Comedian Cripps’ Quips Win Over Judges of Dabbers Bingo Comedy Caller 2024

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Comedian Cripps’ Quips Win Over Judges of Dabbers Bingo Comedy Caller 2024

Dru Cripps with his Comedy Caller 2024 Award. (Image: Courtesy of Dabbers)

Bingo is a serious event for many and is played all around the UK. It's so popular, in-fact, some casino sites in the UK even offer bingo as there are dedicated online bingo sites. There are alternatives to the noisy casino or quiet Bingo venue where only the voice of the caller can be heard until that one person shouts out HOUSE!

Comedy Bingo Calling may not be the average bingo punter’s cup of Rosie Lee, but it is growing in popularity. So much so that there are even awards ceremonies for the comedic callers.

Dru Cripps won £1,000 at the UK’s most exciting bingo calling contest. 

On Sunday, July 7th, in association with The British Comedy Guide. Dabbers Social Bingo finally finished its three-month-long hunt and crowned the innovative and hilarious musical clown comic as the next face of its bingo hall with the title of ‘Bingo Comedy Caller 2024’.

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Lil’s Appendix Emergency Allowed Cripps a Spot on Stage 

Dru had originally entered the heats but failed to make it further as his friend - comedian Lil Wenker, pulled in more votes to see them through to the next stage. However, over the weekend, Lil Wenker had to pull out of the contest due to a medical emergency, which saw Dru Cripps re-enter the contest as a ‘Wild Card,’ and a WILD finale it certainly was. 

Old School Raver Set Won the Crowd and Judges

Playing to a sold-out crowd, Dru won over his spectators by bringing a unique take on bingo calling, which was really a ‘first ever’ for their bingo hall. Dressed as an old school 90’s raver, Dru bounced onto stage with a mime routine set to a soundtrack of big dance beats. 

He then began his bingo calling, which incorporated a loop station, improvisational beatboxing, and dance moves - all whilst plucking the balls from the bingo machine and occasionally stopping to lift his baggy pants!  

Cripps as the old school raver

Cripps as the old school raver. (Image: Courtesy of Dabbers)

On winning the competition, Dru said, “My favourite thing about hosting the bingo was being informed the night before I was back in the competition. Clowns were used in the circus when the lion tamer had been eaten and they needed someone to do something to distract the audience, so it felt a bit like that. In this case, Lilian Wenker's appendix was Lion.”

Impressive Judging Panel and Contest’s Impressive Line-up

Sikisa Bostwick, a Live at the Apollo comedian and finalist for the BBC New Comedy Award, hosted the entire run. 

The Latitude Festival Curator Kirsty Taylor, Events Producer at Agency Unknown Jerome Bernard, Cabaret Producer Verity Lewis, and Theatre Producer Roland Saunders were all present on the judging panel with her. 

Since its start in 2019, the Dabbers Comedy Caller Contest has hosted an impressive lineup of acts. From the ultimate talent show queen Kate Butch, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK 2023, and the incredible Viggo Venn, winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2023.

Cripps performing

Cripps performing to a sold-out audience. (Image: Courtesy of Dabbers)

Cripps Offers Lil a Share of the Prize 

After Dru secured the most audience votes on July 7th, he has now officially been named as the 4th winner ever of ‘Dabbers ComedyCaller',’ which began back in 2019. Alongside his new title wins: a £1000 courtesy of sponsors, Malibu – plus a 12-month contract with Dabbers Social Bingo, as he will get the opportunity to reinvent, transform and revamp the sought-after and glorious position of Bingo Caller. 

Dabbers Founder Jonny Unknown said: "What a finale show - So much energy from the audience and four brilliant contestants competing! The best act won on the day, but gosh, it wouldn't be Dabbers without some last-minute twists and drama.”

Post-show Dru Cripps has offered a share of the prize money to friend and fellow finalist Lil Wenker, whom he replaced in the contest.

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