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I've heard a lot about Sands Macao Casino and had high expectations when I pencilled it into my to-do list for my vacation in Macau. Standing outside the elegant resort complex that housed the casino got me hooked, and I couldn't wait to step in and explore the gambling area.

Although the casino was my primary focus, it's not the only facility Sands Macau has to offer. If you'd like to step back from Baccarat tables and slot machines, you can explore different dining venues, immerse yourself in live music at the Xanadu Lounge, or kick back and enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa.

To be fair, though, the casino at Sands Macau didn't completely meet all my expectations. It was disappointing to find some omitted facilities, like a dedicated Poker room. Nonetheless, playing at this top-tier gambling establishment was still a worthwhile part of my time in Macau. Now that I've gotten the small talk out of the way, let's walk through my discoveries at Sands Macau Casino.

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Sands Macau Casino Overview

Sands Macau sits in the heart of Macau's city centre, directly overlooking Fisherman's Wharf and within a short walk to the Macau Ferry Terminal. If you're coming in from Hong Kong via the Hong Kong International Airport, you can take an express ferry to the terminal and walk across the street into Sands.

Alternatively, Sands Macau has complimentary shuttle buses directly to the hotel if your flight path leads to the Zhuhai or Guangzhou Baiyun Airports. I did some sightseeing in Hong Kong before coming to Macau, so my route was the Macau Ferry Terminal. 


Since the Sands is a casino resort, you don't need to book a room somewhere else and shuffle between venues to explore the casino. You can opt for the Deluxe, Premium, or Executive Suites at Sands Macau.

The Deluxe Suites are the go-to option if you're on a budget. I paid $2,429 per night during my weekend stay, although prices vary depending on the day of the week. I’d recommend visiting on weekdays since those days had the cheapest rates when I booked. 


Four floors and 229,000 square feet of gambling tables and slot machines await you at Sands Macau Casino. When I first researched the hotel's casino section, I was excited about exploring such a massive gaming area.

Finally stepping into the casino, I wouldn't say I was blown away, but I was impressed. The architecture is neat, although it falls significantly short of the enchanting lighting and colours of Las Vegas  land-based casinos. Nonetheless, it's appealing enough not to look boring at first glance.

Sands Macau Casino Review -

Quick Info

πŸͺͺ Membership required:❌ No
πŸ‘” Dress code:❌ No
🏧 Cash machines:βœ”οΈ Yes
πŸ’Έ Cashless wallet options:βœ”οΈ Yes
β™Ώ Wheelchair accessible:βœ”οΈ Yes
🍴 On-site restaurant:βœ”οΈ Yes 
🚬 Smoking areas:βœ”οΈ Yes 


Services and Facilities at Sands Macau Casino

Staff and Dealers 

Courteous, friendly, and professional – that's how I'd sum up the staff at the Sands. From the moment I walked into the hotel lobby, I could tell the establishment had an emphasis on providing guests with the best services.

The front desk staff deserve a raise for their hospitable and attentive attitudes to receiving tourists. When I gambled at the casino, I was also pleased to find that the cordial approach wasn't restricted to the hotel lobby.

Games moved like clockwork, thanks to the dealers’ efficiency. It's also a significant plus that many of the croupiers could speak English. Overall, Sands Macau earns five stars for staff professionalism. 

Smoking Areas 

Smoking is prohibited on the casino's ground floor. However, you can head to the designated smoking areas in the other gaming sections if you fancy taking a drag while placing bets.

Safety and Security

Sands Macau pays significant attention to its customers' safety. From the hotel lobby to the gambling area, you'll find highly professional security staff overseeing the resort’s safety.

229K Sq. Ft of Gaming Space
4 Casino Floors
700+ Tables
1200 Slot Machines
24/7 Open all Hours

Bars and Restaurants

Sands Macau offers a wealth of options to grab a bite or enjoy some cocktails. You can sink your teeth into Cantonese delicacies at Golden Court. If you want to experience Asian dishes, I'd suggest visiting 888 Buffet or The Moonlight Noodle House.

For a taste of mouth-watering steaks, Copa Steakhouse is my recommended pick. The Tomahawk steak served at this restaurant is to die for – although it's a bit pricey. You could opt for the Angus Tenderloin steak if you're seeking pocket-friendly, sumptuous dining.

