Mississippi Slot Machine Enthusiasts Enjoying Shocking Wins

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Mississippi Slot Machine Enthusiasts Enjoying Shocking Wins

Slot players dream of winning the big one, it’s pretty much the reason that they play.

However, rarely do players imagine that winning back-to-back jackpots is possible.

Add a third layer and make those two jackpot wins within the same hour.

Unbelievably, this happened in Mississippi at the Hard Rock Casino Biloxi back in July. A man from Gulf Breeze, Florida, known as “Fred S” had the best stroke of luck for multiple lifetimes when he won almost $1.3 million on the Double Diamond 3x, 4x, 5x slot machine. With just $20, Fred won one of the biggest jackpots the Hard Rock Biloxi has seen in years.

The regular slots player at the Hard Rock left to wait for the casino and the Mississippi Gaming Commission to review and finalize his win, as is per usually for all wins over $100,000. So Fred decided to take another few spins at a different machine.. He won $14,000.

That kind of luck is can’t be described as anything else as life-changing, which it was described by Hard Rock’s vice president of casino operations Nick Polanco. Fred was hoping it was his lucky leather bracelet that had helped him win such an unlikely pair of spins, and shared it with people around the room.

“There’s a lot of camaraderie in the high-end play there. He’s just a regular guy and he took care of some of his friends,” said Polanco.

The previous million winner from any casino in Biloxi was in 2015, when a Florida woman (seems to be a Florida theme) won $1.5 million at the IP Casino Resort while playing on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine.

Mississippi’s State of Gambling

Fred’s win is likely to not be the last big win seen in Mississippi within the near future. Mississippi’s gambling scene has been uniquely positioned to take off due to the recent legalization of sports betting. The shrewd nature of sports betting means that there’s likely to be a few big winners off of some interesting betting combinations.

The casinos are positioned to win big, however, because mobile sports betting has yet to be legalized. So all the winning (and losing) will be done in the casinos, which means more chances to attract people to slot machines, poker tables, or any other various table games.

Since the implementation of sports betting in Mississippi, the monthly gross revenue across the state has been up nearly $10 million from the same time last year. The way that sports betting has slowly increased across the state means that casinos will likely continue to see increased profits from the year before.

For the rest of the southern states, however, the wait for even more casinos remains. Mississippi legalized casino gambling early in the 90’s, and continued the trend by being the first state to legalize sports betting. Louisiana also has legal casinos, but they haven’t legalized sports betting as of yet. Meanwhile, Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama are yet to organize wider range casino gambling or sports betting.

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