Merkur Slots Branch in Coventry Granted 24-Hour Consent

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Merkur Slots Branch in Coventry Granted 24-Hour Consent

A Merkur Slots-branded adult gaming center in the English city of Coventry has been given the green light to begin around-the-clock around-the-clock casino games operations despite spirited objections from one local resident. 

The Coventry Telegraph reports the enterprise from German gambling giant Gauselmann Group opened nine months ago offering punters over the age of 18 the chance to enjoy a range of slots with cash jackpots reaching as high as $630. 

The venue is located in the West Midlands city’s Ball Hill neighborhood and applied for permission to stay open 24 hours a day in April after discovering its initial license did not provide for such a possibility. 

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Considered Consent 

In approving this latest application, the 54-member Coventry City Council disclosed its environmental protection team had not objected as Gauselmann Group already responsibly runs a Merkur Slots-branded property on an around-the-clock basis in the municipality’s nearby Foleshill area. The Labour-run body also asserted local police had voiced no complaints about the plan so long as its management plans were followed.

Coventry City Council additionally pointed to the fact the neighborhood situated about a mile east of the city center already hosts another slot parlor with a 24-hour license. It finished by stating there is ‘no evidence’ such businesses contribute to crime, anti-social behavior or noise concerns with the move likely to have no significant impact on the local community provided appropriate conditions are implemented and obeyed.

Campaigner Criticism

This authorization came despite spirited objections from an area resident who testified to walking past the facility several times a week without ever seeing any members of the public entering or leaving. 

The protester moreover claimed the business was ‘losing money’ and that this was the ‘only reason’ for the desired move to around-the-clock operations.

The objector also told Coventry City Council the 24-hour application should be refused because Ball Hill is one of the city’s ‘poorest’ districts and often struggles with issues related to shoplifting, drug dealing and begging. They finished by alleging the Merkur Slots-branded venue brings ‘no benefits’ to the local community, which is not appropriate for such 24-hour businesses.

"The area with a mix of business and residential properties is not suited to 24-hour opening and many retail outlets close before midnight,” the objector reportedly said. 

“Merkur Slots brings no benefits to the local community and, therefore, 24-hour opening may add to the issues that blight this area.”

Expanding Enterprise

Espelkamp-headquartered Gauselmann Group is responsible for approximately 220 Merkur Slots-branded venues across the United Kingdom and last year unveiled a $6.3 million scheme to expand and renovate its entire estate. 

In its Coventry City Council petition, the operator claimed the around-the-clock opening move would bring the Ball Hill branch into line with many of its other branches as well as its overall corporate business model.

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