Reports of Marina Bay Sands Casino Guest Dropping Dead False, Casino Says

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Reports of Marina Bay Sands Casino Guest Dropping Dead False, Casino Says

Marina Bay Sands Casino denies false reports of a guest collapsing and dying after a big win. (Image: Erberto Zani / Alamy)

A spokesperson for one of Singapore's casino destinations, Marina Bay Sands Casino, has categorically rejected a video that purported to show a casino patron dropping dead after winning £300,000 as fake news. 

The incident, which reportedly occurred over the weekend, was shared online, with various rumours circulating that the unidentified man had suffered a major heart attack and tragically passed away.

However, sources have confirmed to that the man in question is not only ‘alive and in recovery’ but also did not win any of the sums being reported—$4 million or £300,000—either. 

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Numerous Outlets Got It Wrong 

The video, which appeared on social media, also made its way as a news headline in major news outlets such as the UK’s Daily Star. The headline read: ‘Man Scoops £300k at Iconic Casino and ‘Drops Dead from Excitement of Win’’.  

The distressing footage has been widely shared on social media, with numerous false reports that the victim has indeed passed away.  

One X user, with a mass following of over 400,000, wrote yesterday, “A man who hit the jackpot at Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore with a $4 million win, died almost immediately after from cardiac arrest due to the shock and excitement of his win.”  

Unfortunate Incident Whereby Guest Fell Unconscious 

However, while they wouldn't provide an official statement on the matter, a spokesperson for the Marina Bay Sands Casino told “We would like to clarify that the news being reported and the video circulating online is factually untrue. 

“It is understood that no guest died in Marina Bay Sands’ casino after winning $4 million or £300,000. There was a guest who had fallen unconscious in the casino, but he is alive and in recovery. The guest did not win $4 million or £300,000.” - said the casino. 

The spokesperson went on to condemn the false reporting, highlighting the distress it has caused the man’s family. 

“Unfortunately, the fake news has spread, and the video still circulating online is causing some distress to the guest’s family. “ 

The story has been subsequently removed from some news outlets but remains live and viewable on several others. 

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