Taylor Swift's Journey For Love

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Taylor Swift's Journey For Love

In the timeless words of the Proclaimers, 'I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more' just to wake up next to you. Still, the question lingers: How far would you truly go for love?

More than likely, Taylor Swift has you beat, having already traveled a few thousand miles for her beau, NFL star Travis Kelce. And if she makes it to watch his team, the Chiefs, play the Super Bowl this year? 

She'd have to make a 17-hour journey covering 5,541 miles from her show in Tokyo, Japan. 

And that doesn't even include all the journeys she's made since they got together. We couldn't help but wonder, since their relationship kicked off, how many miles has Taylor clocked to be by Travis' side? We've crunched the numbers. 

Find out below exactly how many miles Taylor has traveled for love.

Taylor’s Total Miles Traveled For Travis’ Games

Taylor and Travis have been an item since September 2023, and Taylor has been a familiar face at many of his games while juggling her sold-out Eras tour. The tour’s international dates resume on February 7th, 2024, just a few days before the Super Bowl. If Taylor rushes straight from her last Tokyo show on February 10th, she could barely make it to the big game in Las Vegas on the next day, February 11th. In total, including the trip from Tokyo, Taylor will rack up a total of 13,326 miles to support Travis at his games. 

A Map of Taylor Swift's Journey For Love

To put this remarkable journey in perspective, it's worth noting that the entire circumference of the Earth is approximately 24,901 miles. In other words, Taylor has literally flown more than halfway around the world to be with Travis.

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Relationship Timeline 

During the US leg of the Eras tour, Travis unsuccessfully tried to pass Taylor a friendship bracelet at the Kansas City tour date. He mentioned his disappointment on his podcast in July 2023 and that was it. Taylor confirmed in an interview in Time magazine that they “started hanging out right after that”. The first time we saw her at a game was in September 2023, at Arrowhead Stadium supporting the Chiefs.

Methodology: Calculating Taylor’s Miles

Where does Taylor live? Reportedly she has eight homes across the country. However, it’s been reported that between Eras tour dates, she’s retreated to her $77 million New York compound to recharge. In the fall of 2023 Travis was spotted leaving her glamorous New York City pad when he was in town for a game against the New York Jets. 

We calculated all of the miles Taylor would have had to travel, roundtrip, from her New York home, or any other location she happened to be at the time of a game. 

  • The shortest distance she went was for a game in New Jersey in January: a quick 28-mile roundtrip. 
  • The longest distance was when she had to rush from the Eras film premiere in Los Angeles to Kansas City: 2,449 miles including her trip back home. 
DateTravis's Game LocationTaylor's LocationRoundtrip Distance (Miles)

September 24 2023

Kansas City, MissouriManhattan, New York


October 1 2023

Rutherford, New JerseyManhattan, New York


October 12 2023

Kansas City, MissouriLos Angeles, California


January 13 2024

Kansas City, MissouriManhattan, New York


January 21 2024

Buffalo, New YorkManhattan, New York


January 28 2024

Baltimore, MarylandManhattan, New York


February 11 2024

Las Vegas, NevadaTokyo, Japan




The Musical Odyssey: Will Taylor Make It To The Super Bowl?

If she does go to the Super Bowl though (and odds are that she will) the journey from Tokyo to Las Vegas is a 5,541-mile journey crossing the ocean and land. That will bring the total distance traveled just for games to 13,326 miles

February 10, 2024, the date of Taylor’s final concert in Tokyo leaves Taylor with barely enough time to make it back to the US. One thing she has on her side is the International Date Line, which means she’s starting off at a time advantage. She can actually arrive on Super Bowl morning!

Flying from Tokyo to Las Vegas, without stopping, is a flight time of 16 hours and five minutes, according to flight calculators. However, most flights make a stop, usually in California, adding more time and distance to the journey.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce hug at an NFL game

For example, if Taylor took the KLM flight KL0635 from Tokyo, she would have a 43-hour and 40-minute journey. That includes a 19-hour stop in Amsterdam in Europe.

We suspect she’ll want to hire a private jet to get there faster. A quote from a private jet company, Magellan Jets, shows a cool $125,672.00 fee for that trip. Somehow, we don’t think Taylor will say that’s too high a price for love.

What Are The Odds: Will Taylor Swift Visit A Casino In Vegas During The Superbowl?

Another question has been buzzing in the air: Will the power couple grace the vibrant world of Las Vegas's casinos during this special event? 

Our odds that we’ll see either Travis or Taylor in a casino during Super Bowl week are +1000.

That means there’s a 9.1% chance of Vegas visitors catching a glimpse of one or both at the blackjack tables or one of the casinos’ luxurious restaurants. For football and music fans, a bet on this could make the event all the more exciting. 

This is one couple that hasn’t always been predictable, but glamor does surround them wherever they go. The last public spotting of Travis in a casino was back in 2020. TMZ reported that he hit the casino in Lake Tahoe with teammate Patrick Mahomes after the latter signed his NFL contract. 

As the dice roll and the cards shuffle, the show won’t just be in the Allegiant Stadium. Our anticipation is building for a spectacle that could unfold close by — right in the dazzling world of Las Vegas's casino scene.

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