Online Casinos Software - Interview With Swintt CEO David Mann

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Online Casinos Software - Interview With Swintt CEO David Mann

Swintt can boast as one of the fastest-growing casino game providers around, providing players with thrilling new games on a consistent basis. In a competitive space, growth can be challenging, but the company has made great strides.

David Mann has been spearheading the company through this period of growth, having stepped into the role of CEO in August, 2022. During his tenure, they have navigated into new markets and released plenty of exciting new products to casino sites, aiming to give players more of what they love.

In this exclusive interview with David, discusses Swintt as a company and their mission statement, his personal journey to the role of CEO, some of their biggest wins and expansion plans.

Who Are Swintt and What’s the Mission Statement?

"We've been around for four years now. It's been a continuous growth journey and it's been really exciting to get where we are and find new ways to position the business in a dynamic industry.

"At our core, we're a game supplier but we've got a variety of content. We have our own games that we develop in-house, we have land-based content available online that's popular across gaming halls in Germany and the Netherlands, and we've got live casino games. Plus, we're soon helping our partners launch games via our new SwinttStudios platform.

"So we have a strong mix to offer our partners and the market. We focus on trying to offer our clients not just an exciting range of games, but also games that are well-known and proven in certain markets. Players love to play games that they know and trust.

We allow operators to leverage this to help with acquisition and retention and to give players the games that they love.

"We allow operators to leverage this to help with acquisition and retention, and to give players the games that they love."

David Mann, COO Of Swintt

What Are Swintt’s Most Popular Games and Why?

Swintt are casino game specialists and have produced some of the world's leading slot games since their inception just four years ago. David has highlighted some of the team's best releases and emphasizes the trials and testing that the Swintt team goes through before dropping a new slots.

"Our most popular game is actually a game that was released last year, Aloha Spirit XtraLock™. It's a Hawaiian-themed game. We keep seeing players returning to this game because they like the exciting XtraLock™ feature and it can pay a maximum of 200,000x so it's really fun.

"It's quick, and colorful and it gives players a chance to win big and maybe send themselves to Hawaii if they hit the jackpot. So that’s been a continuously strong game for us. Looking at our land-based-casino-style games, it will be a surprise to many in the industry that the most popular of these are the classic-style games.

"Seven Seven is one of the most popular games, plus Extra Win. And recently, we released a follow-up to the Seven Seven game called Seven Seven Pots and Pearls. So, there are a lot of tried and tested themes and mechanics but players like to stick to the games and the styles that they know."


David Mann’s Personal Journey With Swintt

"I've been CEO since August 2022. What can I say about this journey? It's been incredible since day one. I’ve been involved from the startup phase as the first employee, after the founder, David Flynn. I've been here for every moment, every struggle, every milestone, and every colleague. So, it's just been phenomenal.

"We have a real culture of promoting from within and thankfully I’m one of the people that's benefited from this.

“It’s been a great journey and it just seems to keep getting better”

"I'm delighted to be able to lead such an amazing bunch of people. It's not easy to keep up the momentum that we've had, continuously growing all the time, but we've managed it despite challenges coming our way.

"And this year's really shaping up to be even better than any other year. As we go global, we get different types of content and we have more amazing people joining. So, it's been a great journey and it just seems to keep getting better."

Vinnie Jones x Swintt

"We’ve been working with Vinnie Jones for some time and we wanted to make a game starring the actor, so we developed The Crown. This was the first game coming to market within the industry with Vinnie Jones. We're delighted to be the ones that can bring this game to the market.

"It's got different features and four different areas. Players can explore a unique bonus round and win big. So it was something new and exciting and we have more vintage Vinnie Jones games to come, with two upcoming games in development now. One is based around his football days with the Crazy Gang, and another one's an action-packed cartoony-style follow-up to The Crown which is unapologetically packed with British iconography.

"So we'll have more to reveal soon. But they're really fun, really exciting, and I think they reflect Vinnie Jones in different stages of his life and career."

Vinnie Jones

Plans for Future Markets

"The UK is obviously a massive market, and we managed to get that licence in record time from application. So, well done to our compliance team. They were really on the ball and managed to deliver that licence very quickly.

"With the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) this is obviously the biggest online market that there is right now. So, we're thrilled we can take our games to UK players and work with some of the biggest, most iconic brands in the industry. Coming from Scotland I have grown up with these brands.

To see our games go live on these brands is just momentous.

"I even started my career in the bookies. So to see our games go live on these brands is just momentous and something to really be proud of. We will be entering more markets this year as well, so we have different markets to keep the compliance team busy.

"We plan to go into Romania, Ontario and Italy. Later in the year, it’s Switzerland and Greece, and we've still got our eyes on going into the US. But there are already enough opportunities within the markets at the moment.

"It's not as easy to get into the US markets as it is others in Europe so that's why we're trying to get some of the low-hanging fruit in the meantime. But we've seen our games within the social scene in the US performing really well.

"We just want to make sure we can actually get our games into casinos. It's only a matter of time until more and more states open up, so there's huge potential. And it'd be better if we can try and get in there as everything starts opening up over the next few years.

"But I think as things keep progressing, the revenues from casinos and the tax revenues that they bring in, I'm sure these regulated states and the regulators will start to see the benefits of enabling online."

Germany’s and the Netherlands’ Casino Players

"Germany and the Netherlands have been really good markets for us. We have this selection of land-based games, and these games have extensive distribution and popularity across Germany and the Netherlands.

"These have been really core markets for us. We see operators in each of the markets with our games performing extremely well. Players know them, they love them.

"What the German players attach themselves to and play and enjoy is not necessarily the same as player preferences in Sweden or in Northern Europe. The Netherlands has some similarities to the German market. So there's definitely lessons to be learned across different markets.

"I wouldn't be surprised if the same learnings will be applied to the US as more states open and you see a difference across player tastes, from east to west. But in Europe, you can definitely see the trends and the differences in the players and the games they like to play."

Plans for Expansion in 2023

"In Q2 we launched our first SwinttStudios partners, from Samurai Studio and Fine Edge Gaming. This is not only going to help us bring new and exclusive content to operators and players, but it's going to help us bring two great boutique studios to market and help build up their presence in the industry.

Swintt Studios

"We’re going to be traveling quite a lot this year. Sending our team far and wide across the globe as we enter new markets all the time.

"We’ll be visiting Canada, the US, and different events across Europe, so there's going to be a lot for us to do and achieve this year. I mentioned in a post on LinkedIn recently, I want us to go into seven new regulated markets this year. So while operations and compliance could be obstacles, I definitely think it's achievable and it's going to see us really ramp up growth and opportunity.

"We still have quite a variety of content to come over the next few months even from in-house. Towards the end of Q1 into Q2 we started to really ramp up the variety of content that we have coming. One of the exciting games that we have had come out in Q2 is a game called Electric Elements. It's elemental so it's focusing on fire, wind, water and earth. It's something really exciting. Before different types of bonus rounds, it has cascading reels."

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