Who Are the Top Trumps of the UK Gambling and Betting Brands in Q1 2024?

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Who Are the Top Trumps of the UK Gambling and Betting Brands in Q1 2024?

Did you ever play the game of Top Trumps as a child? For those who immediately scratch their heads, Top Trumps was a game invented in the late 1970s and played by children everywhere in the 1980s.

Each card contains a list of numerical data, and the aim of the game is to compare these values to try to trump and win an opponent's card. A wide variety of different packs of Top Trumps has been published.

My personal favourites were the motorbikes and cars. There were not a great number of packs to choose from in the early 1980s with eleven different packs selling at 50p each. They were published by a company named Dubreq. Today, you can find a pack on just about everything from dinosaurs to X Factor.

Just like online slots, a pack of Top Trumps cards is based on a theme, such as cars, aircraft, books, boats, dinosaurs, or characters from a popular film or television series. Each card in the pack shows a list of numerical data about the item.

For motorbikes, it would be:

  • Model
  • Engine size
  • Speed
  • Horsepower
  • Revs
  • Cost

Top Ten Gambling and Betting Brands Q1 2024

Why the interest in Top Trumps? It is a trip down memory lane that might prompt you to dig out your old collection and sit down and have some family fun. Failing that, the cards are selling well online individually and as complete packs.

We have put together our very own Top Trumps of Gambling and Betting Brands, or rather, we have taken the YouGov listings of the Most Popular Gambling & Betting Brands (Q1 2024) (Popularity being the % of people who have a positive opinion of a gambling & betting brand).

Top Trumps of Gambling and Betting Brands Q1 2024

National LotteryFame: 96%Popularity: 51%
People’s Postcode LotteryFame: 92%Popularity: 42%
EuromillionsFame: 98%Popularity: 42%
The Health LotteryFame: 92%Popularity: 39%
ScratchcardsFame: 78%Popularity: 31%
Paddy PowerFame: 95%Popularity: 27%
LadbrokesFame: 97%Popularity: 26%
Gala BingoFame: 90%Popularity: 25%
OmazeFame: 63%Popularity: 24%
SkyBetFame: 89%Popularity: 23%
William HillFame: 93%Popularity: 22%


These brands are among the best in UK when it comes to online casinos, sports betting, the lottery, and bingo. 

And for those who want to take a break from gambling and betting, and remain hip and cool with their children, we have included a guide on how to play Top Trumps just for you to brush up on.

How to Play Top Trumps

The goal of Top Trumps is to win the most rounds by having the highest-scoring card in each round.


Choose a Top Trumps deck based on your interests; each deck features a unique theme. Shuffle the deck and deal the entire deck of cards evenly among all players.


Each player holds their cards facing down, and the player to the dealer's left goes first. On their turn, a player selects a category from their top card (e.g., speed, strength, intelligence). Other players then reveal the same category from their top cards. 

The player with the highest value in that category wins the round and collects all the played cards. The player who won the previous round starts the next round by choosing a new category.


The game continues until one player has all the cards or until a predetermined number of rounds is played. The player with the most cards at the end is declared the Top Trumps champion!

Good luck and remember it is only a game.

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