The Top US Cities For Remote Work In Summer 2023

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The Top US Cities For Remote Work In Summer 2023

Remote work: it’s what we all want to do. In a survey, 76 percent of job seekers said they wanted to work remotely full-time.

Who wouldn’t want the freedom to work from anywhere, exploring the country's best sites while still getting paid? 

For those lucky remote workers and digital nomads, the entire country is their playground. And summertime is the perfect time to pick up that laptop and work from a new place. 

It’s not always that easy though. Deciding which city to go to can make or break a remote worker’s experience. How to pick? We’ve got you covered. This guide will share the top cities in the US for remote workers to work from this summer. 

Best US Cities For Remote Workers

Using our special formula, here are the top 10 cities for remote work in the USA, ranked:

best us cities for remote workers



To calculate the best cities across the country for remote workers, considered the cost of living in each city. Numbeo, an online database of consumer prices, revealed the real cost of living crowdsourced from people who actually live in each city on a scale with 100 being the most expensive. 

The number of coworking spaces in a city also contributed to the rankings. These shared spaces allow workers to have office facilities while on the go and also help with finding a community when in a new location. 

The cost of accommodation is another important metric as remote workers often take advantage of earning higher salaries in cities with a lower cost of living. This was calculated using the average price per night of an Airbnb rental in each location.

Data For Best Remote Work Cities 

The numbers have revealed that the best cities for remote workers are spread throughout the country. All regions are represented, with the East Coast being the least popular location for remote workers. Here's what the data shows about the best cities and which wins in each category.

Best for cost of living: Las Vegas, Nevada

cost of living in US cities for remote workers

Las Vegas, Nevada
Cost of living index: 73.2
Airbnb cost per night: $75.00
Number of coworking spaces: 54

Best accommodation prices: Salt Lake City, Utah

accommodation costs in US cities for remote workers

Salt Lake City, Utah
Cost of living index: 67.5
Airbnb cost per night: $71.00
Number of coworking spaces: 45

Best coworking: Dallas, Texas

coworking spaces in US cities for remote workers

Dallas, Texas
Cost of living index: 76.8
Airbnb cost per night: $139.00
Number of coworking spaces: 211

Atlanta, Georgia
Cost of living index: 77.8
Airbnb cost per night: $81.00
Number of coworking spaces: 145

Austin, Texas
Cost of living index: 76.3
Airbnb cost per night: $110.00
Number of coworking spaces: 68 

Boston, Massachusetts
Cost of living index: 88.4
Airbnb cost per night: $164.00
Number of coworking spaces: 131

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cost of living index: 79.3
Airbnb cost per night: $71.00
Number of coworking spaces: 56

Nashville, Tennessee
Cost of living index: 80.6
Airbnb cost per night: $99.00
Number of coworking spaces: 43

Seattle, Washington
Cost of living index: 93.7
Airbnb cost per night: $132.00
Number of coworking spaces: 81

Tucson, Arizona
Cost of living index: 79.1
Airbnb cost per night: $76.00
Number of coworking spaces: 6

Best City For Each Type Of Remote Worker

The cities listed here have something for everyone: natural beauty, excitement, or budget-friendly living. To help choose which city suits each remote worker personality, here are the top picks for every type of remote worker.

best city for type of remote worker

Best for nature lovers: Denver, Colorado

Rocky Mountains? Check. Hiking and biking trails? Check. National parks? Several. With its scenic beauty and easy access to outdoor adventures, this city is the top choice for those looking to balance work and outdoor exploration. This city was in our top 15 but didn't quite make the top 10 list.

Best for entertainment: Las Vegas, Nevada

It's got the world's best casinos, nightclubs, shows, attractions, and the famous Las Vegas Strip. Vegas is the ultimate destination for workers who want to play as much as they work. There are countless options for live music, comedy acts, acrobatic shows, magic performances, and more. When it's all too much, check out the city's luxurious spas or take a day trip to the desert to mix things up.

Best on a budget: San Antonio, Texas

While San Antonio also didn't make the top 10, it gets an honorary mention for its incredibly affordable accommodation balanced with dining options, activities, and more. This is the place to have a fulfilling experience without breaking the bank. Check out the Alamo and River Walk.

Best for professionals: Washington, DC

For those people who don't want to take a break from networking, for working professionals it's got to be Washington, DC. The city is home to numerous government agencies, think tanks, and global organizations, making it a hub for business professionals. Not convinced? Check it out at one of the many events and conferences that run all year long.

Best for culture and history: Boston , Massachusetts

Home to some of America's oldest landmarks, including the famous Boston Tea Party and Paul Revere's House, Boston is a city steeped in historic significance. With all the museums, galleries, and art centers, the city offers a rich cultural experience. Visitors can also enjoy authentic seafood, Fenway Park, and visit nearby Cambridge to see Harvard University's hometown.

What is remote working and who are digital nomads?

A remote worker is one who can do their job duties from a location outside of the traditional office setting. Mostly through technology, these workers manage to stay connected and work with their teams online from anywhere. 

While this could mean working from home, many choose to work from another city, state, or even country outside of their company’s office address. They can work from coworking spaces and coffee shops too — basically, as long as there is an internet connection, they can work from anywhere.

remote worker on laptop

On the other hand, digital nomads take remote working to the next level. They embrace a nomadic lifestyle, traveling and working from various locations, often exotic ones. They use technology in the same way as remote workers to maintain productivity while exploring the country or the world.


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