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To cap off an enjoyable weekend in Vancouver, I decided to visit Parq Casino for the first time. After all, I love casino action, and Parq was just a short walk away. The plan was to grab a bite to eat before diving into the gambling. 

I was particularly interested in checking out the poker room after having a friend tell me how much fun he had playing Omaha there. 

I thought that the outside of the building was pretty impressive and modern. Being attached to the JW Marriott and the Douglas Hotel, it struck me that the venue seemed to be an ideal base for anyone who planned on going to an event at Rogers Arena or BC Place. 

So, how did it go? Well, I will tell you all about my experience in the following Parq Casino Vancouver review. 

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♦️ An Overview of Parq Casino

Parq Casino Vancouver opened in 2017, and it is conveniently located at 39 Smithe Street. It’s right beside BC Place and a stone’s throw from the Plaza of Nations and Rogers Arena. Parq Casino boasts over 72,000 square feet of gaming space that houses over 600 slots on two floors. The casino also has about 75 gaming tables, although many of those tables sat idle when I was there. 

The casino is spacious, clean, and nicely decorated. However, it doesn’t offer an obvious theme like many Las Vegas casinos do. I also found it to be pretty bright inside. In these regards, it’s very in-line with brand new casinos rather than the more vintage gambling halls. 

The atmosphere on the gaming floor is pretty typical in that the sounds of the slot machines fill the air. There was plenty of security, and there appeared to be more than enough floor staff buzzing around. 

As mentioned, Parq Casino has two upscale hotels on site. The four-star JW Marriott has 329 rooms, while the 5-star Douglas offers 188 rooms. Both options feature a full range of amenities and services like gyms, swimming pools, and spas. Accommodations at Parq are by no means cheap, but those on tighter budgets have a few excellent nearby options. 

Being situated in a major hub of the city, visitors have plenty of transportation options, including the bus, SkyTrain, and taxi. Parq Casino Vancouver also has on-site parking for those who want to drive there. While Encore Rewards members can park for free, non-members are charged $4 per hour with a daily maximum of $15 before 5 PM and then a $15 flat rate after 5 PM. 

Quick Info

🪪 Membership required:❌  No, but encouraged 
👔 Dress code:❌  No, but casual recommended
🏧 ATMs:✔️ Yes
🚘 Parking:✔️ Yes, free for Encore Rewards members
♿ Wheelchair accessible:✔️ Yes
🛏️ On-site accommodation:✔️ Yes, the JW Marriott and Douglas Hotel
🍴 On-site restaurant:✔️ Yes, Parq Casino features 6 restaurants
🍹 Free drinks and snacks:

❌  No

🚬 Smoking:❌  No smoking on the property  

🛎️ Services and Facilities at Parq Casino in Vancouver

The first step in my attack plan was to get something to eat. I decided to go to The Victor for its Sunday brunch buffet, which runs between 10 AM and 2:30 PM. I have to admit, I nearly turned around and walked away when I saw the eye-watering $90 price tag, but I was dead set on the prime rib roast. I also saw a good selection of seafood, so I bit the bullet and filled my face. The meal was awesome. Even the mashed potatoes left an impression.

It was still pretty early in the day when I hit the gaming floor. Because it wasn’t too busy, I thought it would be a good time to play a few hands of blackjack. I scooped a seat at one of the two $5 tables. I played for about 30 minutes, but having seven other players at the table slowed the pace. So, I decided to move to one of the $15 tables, which I shared with just three other players. I ground it out for another hour before getting the urge to play 3-card poker. 

The dealers I encountered were professional, even if they weren’t overly friendly or engaging. On the other hand, the floor staff were very pleasant. For those who don’t know, liquor laws prohibit BC casinos from offering free alcoholic beverages. As I expected, the drinks were pretty expensive but not ridiculously pricey (unless you want something a little more exotic). On the positive side, my beer was almost as cold as my cards were. 

