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The City of Dreams casino resort in Macau stands tall in the Cotai Strip skyline with its multiple buildings housing four hotels, numerous restaurants and bars, and luxury shops. 

As a top destination for high and low rollers looking to have a shot at the casinos or enjoy a relaxing evening at the restaurants and bars, City of Dreams is a complete establishment as it houses everything you need for premium relaxation. So, if you’re looking for a Las Vegas-style land-based casinos in Macau, go for this luxurious resort owned by Melco Resorts & Entertainment

Located at Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macau, I got a free bus from the Macau Ferry terminal to the resort. The first thing that attracted me to City of Dreams was the Morpheus Hotel. This architectural wonder by the renowned Zaha Hadid was a sight to behold. I also looked out for the popular show - The House of Dancing Water - but unfortunately, I couldn't see it during my stay.

However, my primary aim was to try the casinos, and I wasn't disappointed. The City of Dreams Macau has a gigantic gaming floor that every avid gambler will be proud of. I counted thousands of slot machines and hundreds of table games.

Overall, I enjoyed my three-day stay at City of Dreams and will share my experiences below. Keep reading!

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City of Dreams Macau Casino Overview

City of Dreams Macau is a gamer's paradise. Besides being close to other popular casinos, the resort houses one of the best architectural wonders in China, the Morpheus Hotel. While at City of Dreams, I saw people come to the resort specifically to see the Morpheus Hotel building with its futuristic design. 

City of Dreams is located at Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macau. A region renowned for having top-rated land-based casinos and hotel resorts in Asia. If you're visiting the City of Dreams from the Macau International Airport (MFM), the resort is just 1.37km away, taking only 10 minutes. 


City of Dreams houses three luxury hotels - Morpheus, Nüwa, and Grand Hyatt. There's also The Countdown Hotel, but it's currently under redevelopment. At this point, you already know that my first hotel choice is The Morpheus.

I opted for the Premier room and had the most fantastic experience. The amenities are top-notch, and with the SMART technology, I simply relaxed and controlled the appliances with the in-room control tablet. I love that the bathroom has a flat-screen TV. There's also a Nespresso coffee machine, an excellent way to start my day, and a personal bar for a relaxing drink. 

The Morpheus Hotel has 772 rooms and nine villas, while Nüwa has 267 rooms and 33 luxurious villas. As for the Grand Hyatt Hotel, I counted 791 rooms (424 in the Grand Tower and 367 in the Grand Club). Lastly, The Countdown Hotel had 326 rooms and suites before its redevelopment. Hopefully, after this redevelopment, it’ll have more rooms, suites, and villas than The Morpheus and Grand Hyatt. 


Like the Venetian across the street, City of Dreams means business when it comes to offering top-notch gaming services to savvy gamblers. Having played at Venetian and Sands, I decided to see if City of Dreams casino was worth the hype. To be honest, I was blown away.

The casino resort houses over 420,000 feet of gaming halls with over 1,500 slot machines and 500+ table games. But beyond the games, the gaming rooms are well lit and the atmosphere is relaxed, ensuring you’re comfortable enough to enjoy a great evening playing your favourite casino games.

While I was wowed by the City of Dreams casino’s massiveness, the statues at the entrance and sculptures placed at strategic positions blew my mind.

City of Dreams Macau Casino Review -

Quick Info

🪪 Membership required:❌ No
👔 Dress code:❌ No
🏧 Cash machines:✔️ Yes
💸 Cashless wallet options:✔️ Yes
♿ Wheelchair accessible:✔️ Yes
🍴 On-site restaurant:✔️ Yes 
🚬 Smoking areas:✔️ Yes 


Services and Facilities at City of Dreams Macau Casino

Staff and Dealers

One thing everyone who has been to City of Dreams says about the staff is that they’re courteous and readily available to help. I also share the same sentiment. Starting from the front desk staff, you’ll only enjoy professional service.

I was assigned a staff member to help check me in. Also, The Morpheus Hotel offers concierge services, which was unsurprising considering it's a luxury hotel. The staff members and dealers at the casino also rendered top-notch services. I thought the casino would have a staff shortage due to its vastness, but I was pleasantly surprised to find staff members readily available on the gaming floors. 

