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Horseshoe is one of the most interesting properties on the Las Vegas Strip due to its history.

Formerly known as Bally’s, and before that, MGM Grand, the resort has gone through a series of Doctor Who-like regenerations, and was eventually rebranded as Horseshoe in 2022.

It’s not the first Horseshoe resort in Las Vegas though. It is named after the original Binion’s Horseshoe in Downtown Vegas, which was the first home of the World Series of Poker. 

It’s all a bit confusing I know, but I’ll attempt to unpack and explain it as we go.

For now, though, Horseshoe has a lot going for it and you can see why WSOP has chosen it as their first Las Vegas Strip event partner. I went along to see what else you can expect from this storied resort.

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♦️ Horseshoe Hotel and Casino Overview

Right, let’s delve into the detail. Horseshoe was the original MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip. It opened in December 1973 and with 26 storeys and over 2,000 rooms it was one of the largest hotels built at that time. It also had the largest casino in the world.

However, disaster struck on 21 November 1980, when a large-scale fire broke out, making it one of the worst high-rise fires in US. The impact was so great that it led to the implementation of fire safety improvements worldwide.

Just eight months after the fire, MGM Grand was re-built and reopened and an additional tower was added, increasing the rooms to 2,800. (This tower has now been handed to neighbouring Caesars property Paris as of 2024).

However, just five years later, in 1986, the property was bought out and renamed Bally’s Las Vegas. The new owners also added an outside shopping market in front of the property – the Grand Bazaar Shops. 

It retained the Bally’s name until 2022 when current owners Caesars Entertainment decided to renovate and rebrand it as Horseshoe. 

And just to add to the confusion, a subsequent resort called MGM Grand was opened in December 1993 on the south end of the Strip which is the famous green-lit, bronze lion-fronted resort that we know today. 

Phew, I think that’s cleared that up! Well, about as much as it can be in this article anyway.

Quick Info

🪪 Membership required:❌  No, but encouraged 
👔 Dress code:❌  No
🏧 ATMs:✔️ Yes, but with fees
🚘 Parking:✔️ Yes
♿ Wheelchair accessible:✔️ Yes
🛏️ On-site accommodation:✔️ Yes
🍴 On-site restaurant:✔️ Yes, multiple
🍹 Free drinks and snacks:

✔️ Yes, servers circulating

🚬 Smoking:✔️ Yes, but not in hotel rooms (except private terraces/balconies)

Save your feet!

Horseshoe has its own station on the Las Vegas monorail, so access to the north and south ends of the Strip is very easy.


Horseshoe has a fab location in the centre of the Las Vegas Strip. However, it is set-back a little from the main drag.

Its position allows space in front of it for the Grand Bazaar shopping area which is three or four rows of shops, quick eats and bars. This area is now also home to the imposing four-floored Ole Red country bar as of 2024. 

Horseshoe is sandwiched between Paris Hotel and Casino to the south and Cromwell casino to the north. It is right in the centre of the Caesars owned stretch of the Strip that comprises of Planet Hollywood, Paris, Horseshoe, Cromwell, Flamingo, LINQ and Harrah’s.

It is also positioned opposite the world-famous Bellagio hotel and Caesars Palace. Bizarrely, although it is right in the thick of it, it is quite easy to walk straight past due to its set-back location behind the shopping area. 

Paris is the closest resort and there is an internal walkway connecting both properties and a shared parking garage. This is why the WSOP is held in both Horseshoe and Paris, as they are joined together. 

Meanwhile there are pedestrian bridges linking Horseshoe with Cromwell and across to Bellagio and Caesars Palace.

If you want to explore more of the Strip then Horseshoe/Paris is one of the stops on the Las Vegas Monorail. The monorail will take you as far south as MGM Grand and as far north as Sahara and costs $6 for a single ride or $15 for a day pass.

If you are taking a taxi from Harry Reid International Airport then Horseshoe is in Zone 2, which is a fixed fee of $26 plus tip. If you travel by car, then on-site parking ranges from $18 to $23 per night depending on what nights you book. 

