Rockingham County Holds Public Hearing on New North Carolina Casino

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Rockingham County Holds Public Hearing on New North Carolina Casino

Today, August 21, 2023 marks a significant moment for Rockingham County, North Carolina, as county commissioners prepare to discuss a rezoning request for a possible casino location. On Monday the commissioners will meet to talk about whether the land along US 220, just north of Summerfield, should be rezoned.

New Casino Project May Be Coming To Rockingham

This area is being considered for one of four casinos that might be brought to North Carolina. If the commissioners decide to rezone the land, it would be the first step in making the casino happen.

Supporters believe the casino could create many jobs and bring in millions for the local area. The idea has already brought a lot of people to past meetings, and more are expected to attend this time.

"There are dollars that could stay in the state that would not stay in the state if we don't do something like this" 

This came from Senate President Phil Berger, who has been leading the efforts to bring the casino to Rockingham County. Money has been flowing to Virginia across the state border with a recently opened casino just north of the state line bringing competition locally. 

Although the temporary casino in Danville, Virginia opened in May is just an air conditioned tent, it proved popular with patrons. Another facility is planned for next year with a convention center and hotel. Virginia’s legislature has approved several new land-based casinos. 

Mixed Reception From Local Residents

However, not everyone is convinced. Ryan Joyce, who runs Camp Carefree, worries that if the land is changed, their programs might be affected. Their property would be next to the casino land.

One resident said, "If this happens, I'm moving," while another suggested, "We should be able to vote on whether we want this or not."

It’s likely that the idea for the Rockingham County Casino reflects the success of the Danville Casino, which is a short drive away. The City Manager of Danville, Ken Larking, suggests that North Carolina officials should learn from their experience before moving forward.

"They should ask for help from experts who know about casinos," Larking advised.

The biggest challenge is in Raleigh, where lawmakers need to decide if they will allow casinos outside of certain areas. There's no set time for when they might decide.

North Carolina Casino Hearing Date And Time

For now, the focus is on the zoning request. The commissioners will listen to the public's opinions before making their decision. The meeting is scheduled for Monday evening at 6:30 PM in Wentworth.

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