New York Lottery Players Can Now Purchase Tickets On Mobile

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New York Lottery Players Can Now Purchase Tickets On Mobile

People in New York can now purchase lottery tickets on their phones, thanks to Games such as the Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash4Life, New York Lotto, and Pick 10 will all be available to play on the company's mobile app.

The move is thanks to the backing of prominent investors including Yankee Global Enterprises and the Tisch family (co-owners of the New York Giants). hopes this move will revolutionize this market in what is historically home to one of the nation's largest lottery player markets. Casino apps have become increasingly popular in recent years, and the lottery has a similar appeal to players. 

Cash Prizes Applies To Mobile App Account

Through its secure platform, will enable players to order official state lottery tickets while promising safety and security. It does this by acting as a proxy and purchasing tickets on behalf of its users from state lottery retailers. Customers will receive a scan of their purchased ticket, and any winnings up to $600 are transferred directly to their accounts. For prizes exceeding $600, ensures secure delivery of the winning ticket to the player, allowing them to claim their windfall from the New York Lottery.

New York Lottery

"We're thrilled to announce's launch in the Empire State, the nation's second-largest lottery market," said Akshay K. Khanna, CEO, and co-founder of is happy to help New Yorkers order official state lottery tickets online with increased safety, security, and convenience. At, we're always striving to increase accessibility and elevate the player experience by making it more convenient and secure for players to order lottery tickets, ensuring players don't lose a winning ticket.

One of the major highlights of's entry into the New York market is its marketing partnership with one of the most celebrated sports franchises in history, the New York Yankees. The collaboration with the Yankees adds to's credibility and is expected to draw in a broader audience of lottery enthusiasts. New Jersey has had this functionality already through a separate provider and has proved successful, given the convenience.

"We think has one of the best and most progressive solutions on the market to make the lottery more accessible to tens of millions of New Yorkers. We are thrilled to be part of's expansion in New York and its mission to positively change the way New Yorkers order official state lottery tickets," said Carolyn Tisch, one of the investors from the Tisch family.

"The platform has an innovative design and provides users an easily accessible interface to order official lottery tickets. We know that it will be enjoyed by consumers, and the Yankees are excited to see it launch in New York State," said Tony Bruno, Senior Vice President of the New York Yankees.

State Coffers Expected To Gain Significant Boost

The New York Lottery is the largest and most profitable lottery in North America and has been touted before as one of the main revenue drivers for the state's education system. According to the New York Lottery, it generated $10.4 billion in sales during the 2022 fiscal year. Figures also show that since its inception in 1967, the New York Lottery has contributed over $78.7 billion to support education statewide, including a substantial $3.6 billion contribution in FY 2022 alone. 

While this marks a positive step for state revenues, the coffers will see a significant boost should New York follow New Jersey into the legalization of online casinos. Revenues from New Jersey online casinos are expected to hit record amounts by 2025.

With's entry into the market, New Yorkers now have a convenient and secure way to participate in the state's thriving lottery ecosystem, bolstering its reputation as a leader in the industry. The innovative platform's partnership with the New York Yankees is set to draw widespread attention and further enhance the player experience for lottery enthusiasts across the state.

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