McDonald's also awaits outside the Sands, with a rich selection of American fast food. As for drinks, my go-to location is the Xanadu Lounge, mostly because I love my cocktails paired with live music. 

Customer Service 

You'll find a Contact Us page on the Sands Macau website, with phone numbers and emails for hotel reservations and inquiries. From my experience, the support team mirrors the hospitality of the on-site staff, so it's another five stars from me here. 

ATMs & Cashless Gaming 

Cashless gaming is supported at the Sands, and you can place bets using your Visa or Mastercard. The hotel also has an ATM for cash withdrawals. 

Wheelchair Accessibility

The main gambling area at Sands Macau Casino was designed with accessibility in mind. Individuals with wheelchairs can navigate from one table to the next with relative ease due to the smooth surfaces and open spaces between the gaming spots.

With 700+ tables and 1,200 slot machines, the Sands is well-equipped to fill your evening with non-stop excitement.

Games at the Sands Macau Casino

This aspect is where Sands Macau thrives. With 700+ tables and 1,200 slot machines, the Sands is well-equipped to fill your evening with non-stop excitement. Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette are among the games featured here, with European and Asian variants available. Unsurprisingly, Sic Bo and Fan Tan also make appearances at the casino. 

Table Games 

If you visit Sands Macau Casino, you won't struggle to find where to place your first bets because the casino has an impressive number of tables to cater to gamblers. I walked around the gaming space for a bit to take in the action as a spectator before diving in.

The range of table games here is commendable. Baccarat variants like Fast Action Baccarat, Three Card Baccarat, and Commission Free Baccarat are available. Caribbean Stud Poker (called Sands Studs Poker in this casino) and Three Card Poker are also featured.

Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Sic Bo, and Fan Tan adorn the gaming halls, as well. Although the game variety is impressive, the major downside at the Sands is the lack of a dedicated Poker room. Poker games in this establishment feature in the main gambling area like everything else.

That said, being an avid Blackjack player, I quickly found a table to pitch my tent. During gameplay, I found it interesting that gamblers could only use the surrender option before the first player played.

Regardless, this rule didn't restrict the gameplay in any way, and I still had a swell session with significant wins and a few losses. 

Slot Machines 

Sands Macau is home to 1,200+ slot machines, although you don't want to get your hopes up too much when visiting this casino. As I explored the selection, I discovered some machines were no longer functional. High-limit slots also seem to be in short supply here. Many games feature between $1 to $5 minimum bets. 

Popular Games 

Baccarat games are the standout selection at the Sands. Commission Free Baccarat makes up the majority of tables here, but you'll also find Three Card Baccarat and Fast Action Baccarat. 

Game Quality and Betting Limits

Hats off to the dealers at Sands Macau for displaying top-notch expertise in running the casino games. The seamless flow of each session makes it easy to lose track of time – unless you're on a losing streak, of course.

That said, betting limits at the Sands are pretty high. I found many tables on the main gambling floor with minimum bets of around $300-$500. Three Card Baccarat and Three Card Poker are among the $500 tables.

An exclusive member-only section, called the Paiza Club, also exists at the casino. Minimum bets here are $10,000.

♣️ Poker :βœ”οΈ Yes
βšͺ Roulette:βœ”οΈ Yes
πŸƒ Blackjack:βœ”οΈ Yes
🎲 Baccarat:βœ”οΈ Yes
🎰 Slots:βœ”οΈ Yes
🎊 Bingo:❌ No
πŸ’Ž VIP:βœ”οΈ Yes

Sands Macau Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Loyalty Programme

The Sands Rewards Club is the loyalty programme at Sands Macau. As expected, it's a tier-based programme with seven levels – Gold, Ruby I, Ruby II, Ruby III, Diamond I, Diamond II, and Diamond III.

Alongside these tiers, there are three exclusive levels unlocked at the resort's discretion for specific customers. You can apply for membership into the programme at Sands Rewards counters in any Venetian Macau Limited (VML) casinos or Sands Lifestyle counters at shopping malls owned by the VML.

When your membership is approved, you'll automatically receive a Sands Rewards card. You can use your card to redeem points at specific retail stores and restaurants, Cotai Water Jet Ferry ticket counters within Sands Resorts, and in exchange for other casino-related products and promotions.

