WATCH: Live Casino Blackjack Dealer, Twitch Streamer Battle in Heated Exchange

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WATCH: Live Casino Blackjack Dealer, Twitch Streamer Battle in Heated Exchange

We’ve seen previously how things can go awry at the live dealer blackjack table. And whether it’s human error on display or an awkward interaction between a dealer and player, live casino games are showing entertainment value with online spectators. 

These games also are raising questions about what’s appropriate for live-dealer interactions, and how operators protect dealers from cyber-abuse.

Most recently, a Twitch streamer who goes by “Capp” and “CapThaGod” shared a rather aggro exchange with a live blackjack dealer at the FanDuel online casino in New Jersey

The 45-second clip gets kinda cringey as the two get into it, with Capp typing in the chat that he’s going to get the dealer fired, and the dealer responding with similar invective about the player’s life choices and future prospects. Their back-and-forth is riddled with insults and expletives, though the dealer presumably can’t hear the audio or read the chat from the Twitch stream.

Capp is laughing throughout, and the dealer delivers his retorts with a slight smile.

Blackjack Dealers vs. Twitch Streamers

For more context, you can see the whole 6-and-a-half-hour livestream here (with the scene above starting about 5:27:35). 

The virtual kerfuffle begins with a dealer realizing he had forgotten to cut a freshly shuffled deck. He catches the error, however, and hands resume. But Capp, playing as “capotv270,” doesn’t let the issue go. 

“Nothing happened and I didn't make an actual complaint,” Capp told in an email. “The internet is just twisting it. He was taking too long and I joked that he’d get fired and he reacted in a funny way. That's all.”

We just wanted to see how the hand ended (dealer’s 18 beat player’s 17 in undramatic fashion), but ultimately saw play continue and chat escalate until the game was paused for “video review” and canceled. 

The dealer eventually moves off the table, though it’s not clear if the move was just a standard shift change.

And the Winner Is ...

So who’s in the wrong here - anyone? Did the dealer show a lack of professionalism in the face of being harangued? Was the Twitch streamer callously entertaining his livestream followers by bullying a casino worker simply doing his job? 

Or perhaps we’re just seeing a good old-fashioned rap battle for the gaming media world, between two adversaries on the semi-real blackjack felt with real money on the line. 

Whatever it is, we can only anticipate we’ll see more.

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