Exclusive Interview With Play ‘n GO - New Games & More

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Exclusive Interview With Play ‘n GO - New Games & More

Q - What are the next games you’re preparing to launch?

We release close to 50 games a year, almost a game a week, so we always have a very exciting roadmap. Some of the highlights to end the year would be Sherwood Gold (released on November 2nd), Gargantoonz, Mega Don Feeding Frenzy, and Viking Runecraft 100. Our “100” game series have proven very popular. The “100” part of the title (such as Honey Rush 100, Sweet Alchemy 100, and Rise of Olympus 100) isn’t just for show either- the 100 is always built into the game mechanic in some way. 

Be it the number of free spins available, an in-game multiplier, or another game mechanic, it’s always an intrinsic part of the game. I don’t want to forget our Christmas game this year either, Invading Vegas: Las Christmas. We’re really excited to release this game to players ahead of the holiday season.

Q - What game are you most proud of?

We’re extremely proud of our entire catalogue of casino games. The same level of effort goes into every one of our titles, and our games team is committed to telling compelling stories through engaging game mechanics. All of this makes it really hard to pick just one game! 

With that said, on a personal level, I’m very proud of Honey Rush 100 or Moon Princess 100 – both have exceptional interlocking features that work together. I find myself coming back to both of these titles over and over again. 

Another standout game for us that was released just this year is Gerard’s Gambit. This title is unique across the entire industry, in that it educates players in the mechanics of slot games, while also telling perhaps our most engaging story across our whole catalogue. 

Gerard’s Gambit is one of the latest iterations of our Dead series, and I think it’s one of our most innovative. We’ve been very pleased to see it received so well from players and within the industry, where it’s won and been nominated for several awards this year. 

Q - What are the challenges you face when looking for ideas for new games?

In 2023, players demand something fresh and new. They demand to be entertained. That’s why we’re so confident that we’ll be successful for many years to come, but also why we’re constantly on our toes, never resting on our laurels. 

Players love the stories that our games tell, so keeping those storylines engaging is a constant challenge, but one that our team is well-equipped to handle. That’s part of the reason that game sequels often perform so well- players are familiar with the characters and stories, and are excited to see the newest iteration of them. 

Q - How has the online gaming industry changed since Play’n GO was created from the perspective of game development and player expectations?

Regulations and fairness. Technological advancements, better and more immersive gaming as technology advances, so has game development. Online slot games now are almost on a par with AAA video games in terms of story, design, and often even acoustics. For example, for one of our most popular IPs, we got a national symphony orchestra to record the soundtrack! 

Hugo Legacy is the latest release of our Hugo series, designed around the popular Danish character from the 90s. We’ve released several Hugo games down through the years, and again, looking to own as many “industry-firsts” as we can, we sent a team to Prague to work with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra to compose the soundtrack for the game. This is just one example of the lengths to which we go to create unique games. 

We’ve also pioneered the concept of grid slots, and are considered the industry masterminds behind that style of games. It’s hard to predict what’s around the corner in terms of what players want, but you can bet that Play’n GO will continue to innovate long into the future. 

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