Besides being courteous, the dealers were exceptionally professional and had extensive knowledge of the games. However, most of the staff and dealers hardly understand or speak English, so language was somewhat of a barrier. 

Smoking Areas 

There are smoking rooms at City of Dreams for guests who love smoking. So, before booking a room as a smoker, ask for a smoker’s room. I don't smoke, so I specifically requested a non-smoking room at The Morpheus Hotel and got one. Smoking is also not allowed at the gaming hall.

Safety and Security 

As expected of a world-class resort like the City of Dreams, security and customers' safety are highly prioritised. Throughout my stay, I didn't notice any scuffle or theft. Professionally trained security personnel are readily available to safeguard gamers. The luxury resort also employs state-of-the-art security equipment to monitor and secure the buildings.

420K Sq. Ft of Gaming Space
3 Separate Casinos
4 Hotels
30+ Restaurants & Bars
24/7 Open all Hours

Bars and Restaurants

The number of bars and restaurants at City of Dreams is mindblowing. Since I lodged at The Morpheus Hotel, the first restaurant I visited was Alain Ducasse at the hotel. I ordered the coconut Tara fish and spicy King Crab on the first day, and it was the most delicious food I've ever tasted. It's well worth the money. The next day, I had the crab cake in corn soup and razor clams. As usual, the chef went all out to offer me an unforgettable experience.

One of the popular cafes at City of Dreams is the Hard Rock Cafe. I also stepped into Louvre Cafe and Wave for quick drinks before heading to the casino. I couldn't leave City of Dreams without going up the second floor to SOHO, where I enjoyed a mouthwatering meal at one of the restaurants.

Customer Service 

Customer support at City of Dreams is top-notch despite the resort's enormous size. However, as I pointed out, language can be a barrier as most staff speak the local language and hardly communicate in English.

However, you can book most of its services online, so use that option before going to the resort. You'll have better luck with an English-speaking support agent. On the City of Dreams website, there are various means to reach the resort. You can either call or send an email. I emailed to inquire about a few things about the casino and booked my room online before going to the resort to ensure a seamless checking-in process. 

ATM & Cashless Gaming

There are lots of ATMs scattered all over the City of Dreams resort. In the Morpheus Casino, I met many hustlers trying to get me to change my currency. While it offers ease, it adds a mass market feel to the gaming hall. Some players might find it disappointing that they don't accept cards at the gaming hall.

Wheelchair Accessibility 

City of Dreams is wheelchair accessible. I found wheelchair ramps at various entrances to the buildings, and the gaming floors are spacious enough to give room for moving around in a wheelchair. So, it's built thoughtfully for everyone looking to relax and have fun.

I finally managed to visit CoD Macau! City of Dreams is one of the largest land based casinos in the world, and boy, it is HUGE.

Games at the City of Dreams Macau Casino

As mentioned earlier, the City of Dreams casino houses 500+ table games. So, whether you prefer Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, or Roulette, the 420,000-foot gaming halls await you. Slot lovers aren't left out, as the resort has over 1,500 slot machines.

Table Games

Most tables at the City of Dreams are Baccarat. However, the Poker tables are also worth the hype. I entered one of the Poker rooms and had fun playing against a mixture of high and middle rollers.

You'll find Crap tables at the gaming hall for Crap's fans. There are also Roulette and Blackjack tables. However, they seemed less popular than Poker and Baccarat. I also learned that City of Dreams sometimes hosts poker tournaments.

Slot Machines 

I counted over 1,500 slot machines at City of Dreams, especially video slot machines with different themes. So, whether you fancy colourful themes or adventure-themed slots, you'll find your preference at City of Dreams.

Popular Games

The popular game at City of Dreams casino is Baccarat. I went to the casino for three days, and the Baccarat tables were the busiest each time. 

Game Quality and Betting Limits 

The betting limit depends on the casino you're playing at and the specific table. I saw some people with 100k HKD betting chips and tables where the minimum bet was 50k HKD (HKD is the acceptable currency at the casino instead of MOP).