After quenching my thirst, I made my way to the ATM to reload before going to the poker room. Parq also offers CashValet, but I prefer the simplicity of ATMs. I then went to the third floor, where the poker is. Even though about ten others and I were on the waiting list, I was frustrated to see a few open tables. While they eventually opened another table for hold ‘em, I had to wait about 30 minutes to be seated at the Omaha table. 

This gave me plenty of time to check out the surroundings, which I found to be nice enough. I also noticed that there were a few people smoking on an outdoor patio. I should also point out that the entire complex is wheelchair accessible, and there is more than enough space to easily manoeuvre.

72K Sq. Ft Venue
75 Live Tables
1 Entertainment Spaces
600+ Slot Machines
24/7 Always Open

Smoking: While smoking is not permitted indoors, Parq Casino features an outdoor smoking patio. 

Food and Drink: Parq Casino is home to plenty of dining establishments all under one roof, including Honey Salt, The Victor, BC Kitchen, D/6 Bar and Lounge, Centre Bar, Lotus Lounge, and The Noodle Bar at Koi, just to name a few. 

Poker: You’ll find the dedicated poker room on Level 3 at the top of the escalators, with 14 tables available. 

I thought that the outside of the building was pretty impressive and modern. Being attached to the JW Marriott and the Douglas Hotel, it struck me that the venue seemed to be an ideal base for anyone who planned on going to an event at Rogers Arena or BC Place.

🎰 Games at Parq Casino Vancouver

Parq Casino Vancouver has a solid selection of games. The most popular attractions are the slot machines. The stations are clean, and the seats are comfortable. Comparatively speaking, 600 slots isn’t a lot. For example, River Rock has over 1,200. The best online casinos can certainly put that figure to shame too.  

Still, it seemed to be enough for the size of the venue. In addition to having an array of fixed jackpot slots, you’ll also find a variety of progressive jackpots, although I couldn’t find any really big jackpots. 

Speaking of progressives, I also noticed that Parq Casino had Blazin’ 7s Blackjack, which also offers a progressive jackpot. This was just one of several blackjack tables including the busy $5 minimum table that I spent a bit of time at. And that wasn’t the only low-limit option. Parq Casino also has $5 Casino War, which is perfect for beginners. If you’re unfamiliar with this game, you and the dealer get one card each. If your card beats the dealer, then you win. 

You’ll also find a few baccarat variants, including Baccarat Squeeze, No-Commission Baccarat, and about a dozen electronic baccarat stations that are linked to live tables. If you are a poker fan like me, then you can play casino poker games like 3-Card Poker, 4-Card Poker, Pai Gow, and Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em. Of course, I already mentioned the fact that Parq has a poker room that offers no-limit hold ‘em and Omaha starting as low as $1/$2.

I made a point of stopping by the roulette table. This was by far the most pleasant portion of the day. Not only were the players very sociable, but the croupier was too. He was happily explaining some of the betting options to a young couple that was obviously new to the game. 

The vibe was similar at the craps table, which had recently opened up. Once again, the croupier and players were upbeat, friendly, and helpful. It was a pleasant departure from the more serious atmosphere of the poker room and blackjack tables.  

It’s worth noting that Parq Casino also has a VIP gaming area upstairs. Being a man of more modest means, I didn’t venture too close to it. It certainly looked swanky and it was pretty busy. It offers the same games as downstairs, including slots.

♣️ Poker :✔️ Yes, dedicated poker room
⚪ Roulette:✔️ Yes
🃏 Blackjack:✔️ Yes
🎲 Baccarat:✔️ Yes
🎰 Slots:✔️ Yes
💎 VIP:✔️ Yes
🏆 Tournaments:✔️ Yes, poker and slots

💰 Bonuses and Promotions at Parq Casino

If you want access to the best promotions at Parq Casino, then it’s a good idea to sign up for the Encore Rewards cards. Members can enjoy a variety of exclusive promotions while earning rewards when they play casino games, eat, and drink. You can redeem the points you earn for free play credits. 

