry-leading resource for players on all things casino including games, reviews, strategy, news and tips to name a few. 

Casinos.com is part of the wider Gambling.com Group, an industry-leading performance marketing company for players that have been operating since 2006. As one of the largest companies to serve casino content to players across its portfolio, this means that the team behind it has decades of experience in the industry.

Lee Gwilliam, the group’s VP of Commercial & Casinos says: “For players in the current market, you have to go to many different places to get what you need. We think there is no one market-leading really great resource just for casino players that focuses purely on casino. We want players to get whatever they want from the site. That’s why we’re by players for players.”

It’s expected that the full range of features that Casinos.com will bring to the market will be revealed in the near future. Players already use the company’s legacy site, Gambling.com, as a trusted resource for information and news on online casino, poker, sports betting, and more.

Gwilliam states: “We’ve taken the best of the best from across the business and put them together. This is not just another product or website. Our plan is to build something special.”

Who is behind Casinos.com?

The Gambling.com Group is a multi-award-winning company with a plethora of premium domains that compile detailed gambling guides and reviews online. With over 400 staff as of 2023, including teams of dedicated writers with combined decades of experience in the industry, they have become leaders in the fully regulated and legal gambling sphere. 

One of the only online gambling-related companies to be publicly listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange (NASDAQ:GAMB), the group is a leader in the iGaming space that has championed innovation ever since it was founded.

Charles GillespieGambling.com co-founder and CEO Charles Gillespie

Gambling.com Group co-founder and CEO Charles Gillespie said: “We’re incredibly excited to have acquired the domain Casinos.com. We don't think a better domain exists for us to share our incredibly deep knowledge of the online casino business with online casino players. As a company we have always prioritized acquiring the "right" domain names for our portfolio, which is clear from our namesake Gambling.com but also Bookies.com and Bookmakers.com.”

“We’ve always been a casino-focused company. While Gambling.com offers 360 degree coverage of the entire industry, Casinos.com will have a narrower casino only focus allowing us to go deeper still on our favorite part of the industry. Thankfully we have all the right people, technology and experience in place to hit the ground running with this new product and deliver a truly player-first experience.”

To stay up to date with the latest news, head to Casinos.com homepage to receive emails and promotions from the site as it goes live.


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