New Casino in Rochester New Hampshire To Revitalize Area

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New Casino in Rochester New Hampshire To Revitalize Area

Rochester, New Hampshire, finds itself at the cusp of a potential transformation as entrepreneur Greg Carlin has unveiled his plans to convert the Lilac Mall into a gaming and hospitality complex. Carlin, CEO of G2 Gaming and a prominent figure in the casino industry aims to breathe new life into the town's commercial landscape.

Lilac Mall Casino Project To Transform Area

The proposal, set to face scrutiny before the Rochester Planning Board on September 11, outlines an extensive overhaul of the Lilac Mall. If approved, the project could mark a significant shift in the town's identity, infusing it with an entertainment and economic dimension. Carlin has paid $5 million for the project through his companies.

The casino venture, spanning approximately 32,000 square feet, aims to offer an array of gaming options, including poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, and horse racing machines. To complement the gaming experience, a full-service restaurant and bar are planned, showcasing a diverse menu and a selection of New Hampshire craft beers.

Rochester Casino Mockup

Image submitted as part of the plans for new Rochester casino

One noteworthy aspect of Carlin's proposal is the commitment to charitable giving. The casino's operations are intended to support local nonprofits, potentially bringing a substantial financial boost to Rochester's charitable organizations. The potential to contribute to community causes is a central theme in Carlin's vision.

The project's impact on the economy are also a focus. The casino might revitalise the local employment scene by creating approximately 80 new jobs. While perspectives on the casino's impact differ, supporters see it as a possible catalyst of economic development in an underutilised area of town.

Rochester Deliberates On Casino Proposal

As the Lilac Mall casino project awaits approval, the decision on whether to allow a DraftKings sportsbook gambling site in the city also looms large. The outcome of the November 7 vote could further shape the trajectory of entertainment in Rochester.

City officials and residents continue to engage in discussions about the potential benefits and concerns associated with the casino. While the project's fate remains uncertain, the deliberations shed light on the town's aspirations for growth and revitalization.

As Rochester navigates this juncture, it stands to gain not only a new entertainment venue but also a potential source of support for local nonprofits. The Lilac Mall casino project is one of several developments that could define the town's future, making it a subject of keen interest for both residents and observers of the local economy.

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