As for the game quality, expect top-notch gameplay. City of Dreams takes exceptional care to ensure fair play in its gaming halls. The dealers are also trained to provide highly professional service, and the casino pays winnings promptly.

Also, the slot machines, betting chips, and tables are all well-maintained to ensure excellent game quality.

♣️ Poker :✔️ Yes
⚪ Roulette:✔️ Yes
🃏 Blackjack:✔️ Yes
🎲 Baccarat:✔️ Yes
🎰 Slots:✔️ Yes
🎊 Bingo:❌ No
💎 VIP:✔️ Yes

City of Dreams Macau Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Visitors who join as Melco WeChat members enjoy exclusive bonuses, including dining coupons, a 50% discount on drinks, and numerous discounts upon spending a certain amount of MOP (Macanese currency).

Also, all Melco WeChat members will receive MOP500 e-coupons in their wallets to shop at Morpheus Boutique on birthdays.

There are also a couple of seasonal promotions on the City of Dreams website, so go through the promotions page to take advantage of current offers. While the casino occasionally offers bonuses and promos, sadly, I couldn't find one when I visited.

Loyalty Programme

Active players at City of Dreams can join the Signature Club, Jade/Qilin Club, or Melco WeChat Club. Members of these loyalty clubs enjoy numerous perks, including free limousine services from the Ferry terminal, dining coupons, valet parking, and free parking during casino hours.

My City of Dreams Macau Casino Experience

The ambience at City of Dreams casino is always lively, thanks to the bright lights, luxurious furniture, and exquisite Oriental rugs that decorate the gaming halls. Beyond the sounds from the gaming tables, the whirring slot machines also lend their soft noise to the general casino atmosphere.


As expected at a luxury casino resort like City of Dreams, the environment was clean and sparkling. The gaming hall was tidy despite the enormous space. Also, the slot machines and gaming tables were well cared for, and the dealers and staff were all tidy and well-groomed. 


Besides the numerous hotels, casinos, bars, and restaurants at City of Dreams, the resort houses other luxurious amenities, including the Morpheus Boutique, Spa, Jacuzzi, swimming pools, shops, and fast food outlets like McDonald's. The hotels on the resort, like Nüwa, feature a fitness centre. I also found Artelli, a multidimensional art space, and Kid City for people coming with their families.

Food and Drinks

The food at Morpheus Hotel is great if you love Asian and Chinese cuisines. However, I enjoyed breakfast the most, as you'll find English meals at any of the numerous restaurants in the City of Dreams. After hearing how delicious the dishes at Chinese restaurants like Jade Dragon taste, I decided to try Jade Dragon's Charcoal-grilled BBQ Pork grilled on Iychee woods and wasn't disappointed. The cherry tomato is to die for if you prefer a veggie dish. 

Other places I visited in the resort and enjoyed premium food and drinks include L’ATTITUDE, Louvre Cafe, Northern Noodle House, Wave, and Golden Pavilion.



The hotels at the resort offer valet parking. Also, I noticed that casino VIP members enjoy limousine car services. Also, some hotels only offer free parking for high rollers at specified hours.

My Verdict on City of Dreams Macau Casino

City of Dreams is the dream destination for tourists and locals looking for a complete entertainment spot with luxurious furnishings, bold lighting, and artistic, sweeping interiors. 

The Morpheus Hotel, located inside the City of Dreams, is a sight to behold. Also, the world-class stylish restaurants, with their sleek interiors, offer a unique fine dining experience. Not to mention the enormous gaming halls with thousands of slot machines and over 500 gaming tables.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at City of Dreams and will surely be back.

What I Liked and Didn't Like

Huge selection of gaming tables and slots
Extensive choice of restaurants and bars
Friendly staff and very helpful
Didn't Like
Cards not accepted inside the casino
Difficult to communicate in English

How to Get to the CoD Macau Casino

City of Dreams is conveniently situated on the Cotai Strip, close to popular destinations like Venetian Hotel and Sands. Located at Estrada do Istmo, the casino resort is a few minutes from the airport. Here's a handy link to get there quickly:

Whether you're looking to enjoy a relaxed evening at any of the restaurants with your family or a lucky time at the casino, City of Dreams is built to fulfil your dreams.

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