Casino Chip King Aiming to Stack Up Records

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Last Updated 14th Mar 2024, 07:22 AM

Casino Chip King Aiming to Stack Up Records

Missouri's Paul Schaffer has taken centre stage on Guinness World Records' social media platforms this week. 

The Kansas City resident holds the title for the world's largest collection of land-based casino chips, boasting an impressive count of 2,250 chips from different casinos. 

And now Schaffer has revealed to the Guinness World Record crew just what it is which drives him on to grow his collection further – the thrill of the chase.

Casino Chip History Buff

Citing a $1 1964 Christy $ Jones chip from  Las Vegas’ Thunderbird Casino as his favourite, Schaffer says: “Nothing says old Vegas like the Thunderbird, and the purple with red inset is something you don’t see these days.”

Schaffer also loves the history behind some of the chips in his collection, which features some from the International Casino in Las Vegas, among others from popular Las Vegas casinos

“I have several chips from this casino, and we all know Elvis was the headliner there. What’s not to say he used some of the chips I have,” Schaffer enthuses.

“But if no one collected casino chips, there would be nothing left of the great casinos like Dunes, Stardust and Desert Inn, which have all been destroyed.”

Schaffer, who is desperate to find a 25.00 chip from Keetoowah Cherokee Casino among others, is no stranger to glory. 

Multi-record Holder

While his latest record was set in September 2023, he first clinched the title for the world's largest chip collection in 2019 with 802 chips. Las Vegas native Gregg Fisher then claimed victory in 2020 with 818 chips, and again in 2021 with 2,222 chips. 

With Schaffer now back in the lead on 2,250, it's clear that this rivalry may rumble on. But it’s not the only record that Schaffer has his eye on. He’s now set his sights on building the world’s largest stack of casino chips. 

The record in this case stands at 340 chips, set by Travis Stich and the Minnesota Chip Stackers in 2021. 

Might Schaffer also consider going for more unconventional records, such as the fastest time to stack 10 casino chips on the forehead (7.81 seconds) or the fastest time to stack 10 casino chips wearing mittens (6.408 seconds)? Time will tell. 

In the meantime, if you come across that 25.00 Keetoowah Cherokee Casino chip, we know of a Guiness World Record holder who has it at the top of their wish list. 

*Image credit: Guinness World Records

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