Michael Graham

Michael Graham

Content Editor

14 Years Experience

We cannot decide the hand we are dealt. We can decide how we play it.

About Me - Michael Graham, Content Editor

I have more than a decade of professional writing experience in the sports and gambling industries, covering soccer and tennis extensively, as well as providing sports betting previews, tips, and reviewing casinos and the latest slots games. My love of Las Vegas, where I predominantly play slots and blackjack, has led to me sharing my Sin City gambling experiences on YouTube, where I am one half of popular channel ‘Begas Vaby’. 

Begas Baby Las Vegas Youtube

My Role At Casinos.com

My career path and passion for gambling in Las Vegas have converged at Casinos.com, where I take the lead on our mission to review land based casinos. My years of gambling and casino experience will be poured into our pages to help inform and guide players no matter what their level of knowhow. 

When I’m Not Here, Where Am I?

I only really have two states of activity: I am either on casinos.com talking about gambling in Las Vegas, or I am in Las Vegas. Weekends, though, are dedicated to being disappointed by Sunderland AFC. 

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