Who Will Take Over From Daniel Craig As The Next James Bond?

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Who Will Take Over From Daniel Craig As The Next James Bond?

Ever since Daniel Craig decided to officially hang up his tuxedo following the release of "No Time To Die," there’s been rampant speculation about who the next James Bond will be. Craig’s five film run as 007 puts him in third for cinematic appearances as the renowned British agent. 

Sean Connery and Roger Moore are tied for the lead, each having played Bond seven times.

But what actor will step behind the wheel of Bond’s Aston Martin next?

While no decision has been made, earlier last year Bond producers gave us a small clue by revealing that the new Bond will be a “thirty-something.” It is also incredibly likely that whoever it is will be cut from a similar mold as Craig and Pierce Brosnan before him — that is, a classically handsome, well established British actor, who isn’t a household name.

Based on all of this, we can safely rule out a few popular fan theories — Idris Elba (too old), Tom Holland (too young), Harry Styles (too young and too famous). However, there is no shortage of beautiful British actors aged 30-39 vying for the role of a lifetime.

With the announcement most likely coming later in the year, you may be wondering if any mobile sportsbooks or online gambling sites are taking action on the outcome. 

While the market isn’t currently available in the U.S., below we’ve listed five actors rumured to be in contention, and created hypothetical betting odds as a way to analyze their chances.

ActorOddsImplied Probability
Aaron Taylor-Johnson+20033.3%
Regé-Jean Page+30025%
James Norton+60014.29%
Henry Cavill+80011.1%
Richard Madden+20004.76%

Aaron Taylor-Johnson — (33.33% implied probability)

Last Fall, it was leaked to the press that Aaron Taylor-Johnson completed a screen-test with Bond producers, and even filmed the iconic “gun barrel sequence,” which has appeared at the beginning of every Bond movie. While the contract is far from signed, the rumor is he impressed in his audition.

The 32-year-old Buckinghamshire native has been in show business most of his life, but broke out in a big way with his starring role in the 2010 superhero satire film "Kick-Ass." 

Since then, ATJ has portrayed Quicksilver within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and nabbed a Golden Globe nomination for his supporting role in the 2016 psychological thriller "Nocturnal Animals."

Regé-Jean Page — (25% implied probability)

Born in Zimbabwe, but raised in London, 34-year-old Regé-Jean Page has been considered a frontrunner to play Bond since his breakout performance on Netflix’s steamy period drama "Bridgerton."

For years there has been a steady drum beat advocating for the part going to a person of color. Now, with the woman most in charge of the Bond franchise, Barbara Broccoli, describing the latest chapter in the long running franchise as a “reinvention,” Regé-Jean Page may be poised to make history as the first ever black James Bond.

James Norton — (14.29% implied probability)

He may be the least well-known actor in contention, but James Norton’s been rumored to score the Bond role since it was announced Craig would be stepping away. Best known for appearing on the BBC series “Happy Valley” and “Grantchester,” the 37-year-old Londoner meets all the criteria for the next James Bond — he’s British, a thirty-something, not overly famous, and his cheek bones appear to have been carved from marble.

Henry Cavill — (11.11% implied probability)

With Cavill getting booted from his role as the Man of Steel amidst the on-going restructuring of the DC Extended Universe, the 39-year-old from Jersey Island certainly has room in his schedule. While it’s been heavily rumored his newfound availability has him in tight contention for the role, he’ll no longer be a “thirty-something” by the time the next Bond goes to camera — Cavill turns 40 in May.

Richard Madden — (4.76% implied probability)

Like Norton, Madden’s name has been circling around the James Bond role for a couple years now, but his hype-train seems to be headed in the same direction as the TV show that made him a star, "Game of Thrones" — that is, started with a bang, but ended in a whimper. If, however, Madden were to get the part, he’d be the first Scottish James Bond since Connery.

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