America's Biggest Gamblers

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America's Biggest Gamblers

From the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to the classic charm of Atlantic City or the gambling riverboats of the south, people across the nation enjoy trying their luck and having some fun at a land-based casino as much as a casino site.

We've got some fascinating statistics from various states, and we'll be looking at what they say about American gamblers across the country. Join us as we find out which state is home to America's biggest gamblers!

America's Biggest Gambler

Viva las Vegas

It won’t be a surprise to find out that the gambling capital of the US is Nevada, home to Las Vegas. Nevada’s state gambling revenue blows the competition away, with an astonishing $14.84bn – that’s $12bn higher than the next highest state on our list. It seems that the allure of the Las Vegas Strip and its vibrant casinos continues to attract a plethora of gamblers. 

Nevada has a relatively small adult population compared to the other areas in our ranking, but a much higher gambling expenditure per capita of $1,140. Combined with their above-average annual income, that means that each year, Nevada inhabitants spent the highest percentage of their average income on gambling – 1.75%, which might not sound like a lot until you realize that the next highest was under 1%! There's little doubt that Las Vegas casinos will always be popular

The Mighty Mississippi

Speaking of which, the next highest state on our list is Mississippi, with an annual state gambling revenue of $2.57bn, thanks in part to the casinos found along the Gulf Coast and the legacy of the famous riverboat casinos on the banks of the Mississippi. The state has a lower-than-average annual income compared to some others on our list, but their percentage of annual income spent on gambling is the second highest. 

Lucky Louisiana

In third place is Louisiana – the only other state outside of Nevada in which casino-style gambling is legal statewide. Louisiana’s state gambling revenue is actually higher than Mississippi, at $2.59bn, but their overall percentage of average income spent on gambling is a touch lower than Mississippi, at 0.98%. 

East Coast Odds

On the East Coast, we have two strong contenders when it comes to revenue – Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Pennsylvania rakes in a substantial $5.34 billion in gambling revenue, while New Jersey follows closely behind with $5.21 billion. However, when we compare their per capita gambling expenditures, New Jersey residents spend more on average, about $785.93, compared to Pennsylvania's $732.29. Interestingly, despite being the highest spender on the East Coast, New Jersey residents devote only 0.59% of their average income to gambling, while Pennsylvanians allocate 0.51% of theirs, landing them at 9th and 10th on our ranking. 


Heading over to the Midwest, we find Michigan and Indiana in the spotlight. Michigan boasts a substantial gambling revenue of $3.26 billion, whereas Indiana generates $2.89 billion. Surprisingly, although Indiana ranks higher in revenue, it has a lower per capita gambling expenditure ($531.15) compared to Michigan ($776.06). Both states' residents spend a similar percentage of their average income on gambling, with Indiana at 0.67% and Michigan at 0.51%.

In conclusion, the data reveals that Nevada is still the undeniable gambling capital of the United States, but America's gambling scene is as diverse as its landscape, with each state offering its unique experience to gamblers. States like Mississippi, Louisiana, and Rhode Island are also a big draw for people hoping to try their luck. 

As with any form of entertainment, responsible gambling is essential, so whether you're rolling the dice in a casino or playing online, always remember to set limits and play wisely – and find the best casinos at 


The total gross gaming revenue of casinos per state in the US was sourced from Statista, which was then cross-referenced with the +18 population of each state (Census) in order to reveal the average amount of money spent per adult resident in each state. 

This was then compared to the average annual income in each state (World Population Review), which revealed the percentage of the annual mean income that is spent n gambling in each state. 

The states were then ranked from highest to lowest.

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