The Luckiest Gambler

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The Luckiest Gambler

Luck is something we could all use a little more of. Whether it’s calling the coin toss right every time, getting indoors just as it starts to rain, or managing to get a good hand at a poker site, we all want to be luckier. But what makes lucky people so…. well, lucky?

We’ve taken a deep dive into all things lucky to see what people believe, and dig into the superstitions behind fortune and favor. If you can combine all of these tips, you just might have the ultimate algorithm for luck – why not give it a try when you next play at an online casino and see how you fare?

The Luckiest Gambler Stats

Your Number’s Up

The one thing most people relied on as a source of luck is a lucky number, and it's a common theme especially when playing roulette. 30% of people believe that a certain number can bring fortune – and more than that, there’s a clear winner for the luckiest number as well.

Anyone who’s scored the jackpot on a slot machine will probably have already guessed this one: the nation’s favorite is lucky number seven. In fact, more than a quarter of people picked 7 as their lucky number, with 26% of the people we surveyed choosing it as their favorite. Bearing in mind that the runner-up was number 3 which was only voted for by 8% of people, there’s clearly something very special about the number seven.

What you might not know is that there’s a whole multitude of reasons that people turn to the number 7 for a little bit of luck. Of course, there are lots of ‘sevens’ out there – there are seven days in a week, seven colors in the rainbow, and even the seven dwarfs. And, as we’ve mentioned (and as any gambler knows) ‘777’ means jackpot in most slot machines.

Why is Seven Lucky?

Seven has long been an interesting number to people, as it’s the highest prime number before you hit ten. But there’s also a strong connection between the number seven and lots of religions, beliefs, and folklore around the world, which could be why people tend to feel drawn to seven as their lucky digit!

For example, in Judaism, seven comes up a lot, with examples like the seven days of Passover and seven prayers recited under the chuppah at a Jewish wedding. In Christianity, there are seven sins and seven heavenly virtues. In Islam, there are seven heavens, and seven turns around the Kaaba in Mecca while on pilgrimage. Hindu beliefs include seven worlds in the universe, seven sages, and seven chakras, while Japanese mythology has seven lucky gods, and in Ireland, people believe that the seventh son of a seventh son will have special powers.

Maybe you always bet on seven in roulette, choose to bet more boldly on the 7th of the month, or get lucky in blackjack whenever you see sevens – we hope your lucky number keeps bringing you jackpots either way.

Winning Wardrobes

There are plenty of other superstitions though – the next thing people were most likely to turn to for luck is a lucky token, with 28% of people saying they believed a physical object could bring them luck. Interestingly, slightly more women than men would opt for a physical item to bring them luck, with 33% of women choosing a token.

When it comes to tokens, though, forget lucky rabbit’s feet and horseshoes – the most popular tokens tend to be items of clothing, and the most popular of those is a lucky sweatshirt, with 12% of the vote! Whether it’s your team’s jersey or your favorite sweatshirt you’ve had since you were young, maybe having something familiar and comforting has something to do with bringing you luck.

And if your favorite lucky sweatshirt just happens to be blue, you’re in with even better odds – blue was voted the luckiest color by just under a quarter of Americans (24%) followed by green (15%) and purple (13%).

Fortune Favors the Date

One major superstition around luck is to do with days and dates. You might guess that people feel luckiest on the weekend, but you’d be wrong – in fact, the luckiest day of the week for 22% of Americans is Friday. And it probably won’t be a shock to hear which day people considered the least lucky – that’s right, it’s Monday, with just 4% of people feeling at their most fortunate on their first day back at work after a weekend.

What about the luckiest month? The people’s favorite isn’t all that surprising either. It brings the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and makes the most of the fabled ‘luck of the Irish’ with St. Patrick’s Day. That’s right - the luckiest month is March with 8% of the vote!

Just to round things off, the luckiest time of day is apparently 12pm for most people, bagging 7% of the vote. It’s worth pointing out that in 2023, St. Patrick’s Day happens to fall on a Friday – so keep an eye out around noon and see if Lady Luck is smiling down on you. And if you’re really feeling lucky, come back to and find the best casino sites and online games for you.

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