Members also receive discounts at the JW Marriott, and they can park in the secure parking area free of charge. You’ll also receive $10 in casino credits just for signing up.

Parq Casino has many other regular promotions, too. While they frequently change, you can always participate in daily, weekly, and monthly draws through which you can win cash, casino credits, and tickets to events such as concerts and Canucks games. All in all, the Encore Rewards program is well worth it, especially considering that it’s free. You can sign up online at Parq Casino’s website or at Guest Services in the casino.

🎇 My Parq Casino Experience

My Parq Casino experience was neither overwhelming nor underwhelming. Despite being smaller than some Vancouver casinos like River Rock, it certainly has a good selection of games. Parq has multiple variants of the most popular table games and then some. I was pleased that the poker room offered Omaha, but I wasn’t too happy with the wait. My biggest complaint in terms of the game offerings was the lack of massive progressive jackpot slots. 

I found the place to be very clean, even later on in the evening when the crowds picked up. The slot stations were clean, and the gaming tables were in tip-top shape. I thought the floor staff were friendly and provided above-average service, while the dealers were professional and helpful. Some of them were downright entertaining, which was nice, seeing how there wasn’t any other entertainment happening that night.

The food was a tad overpriced, but that’s to be expected at a trendy venue like this. With six dining establishments, Parq has something to satisfy any appetite. I can recommend the Sunday buffet at The Victor, even if it’s expensive. It would be nice to have a slightly cheaper buffet option.

You’re not going to mistake Parq Casino for a Vegas casino like the Venetian, Excalibur, or Luxor. While it is clean, spacious, and nicely decorated, it is pretty generic. As mentioned, I thought that the gaming floor was too bright. Still, these minor complaints are greatly overshadowed by the fun vibe and vast selection of games. And that’s exactly what I look for in a casino.

⭐ Standout Moment

I had a couple of memorable moments at Parq Casino Vancouver. My first is the awesome roulette croupier who went above and beyond to explain the game while staying on top of his duties. I’ve seen table hosts give basic tutorials when the table isn’t busy, but this table had several players at it. What made it even nicer was that many players were also being genuinely helpful and sociable. I would have liked to stay at the roulette table longer, but I had Omaha on my mind.

My second standout moment was the buffet. The prime rib was superb, as was the seafood. I initially thought that I’d be disappointed after spending so much money on it, but I wasn’t. It’s hard to imagine being impressed by something as simple as mashed potatoes, yet I was. 


Is a prime rib roast worth it?

Sunday brunch buffet at with prime rib roast is incredibly tasty, although the $90 price-tag may put many off. 

💭 My Verdict on Parq Casino Vancouver

Parq Casino has everything you’d expect in a modern casino. It has a spectacular selection of games and plenty of clean gaming space, as well as two hotels with full amenities. It also has several more budget-friendly hotels within easy walking distance. Don’t forget that it is located beside BC Place and Rogers Arena making it easy to get to by car, SkyTrain, taxi, or bus. 

The casino becomes a beehive of activity later in the day. Still, it doesn’t feel overcrowded like some smaller venues do. This leads to a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s also easy to navigate despite being spread out over two floors. If you do need help finding something, there are more than enough people working the floor to assist you. 

While I didn’t visit Guest Services to get an Encore card, I suggest that you do, especially if you parked there. Remember, the Encore Rewards card entitles you to free parking. It also gets you $10 in casino credits. It’s worth it, even if you’re only going there for one night.

If you like casino gaming in a safe and clean environment, you should find Parq Casino to your liking. It might not be as good as River Rock, but it’s not too far off, and it’s more conveniently located. I can confidently recommend Parq Casino.

What I Liked and Didn't Like

Excellent selection of games
Poker room with Omaha and Hold ‘Em
Fantastic food
Conveniently located
Attached to two hotels with several others nearby
Didn't Like
Food and beverages are expensive
Food and beverages are expensive Most table games have high minimum betting limits
I didn’t like the 30-minute wait in the poker room despite the empty tables
Relatively small progressive jackpots

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