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North of England and over the border of Cumbria and Northumberland, you arrive in the stunning location and country of Scotland. Here people have Irn Bru in their veins, everyone here wears a skirt called a kilt, and they all talk in a dialect that sounds like they’re having a minor stroke from too many fried Mars Bars. 

When you think about Scotland, two distinct cities come to mind, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the capital, while Glasgow is more of an out-of-body experience. Now, while these two places are highly popular with tourists, I would still advise visitors to check out the beautiful surroundings of Dunfermline, Perth, Cumbernauld, and Dumbarton. 

Scotland is hugely underrated when it comes to scenic landscapes. You really will see nature at its most beautiful. I must say, the wonderful presence Scotland gives you is matched by the personality of the locals.

My family roots are tied to Edinburgh, considered the more cultural part of the country. A lot of heritage is found here with the National Monument, The Mercat Cross, Thistle Street, and Edinburgh Castle. 

In my downtime, I enjoy doing the tourist trap stuff; so my pick-ups are found on the high street. I take in Fish ‘n’ Chips with cold Irn Bru, then hit the comedy clubs, see some live music, and engage with the fabulous land-based casinos. 

If you have not been to Scotland before, my bet is that you will be pleasantly surprised. So, allow me to guide you through my favourite hot spots in and around the streets of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 My Pick of Top UK Casinos

Scotland is not only about picturesque landscapes. The architecture is somewhat of a marvel also. You have the Scottish Parliament Building, Glasgow Central Station, Falkland Palace, St Andrews Cathedral, and the famous gothic Elgin Cathedral. It’s no wonder several big-budget movies get filmed here using such locations. 

The great buildings bleed into the main high street, many of which have become converted through time. On my last visit back to Scotland, I decided to explore my passion for gambling a little bit more. Wanting to go one step further, and just as I did with my visit to London, I decided to review the casinos that I had not yet been to. 

Now, I know games don’t change, roulette in Hong Kong is the same roulette game in Las Vegas. But my interests are where the land-based casinos are held, what their customer services are like, are the Scottish casinos run differently, and whether would I be left surprised by my visits to them or let down.

Here is a brief look at each Scottish casino I visited from which you can access the full live casino review.

🏰 Genting Casino York Place, Edinburgh

There are two Genting Casinos in Edinburgh, York Place and Fountain Park. The latter is situated within a modern entertainment complex. With this comes your generic restaurants, cinema, and bowling. Casinos like this are not out of the ordinary. Genting Casinos at York Place, on the other hand, is inside an 18th-century building. Of the two casinos, this one is more my preference. 

Genting York Place Casino is open from 2pm and has a closing time of 4am. The décor inside the old building certainly is brave and eye-catching. You have Indian-style archways, columns, and low ceilings. While the Fountain Park casino is certainly larger in size and gaming options, Genting York Place still boasts the essentials. Gaming here provides 3-card poker, blackjack, and American roulette, and you have a range of slots and e-gaming tables. 

Genting at York Place also provides players with slot tournaments that are free to enter. Another perk of using a Genting Casino is that the operator has an online casino service. This means you can register online and download the My Genting App. This can lead to membership rewards through claimed points. In return, these points reward players with promotional offers.

If you do find that you have the time to trek around Edinburgh, then you can always visit both of the Genting land-based casinos. 

For more information, read our full Genting Casino York Place review.

25K Sq. Ft Venue
10+ Live Tables
1 Entertainment Spaces
40+ Electronic Games
Open 2pm-6am

⛫ Grosvenor Casino Edinburgh Maybury

The Grosvenor Casino in Maybury, Edinburgh is located, some say fortuitously, on Myabuty Road. This building dates back to 1935, so it’s coming up to being a century old. The casino retains some art-deco hallmarks, with the winding staircases with statues and balconies. 

Doors to the casino open at midday and close at 5am the next day, Sunday to Thursday. On all other days, the casino remains open for an extra hour. Players who may wish to dine here can do so from 6pm onwards. 

Now, players and members of the Grosvenor One Card can acquire free cold and hot drinks during their game time. Just one of several perks that also work in tandem with the online Grosvenor Casino, should you register. 

Food is an option, with the Grosvenor Casino providing the Charleston Restaurant located on the upper tier of the casino. If you’re more hungry for entertainment, then the gaming provided includes American roulette, poker, blackjack, and an assortment of slot machines. 

If you have a love of sports, then you will find several TVs stationed around the casino. These can provide live sports including boxing, rugby, horseracing, and football. Now, if you register for an online account with Grosvenor, you can make a few sports bets and see the action unfold inside their land-based casino. 

For more information, read our full Grosvenor Casino Edinburgh Maybury review.

35K Sq. Ft Venue
10+ Live Tables
1 Entertainment Spaces
50+ Electronic Games
Open 24/7

🎲 Alea Casino Glasgow

The Alea Casino found in Glasgow makes a refreshing change to the largely franchised gambling houses you see up and down the country. When you arrive in Glasgow, you can get to the Alea Casino by subway. Just stop off at the Shield Road Subway Station. Alternatively, you can take a glorious stroll over the Clyde (make sure to use the bridge) and less than a mile by foot, you can easily locate the casino. For drivers, be sure to use the postcode G5 8NP for the correct location. 

