The Most and Least Handsome Poker Players

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The Most and Least Handsome Poker Players

Daniel Negreanu, one of the most well-known and famous poker players in the world, has another trophy to add to his collection after being pin-pointed as the most handsome male poker player following research by 

Poker is one of the most popular casino card games on the planet, with fans flocking to the best poker sites in their droves to put their money where their mouth is against other players. And while there is huge sums of money to be won online, face-to-face is where some poker players have made their millions - achieving huge notoriety in the process. 

The Golden Ratio

While how beautiful or handsome someone is is subjective and will differ from person to person, there are scientific methods to correlate attraction based on philosophies from the ancient Greeks. The perfect score - also known as the Golden Ratio - is capped at 1.618. However, thanks to the Golden Face Ratio app, we’re able to simplify this by simply giving a score out of 10. 

With that in mind, we ran the most famous male poker players from around the world, ranging from ages 32 to 89, through the app to find out who is the most handsome. 

Handsome Poker Players List

Daniel Negreanu, who at the time of writing has poker winnings that exceed $42m, can add good looks to his dating profile alongside his enormous wealth. The Canadian native started playing poker when he was just 15-years-old and tops our list as the most handsome player synonymous with hitting the felt on screens. 

The top five is rounded out with Tom Dwan, who often goes by his screenname “Durrrr”, who grabbed second place with a score or 8.63 with poker player and former professional magician Antonio Esfandiari rounding off the top three. 

Self-proclaimed ladies' man Dan Bilzerian won’t be happy with his performance here. While he probably spends more time displaying his extravagant wealth on social media and running various businesses than he does at the table these days, landing in 6th place in the male poker beauty rankings won’t be something to post about. 

Wherever they rank, we can assume most people that feature on this list won't mind where they are ranked. The prize-winning list is what matters the most in professional poker, alongside the elusive gold bracelets. The likes of Dan Bilzerian might not need to keep up to date on the latest top casino bonuses, but we do.


We took multiple photos from search engines and player social media profiles and ran them through the application to present an average score to the nearest two decimals. 

Five photos from each player were used, and best efforts were made to ensure a variety of angles of each individual were measured where possible. Three pictures of each player were smiling, with two other monotone images also ran through the application. 

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