Online Poker Players at PartyPoker Must Switch to Real Names

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Last Updated 14th Mar 2024, 07:22 AM

Online Poker Players at PartyPoker Must Switch to Real Names

As part of the latest update to partypoker, the full name of each player at high-stakes tables must be visible to everyone playing at the table.

This update, which launched June 17, requires all existing players at partypoker to create a new alias that’s the same as their actual name. The change is getting a mixed reception from the platform’s current players.

Rob Yong, a partypoker partner and owner of the Nottingham-based Dusk Till Dawn casino, said in a tweet last week that the concept will come in a soft rollout for certain games:

In August @partypoker will trial Real Names for selected games such as High Stakes Cash Games, will be softy softy approach. Personally I am in favour of real names> improves etiquette, builds community & just feels safer.


”We want our players to have a fresh start and therefore we are asking all players to select a new alias so that all third-party tool tracking is lost for all our players,” partypoker managing director Tom Waters said in a press release.

New aliases mean that existing data with third-party poker tools will be disrupted. The platform intends on ending the widespread use of such tools among its players. Overall, the required alias change is about more than making players uncomfortable.

Part of Many Changes at partypoker

Though the transition from anonymous player aliases to one with real names might be a big change, it’s only part of several huge shifts to the poker platform at partypoker.

”This client update is one of a number of initiatives that we are working on in order to provide players with a safe environment where they can play online poker,” Waters said.

As part of the update, partypoker banned the use of HUD’s, or heads-up displays, to reap the hand histories of opponents and use the information against them. The platform has also implemented a new feature for players to review their own past hands.

Prior to update, partypoker released its hand history replayer to give players a retrospective deep-dive into poker moves they’ve made. Players can now look over recently played hands with a mini-dashboard as they’re at a table.

Voices connected to partypoker said that these changes will help protect its players from being taken advantage of by bumhunters and players that use HUD software to keep tabs on the stats of their opponents.

On top of that, partypoker updated its list of permitted third-party software that can be used during play. The only software that can be used is partycaption and StackAndTile. Using any other software will lead to accounts closure as well funds being seized and redistributed.

The platform isn’t anywhere near done and plans to make further changes. There are still more updates to come that are meant to improve the popular poker room.

”I expect this to be unpopular with ‘known pros’ as (obviously) you would know you’re playing against an elite professional player,” Yong said in a tweet.

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