2023 Women’s World Cup Travel Data - Which Fans Cover The Most Ground

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2023 Women’s World Cup Travel Data - Which Fans Cover The Most Ground

Women’s football has been steadily rising in popularity over the last number of years and the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is a hotly anticipated affair. Fans from across the globe, in particular for the 30 traveling nations, will travel in their droves to Australia and New Zealand this July.

A total of ten venues are due to host group games, with the first match kicking off between New Zealand and Norway at Eden Park in Auckland on July 20. The final round of 48 group games will take place on August 3rd before the knockout rounds begin. 

Games will be spread across 10 different venues from nine cities - four in New Zealand and six in Australia. It’s the first senior FIFA tournament to be held in Oceania. With the 10 stadiums spread out across two countries and vast areas of land, some traveling fans will have to cover more ground than others to watch their beloved nations compete for glory. 

With that in mind, the researchers at Casinos.com decided to delve into the figures to find out which fans will travel the most - and the least - at this year’s Women’s World Cup if they want to watch all three of their nation's group games. As well as that, we tallied the total capacity available to fans based on the stadiums hosting their nation’s play group fixtures. 

Travel Distances by Team

Research uncovered that Irish fans will have to travel the furthest to watch their team play, covering a distance of 8,259km (5,131 miles) to cheer on the girls in green. Some solitude for Irish fans, however, will be that the stadiums they play in over the course of the three games hold the second-largest total capacity at 157,988  - second only to the USA. On average, fans will have to travel 2,877km (1,787 miles) across their nation's group games, meaning Irish fans have 2.8 times the distance to coverage than the average traveling fan. 

Denmark, Jamaica, Canada, and Panama all have to consider making their way across or around the Australian outback and will cover huge distances in their own right. Unfortunately for their fans, however, they aren’t compensated by large capacity numbers with their totals falling below the average (107,695) in this regard. 

Favorites for the tournament the United States have a relatively short distance to cover for their group games, with just 800 miles (1,287km) to travel. While this is a benefit for the fans, the players too will have more time to recover and have to spend significantly less time travelling than many of their opponents. Their neighbors to the north, however, haven't been quite as lucky. Team Canada will cover 4,278 miles on their World Cup journey, the fourth most of any team. 

In fact, many of the teams that betting and casino sites believe have the highest chances of winning travel less than the average team including Spain, England, France, Germany and hosts Australia. 

stadium capacities

Raw Data

Country KM Miles 1st Game 2nd Game 3rd Game Total Capacity
Ireland 8259 5131 Sydney Perth Brisbane 157,988
Denmark 7877 4894 Perth Sydney Perth 86,962
Jamaica 7367 4577 Sydney Perth Melbourne 94,789
Canada 6885 4278 Melbourne Perth Melbourne 82,329
Panama 6635 4123 Adelaide Perth Sydney 83,172
Haiti 4727 2397 Brisbane Adelaide Perth 92,923
Colombia 3960 2460 Sydney Sydney Perth 107,249
Brazil 3826 2377 Adelaide Brisbane Melbourne 100,750
South Korea 3423 2126 Sydney Adelaide Brisbane 113,210
Morocco 3421 2126 Melbourne Adelaide Perth 70,712
Argentina 2730 1696 Auckland Forsyth Barr Hamilton 102,131
China 2696 1675 Perth Adelaide Adelaide 59,095
Australia 2689 1670 Sydney Brisbane Melbourne 165,815
Switzerland 2609 1621 Forsyth Barr Hamilton Forsyth Barr 82,599
England 2285 1420 Brisbane Sydney Adelaide 113,210
Costa Rica 2092 1300 Wellington Forsyth Barr Hamilton 92,855
Japan 2092 1300 Hamilton Forsyth Barr Wellington 92,855
France 1832 1138 Sydney Brisbane Sydney 137,287
Nigeria 1784 1108 Melbourne Brisbane Brisbane 134,578
Germany 1780 1106 Melbourne Sydney Brisbane 124,827
South Africa 1575 979 Wellington Wellington Forsyth Barr 106,744
Netherlands 1575 979 Forsyth Barr Wellington Forsyth Barr 96,488
Portugal 1434 891 Forsyth Barr Hamilton Auckland 102,131
New Zealand 1431 889 Auckland Wellington Forsyth Barr 116,020
Philippines 1431 889 Forsyth Barr Wellington Auckland 116,020
Vietnam 1429 888 Auckland Hamilton Forsyth Barr 102,131
Spain 1287 800 Wellington Auckland Wellington 126,276
USA 1287 800 Auckland Wellington Auckland 135,552
Italy 640 398 Auckland Wellington Wellington 126,276
Sweden 520 323 Wellington Wellington Hamilton 103,111
Norway 253 157 Auckland Hamilton Auckland 121,663
Zambia 253 157 Hamilton Auckland Hamilton 98,498



  • We measure the distance for each team using Google Maps to calculate the total miles and kilometers for each team traveling from their first group game, directly to their second and lastly their final fixture of the group stages. 
  • Finally, we calculated the total stadium capacity available to each nation's traveling support. 


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