Colombian Gambling Regulator Apologizes to Casino Dallas

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Last Updated 10th May 2024, 01:50 PM

Colombian Gambling Regulator Apologizes to Casino Dallas

The gambling regulator for Colombia has issued an earnest apology after admitting the execution of an official investigation into a licensed Cartegena casino location had been less than acceptable.

Without going into specifics, the Coljuegos watchdog declared its staff had incorrectly carried out ‘surveillance and control activities’ into the Casino Dallas establishment earlier this month. 

The state-run regulator also expressed regret at the ‘wrong conduct’ of its officials before reiterating its commitment towards preventing ‘these types of inappropriate procedures from being repeated’.

Concerted Cleanup

Established in 2011, Coljuegos is responsible for licensing and regulating all Colombian land-based and online gambling activities and ensuring any resultant tax revenues are utilized to help fund the nation’s healthcare system.

The body launched a heightened campaign against illegal operations on May 2 before announcing it had destroyed more than 1,400 pieces of equipment linked to such illicit enterprises.

The President of Coljuegos, Marco Emilio Hincapie, said this nationwide operation involved the seizure of 306 slot machines, 538 bingo devices and 66 sports betting terminals with an aggregated value of more than $51 million. 

He detailed that the campaign had additionally resulted in the associated confiscation of coins and bank notes worth over $2,500.

“We continue to strike illegality with forceful actions,” Hincapie said. 

“We are telling those who operate games of luck and chance without a concession contract to comply with the law and contribute to the health of Colombians.”

Acknowledged Error

However, it would seem this offensive mistakenly branded Casino Dallas as an unlicensed operation, with Coljuegos using its subsequent apology to confirm the establishment holds ‘a current concession contract’ giving it ‘full authorization to operate localized games of luck and chance’. 

The regulator furthermore expressed regret to the venue’s owners, Antonio Chaurra Parra and Lucas Betancur Salazar, in advance of proclaiming it would continue to carry out ‘control activities against illegal operations’.

“We also highlight the important contribution that gambling and gambling entrepreneurs make to the health of Colombians,” Hincapie said. 

“For this reason, we insist on our commitment to work hand in hand with authorized operators to continue our frontal fight against illegal betting.”

Successful Stint

For the first three months of the year, Coljuegos pronounced tax proceeds from gambling activities in Colombia had increased by 8% year-on-year to top $37.6 million. 

The regulator went on to assert around $15.7 million of this cash had come from lottery draws, while land-based games of chance and the Raspa&Ready scratch card service contributed a further $19.5 million and $2.4 million, respectively.

“This significant increase in transferred resources is due to the joint work carried out by both the operators and the National Council of Games of Luck and Chance,” Hincapie said. 

“We are providing guarantees to strengthen the industry in the territories and increase money for health.”

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