UK Bingo Halls Diminishing According to Recent Statistics

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UK Bingo Halls Diminishing According to Recent Statistics

On its own, number 1. All the twos, twenty-two. You get the idea: it’s Bingo, that game where you listen intently for the numbers being called out and mark your card accordingly, looking for a line of numbers (a Line) or a full card (a House).

I well remember my mother and her friends eagerly looking forward to a game of Bingo at the local Catholic Hall, which was run by nuns. Perhaps the regulations have changed, and nuns are no longer able to promote gambling.

Some may be surprised that Bingo has its origins in Lo Gioco del Lotto D’Italia, where it was first played in 1530.

As the game took hold across Europe and into America, it became known as ‘Beano’. That was until a salesman by the name of Edwin S. Lowe heard a friend yelling the word ‘Bingo’ during a game, and the rest is history.

The mixture of rhymes and nicknames for the numbers came from a variety of sources, including military servicemen during the Second World War.

Eyes Down: A Decrease in Bingo Halls

Those halcyon days of bingo halls popping up in towns across the UK appear to be waning as recent research suggests that there has been a drop in the number of bingo halls.

Statista reports: the number of bingo premises in Great Britain has fluctuated in the past decade. It peaked in 2014 with 710 premises and dropped to 609 premises in March 2022.

Lucky Seven: Bingo Revenue Increasing

Bingo in the United Kingdom (UK) generated nearly 500 million British pounds in revenue from April 2021 to March 2022. Main stage bingo accounted for the highest share in revenue, amounting to 307.83 million British pounds. The figures showed an increase from the previous period.

Knock at the Door Number 4: Bingo Is the Fourth Most Profitable Sector for Operators

In March 2022, bingo generated almost 388.63 million British pounds in Gross Gambling Yield (GGY). The remote casino sector generated the highest GGY in that period.

Unlucky for Some, 13

With the onset of online bingo, new technology in land-based bingo halls, and challenges in the market like an abundance of online games like slots, the number of employees in this sector in the UK has been steadily decreasing.

Whether you’re at a bingo hall with friends or keeping up with the chat when you play bingo online at online casinos, it’s always fun to brush up on your bingo lingo.

Here are a few of our favourite bingo numbers and nicknames:

  • Cup of Tea - Number 3
  • Dirty Gertie - Number 30
  • Danny La Rue - 52
  • Staying Alive - 85

There is even a top ten of numbers, which are:

  1. Kelly’s Eye – At the Beginning – Nelson’s Column.
  2. One Little Duck – Me and You.
  3. Cup of Tea – You and Me – One Little Flea.
  4. Knock at the Door.
  5. Man Alive.
  6. Chopsticks – Tom’s Tricks.
  7. Lucky Seven – God’s in Heaven.
  8. Golden Gate – One Fat Lady.
  9. Doctor’s Orders.
  10. (Prime Minister Name)’s Den.

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