🎰 Horseshoe Casino Review

Entering Horseshoe from the Strip is actually very different to any other resort. Rather than a grand entrance with statues, fountains or replica architecture, you enter it via an escalator with an overhead curved canopy that lights up.

I remember seeing it for the first time and thinking it looked a bit like a rollercoaster climb from the outside, you know the hill you slowly ascend before the big drop.

But when I got to the top of the escalator there wasn’t a big reveal, there was just a long walkway, followed by a plain door. Going inside I was met immediately by a brown wall with a lit-up ‘Horseshoe’ sign and nothing else other than a walkway to the left with a down escalator. 

It wasn’t particularly impressive or Vegasy and I was completely underwhelmed, certainly when I compare it to every other single Vegas resort entrance I’d been in.

Taking the down escalator led me straight to the casino floor which was mostly filled with white, brown, cream and gold colours. Obviously, the resort has only recently been renovated when it changed names so everything looked well-maintained. The brown carpets were patterned with big gold horseshoes. 

With only 68,375 square foot of casino space, Horseshoe is one of the smallest casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. To put it into perspective it is half the size of the casino at Caesars Palace and even Circus Circus.

The casino was shaped like a long rectangle with table games in the middle and slots taking up various areas at the top and bottom with some down each side too. Some of the slots were on a raised platform up a few steps.

Table Games Selection

There’s around 50 table games at Horseshoe with the majority of them in the middle of the casino floor. A few additional ones are in the high-limit gaming area.

I saw tables offering blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and craps, as well as various poker pit variations too.

Through the day you can find table minimums from $10 for blackjack and $5 for poker pit games which usually rise to $15 or $25 on an evening. I could only find 6:5 blackjack on the main casino floor but noticed some 3:2 games in the high limit area.

Poker is a big focus at Horseshoe who has hosted the World Series of Poker Main Event jointly with Paris Hotel and Casino since 2022. 

The WSOP Hall of Fame Poker Room has 18 poker tables and was refurbished with new tables and chairs in 2023 so it’s looking fresh.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, multiple tournaments are held on a daily basis. The main games are 1/3 and 2/3 no limit Texas hold’em with buy-ins from $100 to $300. 

Although I’m not a poker player myself, I’m told that the Horseshoe poker room dealers have been in the room for years so it’s a really great place to play with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. 

Classic table games:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Three Card Poker


  • Face Up Pai Gow Poker
  • Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker
  • Let it Ride Poker
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em
  • Mississippi Stud Poker
  • I Luv Suits Poker

I couldn’t find a European Roulette single zero wheel at Horseshoe, so I played double zero roulette for a short while. It was a busy table, a bit too busy for my liking and for that reason I didn’t stay long. 

The table and chair had a little wear and tear on them. You could see they were used a lot, but it didn’t affect the gaming at all, and the dealer was really friendly and made everyone feel involved around the table.


With a comparatively small casino floor, I definitely noticed a difference when it came to slots. I couldn’t find some of my favourite games, and the ones I could find had limited numbers of machines. But that was to be expected I suppose.

There are around 700 slots in total, plus there’s a separate keno lounge and a video poker area just outside of the WSOP Hall of Fame Poker Room.

Although you will find both modern video slots and some traditional three-reel ones too, numbers are limited in general across the floor. Some games you will find include:

  • Buffalo Link
  • Cash Falls
  • Dragon Link
  • Quick Hits
  • Huff n More Puff
  • Regal Riches

I played Cash Falls (Pirates Trove) for a while here but had no luck. That third parrot really didn’t want to show his face the little blighter. But I had better luck on Buffalo Link, hitting four bonuses in quick succession and ended up around $200 up. A nice afternoon’s work!


Poker Paradise

Well, perhaps not a paradise, but Horseshoe is a casino that loves poker and hosts the annual World Series of Poker. If you're a poker player, you will want to check out Horseshoe.

