Strat Tower Transformed into Giant Don Julio 1942 Tequila Bottle

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Strat Tower Don Julio 1942

Top Shelf: The Strat Tower dressing up like a bottle of Don Julio 1942. (Image: Dan Michalski /

The Super Bowl is transforming Las Vegas. And last night that became clear when the tower at The Strat (formerly the Stratosphere) casino-resort was turned into the world’s largest bottle of premium tequila. 

Throughout Super Bowl weekend, the Strat Tower in Las Vegas – an 1,149-foot observation deck, the tallest in the US – is being reimagined as a bottle of Don Julio 1942. 

Sphere vs. Tower

It’s a marketing stunt, sure, but one of epic proportions. It’s also possibly a shot across the bow to the Sphere, letting this shiny new object know that the tower wasn’t ready to surrender its stature as the most iconic structure in the Las Vegas skyline. 

Don Julio and Strat promoters are calling it “lifesize.” But really the bottle is nearly 750x larger than life. As a matter of height, a standard 750 ml fifth of 1942 is 17.36”. And sorry, as a matter of volume we can’t do the math but wish we could, and know it’s a lot of tequila.

(If you’re a math whiz, please chime in the comments email dan at casinos dot com to show us how many bottles of 1942 could fit in the Stratosphere if it were a bottle. We’re setting the over-under at 250,000 *

* Betting odds are for entertainment purposes only. Please gamble responsibly.

LED Upgrade

The technology to cover the Strat tower with lights was revealed earlier this week, before it was public knowledge that Don Julio was paying for it. 

To illuminate the Strat, a projection technology is “deploying nearly 2 million Lumens, the equivalent of lighting 4,767 50-watt light bulbs,” which to us frankly doesn’t sound like that many light bulbs. Have you even seen the Sphere?

By comparison, the Sphere has 1.2 million hockey-puck-sized lights on the outside, each with 48 individual LEDs. They say it's seeable from space. 

MGM job description

The original design for the tower, seen here in a 1990 presentation by Bob Stupak who envisioned it, really does look like a bottle of 1942. (Image: SteveMiller4LV / Wikipedia)

The Don Julio 1942 display on the Strat tower got flipped on Thursday, and will stay part of the Las Vegas visuals until Sunday. hasn’t yet verified who paid for the lights and whether or not they’ll stay after the Super Bowl.


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