Vegas Casino To Open Playground For Adults

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Vegas Casino To Open Playground For Adults

The Luxor Hotel and Casino, a prominent landmark on the Las Vegas Strip, is gearing up to offer adults an unforgettable experience with its upcoming Play Playground attraction. This adult playground is set to redefine entertainment and bring a new twist for Vegas fans.

Play Playground Opening At Casino To Be Real-World Adventure

While the Vegas strip has long been synonymous with over-the-top entertainment, Luxor Hotel & Casino is gearing up to take things to a whole new level. While the city has no shortage of attractions, Play Playground promises to be a game-changer. This is what to expect from this intriguing adult playground.

Play Playground has been confirmed to be opening its doors early next year, and it aims to do something remarkable — offer a break from the virtual world. Inside the iconic Luxor, this 14,000-square-foot attraction is intentionally devoid of virtual reality, augmented reality, or the typical arcade games that saturate the entertainment landscape. Instead, it offers a return to tangible, real-world fun with a vibrant and immersive environment.

By day, Play Playground welcomes visitors of all ages, offering a diverse range of games and attractions. At night it transforms into an adults-only haven, a move meant for adults to experience the joys of childhood with what the company calls a touch of sophistication. Visitors can immerse themselves in 17 different games and attractions that encourage social interaction and friendly competition. “Theatrical” cocktails are also on offer. 

Why Luxor Casino Is The Top Choice For Playground

The Luxor Hotel & Casino, known for its distinctive pyramid structure and iconic Sphinx replica, has always been a standout on the Strip. Owned by MGM Resorts, it offers an array of experiences beyond gaming. With over 4,400 rooms and suites designed for both comfort and style, Luxor caters to a diverse range of guests. 

While gaming is a significant draw, Luxor goes beyond the casino floor. It boasts live entertainment, including comedy shows and captivating performances. Dining options span the spectrum from fine dining to quick bites, and the resort offers a spa and fitness center, providing relaxation and wellness opportunities for visitors. 

The opening of the playground reflects the changing preferences of Las Vegas visitors. A nostalgic return to childhood fun is combined with the post-pandemic rise of shared experiences. While Vegas may be a well-known destination for adults, a playground open to the entire family during the day could be a new source of tourism for different types of visitors. 

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