United State's Favorite Way To Cook Eggs By State 2023

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United State's Favorite Way To Cook Eggs By State 2023

World Egg Day is a globally celebrated day dedicated to all things eggs! Not to be confused with National Egg Day, which lands in June. World Egg Day was first coined in Vienna way back in 1996. Celebrated across 40 countries, including the United States, it gives us a reason to celebrate Mother Nature's superfood - as if we needed an excuse. 

But with that in mind, the research and analytics team at Casinos.com took a quick break from testing US online casinos because we wanted to find out what the USA's favorite way to cook eggs is in 2023, alongside data for each US state. For the purposes of this research, we left recipes that usually require more ingredients, such as frittatas and quiches (although we left omelets in, because we think they can be eaten plain, which might be controversial). 

Scrambled eggs, unsurprisingly, emerged as the nation's favorite way to cook eggs. Likewise, sunny side up, omelet, and over easy all performed well in the 2023 study.  Shirred eggs, which are essentially baked eggs, performed surprisingly well. Coddled, poached, hard-boiled, and soft-boiled all stacked up poorly compared to other cooking methods. 

What Way To Cook Eggs Reigns Supreme in the US

There were a couple of high performers, most notably Scrambled which was the runaway favorite, having been featured as 17 states' favorite way to dish up eggs. Likewise, Sunny Side Up (11) and Omelet (9) both performed well in the research.

Who loves Scrambled Eggs the most - Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnestoa, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia

Coddled Eggs appeared once as Nevada's favorite dish, and California was the other state that bucked the trends and went with Steamed Eggs. Over Easy, Poached and Shirred all claimed numerous top spots elsewhere. 

Hard-boiled eggs were only in one state's top three (Hawaii), while soft-boiled was also Hawaii's second favorite. Hawaiians are clearly fans of the boiled approach. 

Poached, which were figured to be a popular choice, only appeared as Alaska, Montana and Vermont's top egg cooking method - but featured a further 7 times in top three lists. 


We used Google Trends to measure the level of interest in 10 of the nation's favorite ways to cook eggs. Recipes that traditionally require more ingredients, such as frittatas and quiches, were left out of this study, which instead preferred to focus on the most traditional ways to cook plain eggs. 

  • Data was collected over a 12-month period from October 11, 2022 - October 12, 2023

When a state had equal interest levels for multiple ways to cook eggs, search volumes for each item using semrush were measured in that area to determine a favorite.

What is Each US State's Top Three Favorite Ways To Cook Eggs

AlabamaSunny Side UpScrambledOmelette
ArizonaSunny Side UpOver EasyScrambled
ArkansasScrambledShirredSunny Side Up
CaliforniaSteamedSunny Side UpOmelette
ColoradoOver EasyOmelettePoached
ConnecticutOmeletteShirredSunny Side Up
District of ColumbiaOmeletteShirredCoddled
FloridaOmeletteSunny Side UpScrambled
GeorgiaOmeletteSunny Side UpScrambled
HawaiiOver EasySoft-boiledHard-boiled
IllinoisSunny Side UpScrambledOmelette
IndianaSunny Side UpScrambledOver Easy
IowaScrambledShirredOver Easy
KansasScrambledSunny Side UpOver Easy
KentuckyScrambledOver EasyOmelette
LouisianaSunny Side UpScrambledOmelette
MarylandSunny Side UpOmeletteScrambled
MichiganOmeletteSunny Side UpScrambled
MississippiScrambledOmeletteSunny Side Up
MissouriShirredScrambledSunny Side Up
NebraskaSunny Side UpScrambledOver Easy
NevadaCoddledOver EasySunny Side Up
New HampshireScrambledOmelettePoached
New JerseySunny Side UpOmeletteScrambled
New MexicoSunny Side UpOver EasyShirred
New YorkOmeletteSunny Side UpScrambled
North CarolinaOmeletteSunny Side UpScrambled
North DakotaScrambledOver EasyShirred
OhioScrambledSunny Side UpOmelette
OklahomaScrambledSunny Side UpOmelette
PennsylvaniaSunny Side UpOmeletteScrambled
Rhode IslandScrambledOmeletteShirred
South CarolinaScrambledOmeletteSunny Side Up
South DakotaScrambledShirredOver Easy
TennesseeSunny Side UpScrambledOver Easy
TexasSunny Side UpOmeletteScrambled
UtahScrambledOmeletteSunny Side Up
VirginiaOmeletteScrambledSunny Side Up
West VirginiaScrambledOmeletteShirred
WisconsinShirredScrambledSunny Side Up
WyomingOver EasyOmeletteShirred

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