Bar-Top Gaming

I saw bar-top gaming at four different bars in Horseshoe. Three of the bars – Lobby Bar, Sully’s Bar and Indigo Lounge – are on the main casino floor and all provide a great place to hang out and play while soaking up the casino atmosphere.

You can play video poker, some electronic blackjack, and a small selection of slots on the bar top games and get comped drinks while you play. Some bars operate a ticket or light system to indicate when you’re due a free drink. If you’re not sure, just ask the bartender.

I played bar-top slots at the Lobby bar for a while putting two $20 bills into the machine and I got comped two drinks. I just went for an easy malibu and diet but you can get beers, spirits, wines and, some basic cocktails too. Again, just ask.

The fourth bar that had bar-top gaming was actually downstairs near the Arcade. The Arcade bar had a handful of bar-top games that looked ideal for parents who want to gamble while the kids play in the arcade.  

Horseshoe Sportsbook

There is no longer a sportsbook at Horseshoe but that doesn’t mean you can’t place sports bets. Caesars Sportsbook kiosks are positioned around the casino floor and there is also a sports betting window next to the casino cage. 

68K Sq. Ft Venue
50+ Live Tables
5 Entertainment Spaces
700 Slot Machines
24/7 Always Open

Waitress Service

On the few visits I’ve made to Horseshoe the waitress service has been hit and miss. I think it largely depends on how busy the casino is and where you are sitting within the casino floor.

For those unfamiliar with Las Vegas waitress service, you are entitled to free drinks while you gamble. That’s whether you’re playing at the slots or the tables and whether you’re gambling 50cent or $500. If you play you don’t pay for drinks.

However, the service can vary significantly between resorts when it comes to frequency and quality of drinks. Most will be able to give you a beer, wine, spirit and mixer and a basic cocktail while some give more premium offerings.

Horseshoe is a bit ‘no frills’ when it comes to drinks and I usually just get a beer while I play here. The tip to getting more drinks is to sit in a busy part of the casino that waitresses frequent and to tip well. They will definitely return more consistently if it’s worth their while in tips.

As a general rule I tip between $2 to $5 per drink depending on what it is. If you’re drinking alcohol, it’s much cheaper than you’ll pay at a bar.

High Limit Gaming at Horseshoe Casino 

The high limit gaming area at Horseshoe is just off the main casino floor beside the poker room. It’s not actually in a separate closed off room, it’s just up a couple of steps with a small waist-high rail around it.

I played in here for a bit and didn’t really get the ‘high-limit feel’ from it that I get at other Strip resorts. It just felt like another area of the main casino. 

Nevertheless, if you like to play high-stakes slots you’ll find some here, with higher denominations. I played $5 a spin which is more mid-level gambling in my books so if this is within you reach then give it a go. 

However, if you do want that more exclusive feel from high-limit gaming, then there are much more luxurious places than Horseshoe. 

This area also had some high-limit tables and the elusive 3:2 blackjack from around $50 minimum bet.

Cash and Payment Options

The casino floor is still very much cash based in Las Vegas. You’ll need cash to put into slots and cash to buy-in at the tables. Card payments are accepted for everything else apart from gambling.

You can withdraw cash on the casino floor via ATM machines, but this usually comes with high withdrawal fees up to $10. So, bring along your casino spend with you if you can.

Slots operate a TITO system (ticket in, ticket out) so although you might pay in cash, any winnings or withdrawals are paid out by voucher. You can then use this voucher to insert into another slot to continue gambling. Or cash it out at a redemption machine. It will ensure you get your winnings quicker than even the fast payout online casinos.

The same goes for table games but using chips. You buy-in at the table with cash to receive chips and any winnings are returned to you as chips. You then cash the chips out at the cashier cage. 

💰 Horseshoe Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Horseshoe operates the Caesars Rewards program which is one of the biggest and best loyalty programs you’ll find in Las Vegas. 