The Sands awards points based on your gameplay activity at the casino or purchases made at Sands Resorts retail stores/restaurants. Your points determine your level in the Rewards Club and accompanying benefits. Here are some perks you can expect from the loyalty program at Sands Macau:

Loyalty Tier



10% discounts on Cotai Water Jet Ferry tickets, hotel packages, spa treatments, concert/show tickets, restaurant meals, and retail store purchases


Ruby I 

15% discounts on Cotai Water Jet Ferry tickets and 10% discounts on spa treatments, hotel packages, retail stores/gift shop purchases, restaurant meals, and concert/show tickets

Ruby II 

Exclusive 15% discounts on specific services, invitations to casino events and tournaments, birthday experiences, redeem points for flight tickets and holiday packages at Cotai Travel

Ruby III

Exclusive 15% discounts on specific services, complimentary concert tickets and breakfast per night stay, weekly complimentary Cotai Water Jet or One Bus tickets, priority lane at casino cashier

Diamond I 

Exclusive 20% discounts on specific services, complimentary limousine service, priority inquiry hotline, exclusive invitations to casino events and tournaments, birthday experiences, priority lane at the casino cashier 

Diamond II

Exclusive 20% discounts on specific services, monthly round-trip flight or Hi-speed train tickets, valet parking, priority seating at selected restaurants, waiver of credit card withdrawal fee

Diamond III

Exclusive 20% discounts on specific services, complimentary in-room amenities, six weekly complimentary Cotai Water Jet or One Bus tickets

My Sands Macau Casino Experience


You can expect a proper casino atmosphere at the Sands. Of course, the architecture doesn't quite match the standards of Las Vegas land-based gambling outfits. However, between the hushed conversations around the gambling tables and the catchy tunes of slot machines, the ambience doesn't stray too far from most gambling halls.

One thing that stood out for me here was the freedom in clothing choices. Unlike the standard casino culture of tuxedos and dinner gowns, the main gambling area at the Sands featured numerous gamblers with casual outfits.

I like the fact that Sands Macau is one of those casinos that doesn't stick to traditional patterns. Honestly, I'm not always in the mood to throw on a suit just to gamble at a Roulette table. 


Sands Macau hotel facilities are generally in excellent condition, so I expected nothing less from the casino. Stepping into the main gaming lobby, the commitment to top-notch maintenance was instantly noticeable. This casino was opened in 2004, but I could have sworn it was only a few years old from the immaculate looks of the furniture and other facilities. 

Food and Drinks 

Done with a round at the gaming table? Well, Sands Macau has diverse dining options for you to kick back and unwind. Within the resort alone, about five restaurants are offering sumptuous Cantonese, Asian, and American delicacies across a range of budgets. 

The Xanadu Lounge sits on the resort's first floor, providing access to live music, cocktails, beer, and wine. It's my go-to location for relaxation after an intense gambling session, and I suggest you try it out when you're at the Sands.

Alternatively, you can step out of the hotel complex and grab a burger at McDonald's. 


The Sands features a fully-equipped fitness centre, a pool, and a spa. Facilities within the spa area include a jacuzzi, steam and sauna room, and a cold plunge pool. 



Parking is completely free if you're staying at the hotel. However, shoppers can enjoy three hours of free parking.

My Verdict on Sands Macau Casino

Sands Macau is a worthwhile location to visit if you're looking to explore the luxuries of Macau. At first glance, the casino seems to lack the extravagant colours and architecture of Las Vegas land-based gambling outfits. However, once you dive into the gaming side of things, you'll find that the experiences aren't so far apart. 

Plus, when you're done at the Poker table, you can step out and grab a bite at the Copa Steakhouse or unwind at the Xanadu Lounge. It's an all-in-one adventure at this world-class resort.

What I Liked and Didn't Like

Assortment of gaming tables and slots
Casual and relaxed atmosphere
English speaking staff
Didn't Like
Lack of a dedicated Poker room
High betting limits
Some broken slot machines

How to Get to the Sands Macau Casino

Sands Macau sits at the heart of the city, so it's easy to locate. You'll find convenient transportation options to this location from different points in Macau. Since it’s minutes away from the Macau Ferry Terminal, tourists coming in from the Hong Kong International Airport can easily access it.

The fact that the hotel offers complimentary shuttle buses around the city to its doorsteps is also a significant plus. Here's how to find it:

Other Macau Casinos

Here are a few other land based casinos I visited while in Macao:

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