Now, the building really isn’t hard to miss. It’s a large white, modern building that sits on the bank of the river. At night, it looks quite spectacular. The building has three floors for you to navigate. For those smoking, just head to one of the outdoor balconies for your fix. 

When it comes to the casino games hosted by Alea, players can enjoy 3-card poker, roulette, blackjack, slots, and electronic roulette. Poker tournaments are hosted as well. These are active every day of the week. 

Are there promotions to the gaming available? Sadly not. However, if you obtain the membership Met Card, you can earn discounts and benefits on food and drink. The Alea Glasgow Casino is owned by the Metropolitain Gaming Corporation. This provides players with an online gambling service, should they wish to register for alternative promotional offers. 

For more information, read our full Alea Casino Glasgow review.

33K Sq. Ft Venue
20+ Live Tables
1 Entertainment Spaces
100+ Electronic Games
Open 24/7

⛴️ Grosvenor Casino Glasgow Riverboat

You will have no issue locating the Grosvenor Riverboat Casino, as it is a hop and a skip from the Glasgow Central Station. It’s essentially right next to the King George V Bridge in an area called Broomielaw. As the name and location hint, the Grosvenor Riverboat is situated right next to the river.

The casino opens from an early 6am and goes on into the wee hours. Once you’re inside, you will hopefully be struck by just how beautiful this casino is designed. You will not see too many of these around, that is for sure. Everything is so immaculate and you are immediately transported back in time to the early 1900s. If you want to visit a land-based casino that carries a bit of elegance, then the Grosvenor Glasgow Riverboat will impress you and any guests you take.

The venue is small and can hold around 300 players. There aren’t as many tables as the more commercial casinos. The Riverboat supplies a total of nine tables that present blackjack, poker, and roulette. Around the sides of the casino, there are several slot games to play.

As this is a Grosvenor Casino, there is the benefit of being able to access their online casino service. With your membership confirmed via registration, you can begin to enjoy some special land-based and online casino perks. 

I should also inform you that there is another Grosvenor Casino, known as the Merchant Grosvenor as it is in the city centre. If you find you have the time, make a stop off here as well. 

For more information, read our full Grosvenor Casino Glasgow Riverboat review.

30K Sq. Ft Venue
15+ Live Tables
1 Entertainment Spaces
50+ Electronic Games
Open 24/7

♦️ Genting Casino Glasgow

To the north of Glasgow city, on Sauchiehill Street, is where you will find the Genting Casino. You can walk or take the subway to Charing Cross Station. It’s a journey of only a few minutes should you take the subway option. Should you wish to drive, there is free parking at the casino.

If you ignore the KFC directly across the road, you can enjoy a meal within the casino upon your arrival. Doors are open at 12pm, with closing time scheduled for 6am, every day of the week. The restaurant options include Hou Mei, which offers Chinese food. Food is also served at the bar which offers burgers, pies, and chicken wings. 

Smoking areas are provided and there is access for wheelchair users, with the lift providing access to both floors of the casino. Yes, it’s that big. Inside, the entertainment is provided by poker tables, roulette, slot machines, baccarat, and blackjack. They even have bespoke electronic games like Dragonfire Roulette and Blazing Blackjack. Poker players can access specialist poker tournaments Double       Chance, Mega Stack, and the Freezeout. 

Getting into the casino is free, membership is optional, and like all Genting Casinos, you can apply for the My Genting membership card. This can all be done via the My Genting app. Download and instantly claim a £10 points reward. 

For more information, read our full Genting Glasgow Casino review.

45K Sq. Ft Venue
20+ Live Tables
1 Entertainment Spaces
80+ Electronic Games
Open 24/7

🎰 What I Look for in the Best Glasgow Casinos

What’s ideal for me may not be ideal for you. We all have different tastes, we all play different casino games, and we all most likely play with different budgets. This said, I believe there are 6 key features to a casino, that give a natural sense of order. These are simple rules, built on simple foundations. If the casino can get these 6 basics right, choosing where you enjoy your favourite casino games will become easier. 


For me, the rule is simple. Try and cut down on travel costs so that you have a greater playing budget. For most cities, walking isn’t too much effort. But if you want to get from A to B, use the subways.


While the design of a casino may not sound important, you would be surprised how first impressions work when it comes to attracting certain clientele. I look for quieter land-based casinos that are going to set the right mood. Whilst those in large complexes are handy, they can become very busy. 


This is the simplest of rules to follow if you’re a casino. It must provide all the games players expect but also go beyond their expectations. Casinos should be doing more than providing live blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and poker. 

Customer Service

A casino must provide tentative care to all customers in every possible form. There should be the best service on show, from simple manners to assisting with wheelchair facilities. The rule is that a casino should make you want to return, despite any financial losses. 


You might be interested in casinos that do more than just tables. Some provide a multitude of live entertainment. This can include live music, comedy acts, burlesque, and special seasonal/festive events.


Check that casinos don’t leave their guests wanting. Simple things like ATMs, a smoking area that’s not 3 floors down the stairs and by the entrance. Restaurants, bars, overnight accommodation, disabled parking spots, and lifts.

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