The great thing about Caesars Rewards is that it runs across all of its properties. That means Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Paris, Horseshoe, Cromwell, Flamingo, LINQ, and Harrah’s. And that’s just in Las Vegas. 

There are another 50 Caesars owned properties across the US that are included in the program too, which allows for huge flexibility. 

To sign up, you must be 21 or over and you just need to go along to any Caesars Rewards desk with photographic ID. 

Once registered, you’ll receive a rewards card and then you present it or use it whenever you spend money in a Caesars resort. 

If you’re playing table games, hand it to your dealer, if you’re playing slots, insert it into the machine. Likewise, if you’re paying for hotel rooms, restaurant or bar bills or even shopping, make sure you show them your card to get the points added.

As well as receiving Reward Credits which can be used to claim perks, you’ll also get Tier Credits which help you climb the status tiers. The tiers and benefits are summarized below.

  • Gold (0 – 4,000 Tier credits) – Free or discounted hotel stays, turn Rewards Credits into free slot play
  • Platinum (5,000 – 14,999 Tier credits) – all of the above plus complimentary valet parking, and a monthly $10 Caesars bonus bet
  • Diamond (15,000 – 24,999 Tier credits) – all of the above plus $100 celebration dinner and waived resort fees
  • Diamond Plus (25,000 – 74,999 Tier credits) – all of the above plus guaranteed rooms with 72 hours’ notice and access to VIP lounge 
  • Diamond Elite (75,000 – 149,999 Tier credits) – all of the above plus airfare credit of up to $600
  • Seven Stars (150,000 + Tier credits) – VIP host, complimentary annual retreat including airfare

Don’t worry too much about climbing the tier levels as you can earn great rewards even at the lowest level.

Should you join Caesars Rewards?

For me, signing up to Caesars Rewards is a no-brainer. If you’re already going to be spending money in a Caesars resort such as Horseshoe, then why not collect the points and get something back in return?

As long as you don’t spend more money than you normally would by trying to get to higher status levels then there’s literally no negative to it. 

The main benefit of multi-property rewards programs such as Caesars Rewards is the flexibility. I can earn points at any Caesars resorts so I’m not restricted to one.

To give you an idea of the math, you earn one Reward Credit for every $1 spent on hotel stays, shopping, dining, and amenities such as spa treatments. 

While for gambling you earn one Reward Credit for every $5 you play on a reel slot machine and every $10 played on video poker. If you’re a live keno player, then you earn one Reward Credit for every $3 wagered.

If you’re a table games player, it’s a little more of a grey area as it depends on the type of game you are playing, your average bet and how long you play. But I would still always advise handing over your Caesars Reward card to your dealer.

An added bonus of Caesars Rewards is that you can earn points by placing sports bets at a Caesars sportsbook or online. As a general rule, you get ten Rewards Credits for every $100 you bet, but it can differ per bet.


Become a Caesar

Almost all casino reward programs are worth joining, but Caesars Rewards is one of the best value around. In fact, whether you're a gambler or a vacationer, I'd say it's an essential program to join.

🛏️ Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel and Resort

There are currently just over 2,050 rooms at Horseshoe, although up until recently, it used to have more. 

In an unusual move, Caesars decided to hand the Horseshoe Jubilee Tower to Paris hotel next door. It has now been renovated and renamed the Versailles Tower. 

That means that all Horseshoe rooms are now in the Resort Tower which is towards the rear of the building and away from the Strip front. However, all of the rooms have undergone recent refurbishment in 2022 as part of the rebrand. So, while they are not really comparable to rooms at brand new casinos, they are fairly fresh.

Design wise, the Horseshoe Las Vegas hotel doesn’t really have a theme or a distinct look. Walking around I could see the floors were either the horseshoe patterned carpet or plain polished white and the walls were mostly white or cream too. 

I felt like they’d just played it safe style-wise with plain, neutral colours which left it without much character. But it was clean and well-kept, so it was more than acceptable if not special. 

