Man Offers $500k as New MGM Lawsuit Filed

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Man Offers $500k as New MGM Lawsuit Filed

A high-roller who claims to have been drugged while gambling at the MGM Grand almost two years ago has offered up $500,000 for information to find the person/persons that spiked him.

Dwight Manley, 57, was a high roller bettor who lost millions after his cocktail was spiked with ketamine, the lawsuit claims. Mr Manley says that he lost up to $2m - in the form of short-term lines of credits - while being drugged. The casino is still allegedly chasing him for over $400k.

A new website - - states that a $500k reward will be offered to "find who spiked Vegas high roller's drink at MGM Grand".

'Long Time Whale'

The former sports agent and current real estate executive is a "long time Last Vegas whale" claims to have been drugged against his will while playing Blackjack in the high-limit area of the MGM Grand in December, 2021.

As a VIP player, he had been flown to Las Vegas with his partner and several acquaintances to participate in a poker tournament as well as playing other casino games. The alleged drugging took place after Manley entered the High Limit section of the casino to play Blackjack, after which his playing credit increased dramatically. It's also alleged he was injured after smashing an ashtray.


Mr Manley claims his drink - an old fashioned - tasted bitter, but he finished it before ordering another one. After finishing the drink, he began to feel disorientated. He has no little of memory of what happened in the proceeding hours.

Keen For Justice

He was examined once home, and the analysis showed that ketamine was in his system. He is now seeking more than $75,000 in damages, and has hired a private investigator. Manley is eager to know who is responsible for the drugging. MGM has attempted to have the claim dismissed.

Richard K Howell, one of Mr Manley’s attorneys, told The Orange County Register, “Mr Manley feels that a serious criminal act was directed at him which potentially put his life in danger.

“He is determined to do all that he can to track down and hold accountable those responsible."


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