Deadpool & Wolverine Odds: Will Third Film Defeat Deadpool And Deadpool 2 At Box Office

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Deadpool & Wolverine Odds: Will Third Film Defeat Deadpool And Deadpool 2 At Box Office

Betting big on heroes: The odds are great for Deadpool & Wolverine's box office opening (Image: FlixPix / Alamy)

Fans of comic book characters Deadpool and Wolverine can barely contain their excitement ahead of July 26th.

That date will be firmly etched or digitally penned in the calendars of millions ahead of the hotly-anticipated release of the movie Deadpool & Wolverine.

It will see Ryan Reynolds reprise his role as Wade Wilson/ Deadpool, and he will be joined by Hugh Jackman's James "Logan" Howlett/ Wolverine.

The movie will integrate Reynolds' iconic, comical character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and director Shawn Levy recently said the forthcoming film is "built for entertainment, with no obligation to come prepared with prior research."

While this may put some die-hard MCU fans off, it could also pave the way for a new audience who won't need to sit down and watch the previous 33 Marvel movies before they take a trip to the cinema on July 26th.

But will Deadpool 3's foray into the MCU help or hinder its chances of being as well received as its two predecessors?

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Deadpool & Wolverine's High Hopes

The initial indications are positive.

The Deadpool & Wolverine trailer was released during this year's Super Bowl in February - which reached 123.7 million viewers - and the trailer was a record-breaker. According to Disney, the hotly-anticipated clip became the most-viewed movie trailer within 24 hours after amassing an incredible 365 million total views.

It inflicted defeat on Spider-Man: No Way Home, which had been viewed 355.5 million times in its initial 24 hours in 2021. That movie went on to take an incredible $1.9 billion at the box office.

The introduction of Wolverine into the Deadpool franchise is likely to bring an army of new fans, with some existing MCU supporters no doubt excited to see what Deadpool is all about, if they haven't previously.

Not only is Reynolds returning as Deadpool, but there is double the star quality on show this time around, with Jackman also leading the cast.

Another feather in Deadpool & Wolverine's cap is that this movie looks set to be the MCU's only release of 2024, so it may even attract some super-fans just because they are desperately in need of a fix of brand-new Marvel material this year. 

Deadpool also now has Disney on its side after the company splashed out $71.3 billion for 21st Century Fox in 2019, after both Deadpool and Deadpool 2 had been released.

In 2018, Deadpool 2 grossed over $786 million worldwide, narrowly defeating 2016's original Deadpool, which grossed more than $782 million, and Deadpool & Wolverine is just 1/2 to take more than the sequel, while it is 2/1 to lose the box office battle.

One slight concern could be speculation about a so-called "superhero fatigue" after 2023 motion picture The Marvels grossed just $206.1 million.

What's more, the 2022 movie Thor: Love and Thunder took $760.9 million at the worldwide box office, which is impressive in its own right but nearly $100 million less than its 2017 predecessor Thor: Ragnarok's $854 million.

However, “Deadpool & Wolverine” appears to have plenty going for it.

Deadpool & Wolverine Odds

Deadpool and Wolverine odds

Deadpool & Wolverine: Odds table

Marvel-Saving Movie

X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn is clearly a fan.

Speaking about the forthcoming film in January, Vaughn told BroBible’s Post Credit podcast: "I think Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are about to save the whole Marvel Universe."

It is a huge ask, but if Deadpool & Wolverine can pull it off, then the movie may even be Oscar-winning material.

Deadpool was initially rumoured to be in contention for Academy Awards, with nods for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Makeup and Hairstyling both widely speculated, but the movie didn't receive any nominations.

Deadpool 2 was also snubbed for any Academy Awards, but Jackman's introduction to the franchise could really help.

In 2017, Logan - the third and final film in the Wolverine trilogy - was nominated for a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar, and while it lost out to Call Me By Your Name, perhaps Jackman's presence could give a boost to Deadpool & Wolverine's Academy Award hopes.

Despite this, it is 3/1 that Deadpool & Wolverine lands an Oscar and 1/3 for the latest film in the Deadpool franchise to be snubbed.

Deadpool & Wolverine to Up Kill Count?

Deadpool & Wolverine movie poster

Marvel's R-rated Rampage Begins (Image: BFA / Alamy)

While it may not win an Oscar, Deadpool & Wolverine looks set to have its fair share of violence. This will be Marvel's first R-rated MCU movie, and it retains the rating of the previous two Deadpool movies.

With Marvel moving into R-rated territory, this could suggest the kill levels in the third Deadpool movie will at least be around the same as the first two films.

In Deadpool, there were 125 deaths, while Deadpool 2 upped the ante with 156. One reason why there could be even more kills in Deadpool & Wolverine comes off the back of the latest trailer.

A fan theory has suggested we could see a more brutal Wolverine in the motion picture, after some supporters pointed out that it states in the trailer that Wolverine "let down his entire world," and they believe this could relate to the comic Wolverine #70 - by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven - in which the character is put into a trance by Spider-Man's enemy Mysterio.

Due to this, Wolverine was unable to recognise his fellow X-Men and accidentally killed them, mistaking them for villains attacking the X-Men Mansion. Afterwards, Wolverine was traumatised and stopped using his claws.

The Deadpool & Wolverine trailer opens with Logan looking glum while sitting at a bar and being told he is "not welcome." However, Deadpool turns up and whisks him away.

Another brief moment in the trailer appears to show Wolverine looking devastated while standing next to huge gravestones, which could also support the theory that we could be about to see Wolverine intent on payback in the upcoming movie.

As a result, it wouldn't be a surprise if the 8/11 on there being 157 kills or more in Deadpool & Wolverine turns out to be a very fair price indeed, while it is 11/8 for the film's deaths to match Deadpool 2's 156 or less.


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