Horseshoe Rooms

When I went to book a room at Horseshoe I was offered Resort Rooms, Resort Studio Suites, Executive Suites, Premium Suites and Penthouse Suites. I was also offered rooms with a High Roller view or a South Strip view.

Although the room prices were very affordable, I decided to book the basic King Resort Room as a base guide for room standards. On entering the room, the first thing that hit me was the space. 

At 450 square feet it was very big for a standard room, especially in what I’d consider a value hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. 

It’s way bigger than the basic rooms at Harrah’s, Excalibur, Flamingo and even Caesars Palace for example. It was actually closer in size to those offered at high-end hotels such as Cosmopolitan and Resorts World. So definitely a big tick for room size.

Décor matched the hotel really, quite plain and safe. Mostly white with a red feature wall behind the bed and dark coloured furniture. I had a double sofa and an armchair in my room, with a drawer unit, bedside tables, a separate desk, too large mirrors and a double wardrobe. 

The bathroom was medium sized, with just one sink and a double walk-in shower but no bathtub. 

All the basic amenities were in the room including hairdryer, iron/ironing board, in-wardrobe safe, large HDTV and bathroom toiletries. An added bonus was the mini refrigerator to store my own drinks. 

The room had nice big windows but I had a side view overlooking Paris hotel and the mountains. If I was to go back I might book a room with a view just to make it a bit more interesting.

Overall it very clean, well maintained if a little plain, but really spacious. I had a comfortable night’s sleep here.

If you can’t bear to visit Las Vegas without your four-legged friend then Horseshoe does have pet friendly rooms. A maximum of two dogs up to 50 pounds each is allowed for an additional pet fee of $75 per night, plus a refundable nightly $100 incidental deposit.

Horseshoe Pool

The Blu Pool is an outdoor heated pool complex at Horseshow situated on the ground floor. I didn’t actually use the pool on my stay but I had a walk around and it was a really nice spot.

There’s a fairly big pool with a few palm trees and a good amount of day beds around the outside. It wasn’t anything special like Caesars Palace or Mandalay Bay for instance, but if you enjoy soaking up the rays and having a swim, it would do the trick.

I also saw a cool little turfed garden deck with some pool-side games such as foosball and cornhole which looked fun too.

As with most Vegas resorts, you can hire a private cabana or more comfortable daybeds to make your pool day more special if you like.

I didn’t see a poolside bar so I asked a member of staff and was told that if you want drinks or snacks you order via a mobile ordering service, Caesars Eats, and it is brought to you at poolside.


Grab a bargain

Horseshoe probably boasts the cheapest rooms per square foot on the Las Vegas Strip, and since they have been recently renovated they represent even better value. 


There’s a mix of bars to enjoy at Horseshoe with three of them on the main casino floor. You can really take your pick from the Lobby Bar, Indigo Lounge and Sully’s Bar if you want to stay in the thick of the casino action while relaxing with a drink. 

But there’s also a frozen drinks bar, and a couple of extra bars downstairs including a speakeasy.

As a brief summary:

  • Lobby Bar – elegant casino bar with piano and cocktails  
  • Indigo Lounge – stylish lounge with comfy seating and sports
  • Sully’s bar– casual bar with bar top gaming and great beer selection
  • Purple Zebra –frozen fruit cocktail bar
  • Arcade Bar – small bar close to the arcade and food court

The Cabinet of Curiosities is a unique lounge on the ground floor offering bespoke cocktails and rare objects from around the world. It’s a different concept where you enjoy a drink and solve puzzles too. If you can crack the code, you may find the Lock Speakeasy too, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Buffets and Restaurants 

Jack Binion’s Steak was unveiled fairly recently as another tribute to the legacy of the Binion name. The steak and seafood restaurant is positioned to the back of Horseshoe and although I haven’t eaten here yet, it is definitely on my list.

The restaurant itself is striking with large red leather booths and vintage Vegas artwork on the walls. I’m looking forward to eating there.

An already well-known name in Vegas eateries, Guy Fieri, has brought his Flavortown Sports Kitchen to Horseshoe. With vibrant colours, a huge island bar and enough LED screens to keep any sports fan happy, it’s a really different twist on a sports bar and looks great fun.

The remaining food options at Horseshoe are much more casual. Within the casino you have Nosh Deli serving sandwiches and snacks and Lavazza serving coffee, juice and baked goods.

If you enjoy a Las Vegas food hall (don’t we all?) then Horseshoe has a great one downstairs. There you’ll find Johnny Rockets, Subway, Sbarro, Nathan’s Favourites, and Pan Asian Express with the first three open 24 hours.

There is no buffet option at Horseshoe, However, both Bellagio and Caesars Palace over the road have outstanding buffet options.

Because the location is so great and the price is so affordable, Horseshoe does offer a decent option if you want to stay on the Strip, just as long as you’re not specifically looking for that Las Vegas pizzazz.

Shows and Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment and attractions I was actually shocked at how much there was to do at Horseshoe.  Even I had missed it on my first couple of visits.

If shows are your thing, then Dita Von Tesse has a residency at the Jubilee Theatre. The Queen of Burlesque pays homage to the iconic Jubilee Las Vegas Show that ran from 1981 to 2016 using original sets and costumes. I’d expect lots of sequins and some naughtiness.

Don’t worry if that isn’t your bag, there’s another two completely different shows at the Imagine Showroom. Potted Potter attempts to tell the story of all seven Harry Potter books in a frantic but funny 70-minute show. Meanwhile Frederic Da Silva brings his Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Show. 

And if that isn’t diverse enough for you, there’s a live action BattleBots show you can catch featuring fan-favourite bots like Bronco and Witch Doctor going head-to-head in a Robot Apocalypse. Well no one can say Horseshoe don’t provide variety!

There’s also a few permanent attractions on site that are ideal for families. The 7,000-square-foot Arcade has 90 arcade games, that both young and old will enjoy.

The Dino Safari offers a walk-through expedition where you can dig for fossils, experience some thrilling virtual reality and get up close to moving animatronic dinosaurs.

Twilight Zone by Monster Mini Golf is a glow-in-the-dark 18-hole miniature golf course with great props and artwork. This also has arcade games and a couple of ten-pin bowling lanes. 

That’s not all, REAL BODIES is a unique exhibit not for the faint-hearted using real human specimens to explore the complexity of anatomy and humanity.

Don’t forget there’s also the Grand Bazaar shops right outside with fab places such as Giordano’s Pizza, Dirt Dog, It’s Sugar, Fuel Bar and Fat Tuesday’s just to name a few. Plus Ole Red’s rooftop bar and its daily live music is just steps away.

And that’s before we’ve even talked about the World Series of Poker! Horseshoe becomes the centre of attention each summer as its hosts the richest, most prestigious and longest-running poker series in the world. 

Usually running from May to July, the 2023 event attracted 10,043 entrants, never mind spectators, so if you love your poker, this is the place to be.

💭 My Horseshoe Verdict

I’ll be honest, Horseshoe was never really on my list of places I wanted to stay in Las Vegas. 

As resorts go, it doesn’t have any of the wow factor that accompanies most other Sin City properties. It was just somewhere I occasionally visited, had a gamble and a drink and then left.

But staying (and reviewing) Horseshoe has given me a fresh appreciation for it. 

Despite its rather bland design and décor, it has a lot of positives including the room size, good food and bar options, and some great on-site and close-by entertainment.

The casino size and subsequent limitation in slots does let it down, but it is so close to other casinos that you can almost forgive it. 

Because the location is so great and the price is so affordable, Horseshoe does offer a decent option if you want to stay on the Strip, just as long as you’re not specifically looking for that Las Vegas pizzazz.

What I Liked and Didn't Like

Great centre-Strip location
Spacious rooms at reasonable rates
Friendly staff
Good food and bar options
Entertainment variety
Caesars Rewards program
Didn't like
Small limited casino
Bland decor
Inconsistent waitress service

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