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It’s quite remarkable how land-based casinos have continued to go the distance given the success of online gambling. And one notable success story is that of the Hippodrome Casino in London. 

In this review of the Hippodrome London Casino, I'll lift the lid on my experience within the illustrious four walls of this grandiose building. Expect a behind-the-scenes report of the vast entertainment complex, with its bars, restaurants, and casino tables aplenty. And pose the all important questions - is it worth the trip to London, does it host the games you love playing, and just which exit do you take out of Leicester Square tube stop?

First thing's first, the Hippodrome Casino in London does not require membership. That means day trippers and locals can enter without having to provide any personal details, other than proof of age. Now what awaits inside?

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♦️ Hippodrome Casino Overview

The Hippodrome Casino is located in Leicester Square at the heart of London, with a site just off Charring Cross Road and down Little Newport Street. Most people reach the venue and indeed get around the city more generally by using the Underground, and handily, the Leicester Square stop is virtually next door.

The casino is a majestic 1900 listed property that spans seven floors. It used to be a theatre, but was refurbished as a nighttime entertainment space in the mid 80s. It's certainly a stand-out piece of architecture in the area. If you were to leave the Underground from Exit 1, you'll see the building across the road from you in all its glory, with the chance to appreciate its roofed statues and the sheer enormity of the structure.

The Hippodrome venue comes with an onset of restaurants, namely the award-winning Heliot Steak House, along with the Chop Chop contemporary Chinese experience presented by Four Seasons. And nothing tastes better than free food, so if you get lucky at the tables, you may want to treat yourself to a winner's meal. 

If you're looking for excitement beyond the slots and casino tables, you'll soon be satisfied by a well-packed entertainment calendar. These events include burlesque, more burlesque, and the official Magic Mike Live shows, which aren't unlike burlesque save for added six-packs and the kind of beef that is not served by the Heliot Steak House.

Quick Info

🪪 Membership required:❌ No
👔 Dress code:❌ No
🏧 Cash machines:✔️ Yes, free to use
💸 Cashless wallet options:✔️ Yes
♿ Wheelchair accessible:✔️ Yes
🍴 On-site restaurant:✔️ Yes, multiple
🚬 Smoking areas:✔️ Yes, outdoor terraces 


🛎️ Services and Facilities at Hippodrome Casino

Now, before I undertook this mission to visit the UK's biggest land-based casinos and report back on them, I had actually been to the Hippodrome many times before. So this is a familiar hunting ground for me. 

The staff here are as you would expect of any major venue that comes with prestige. First, you will be met by the receptionist who will take your proof of ID and give you some basic information about the casino, along with some dos and don’ts. While the staff always remain professional, they are very approachable and can help you with any further information you might want, whether that's casino tips or how to get about London - they even answered my questions about things to do in the local area.

The knowledge and professionalism of the team transcends across the building from customer service desks to the many manned dealer tables. At the tables, you'll find that if you engage in conversation first, they will usually reciprocate. However, should you like to play in silence, they'll take the cue to remain professional and control the table but not the talk. 

Smoking is not permitted within the property for obvious reasons, but I know that during my days as a smoker, areas are provided on the roof terrace and any other terrace across their numerous floors. Depending on the weather there are bars and even a few playing tables active on some of these terraces. That's rare for a UK land-based casino, and is certainly to the Hippodrome London's credit.


75K Sq. Ft Venue
7 Entertainment Floors
4 Distinct Casino Spaces
8 Bar Areas
24/7 Open all Hours


Bars: Casino gaming should always carry some air of elegance, so it felt only right that I wandered around from floor to floor whilst holding my preferred whiskey and coke. Now, there are a total of eight bars that are located across all the floors of the venue. Hand-crafted cocktails are also available from their Permission bar, and while I didn't partake, they certainly looked impressive. Don't get too carried away though - the only thing free at the Hippodrome is the entry, so don't expect free drinks whilst you play. 

Restaurants: For food, there is a vast selection of eateries that includes the Heliot Steak House, Chop Chop, The Rooftop, Crèpeaffaire, and the Max Halley restaurant. Admittedly, I've never tried the food at the casino, because I've generally been so focused on the games. But it's impossible not to be impressed with the diversity of options here. 

Funds and payments: Players in need of extra cash can access several cash machines that do not charge you fees for use. Yes, you read that right, no fee cash machines (the writer strikes a pose to depict a fainting motion). The option of a cashless wallet is provided which comes with T&Cs to abide by. With this method of payment and play, you can use the wallet across all cashless games, which make up a large proportion of the games on-site.

Accessibility: Lastly, wheelchair access is available via the side entrance located on Little Newport Street. It also provides lift access to all floors. There is also no dress code, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in, within the boundaries of common law of course. 

I remember my first experience of the Hippodrome very well. It was the first land-based casino I had been to, so I had this overwhelming sense of 'should I be doing this?' Those first steps onto the black and white entry tiles gave me this cerebral wobble. A sense that the energy had shifted from 'should I', to 'holy hell, it’s happening'.

🎰 Games at the Hippodrome Casino

Now, to the fun stuff - the games! At the Hippodrome London you can access a range of table games, poker, electronics, and slots. These options are spread throughout four floors and four distinct casino zones that come with their own style and flavour. These are world-class tables, plush and gloriously well-kept for their age and use throughout.

On offer, you have the classics of roulette, blackjack, slots, baccarat, and poker. You can also access the special PokerStars™ Live lounge. This is the elite area of play and not to be missed if you're a big poker fan and player. PokerStars is a world-famous casino brand and needs little introduction - renowned for its international tournaments that strike up countless millions in prize money. 

Where to Play

The Casino has four main playing areas. On the lower ground floor, you will find Lola’s Underground Casino. Sadly, this area is very modern in design, which is a shame because, despite the old brick showing in places, it could have been designed so much better to make it truly unique. On the ground floor, where you'll enter, you have the Grand Casino. Here you can enjoy electronic games, roulette, and blackjack tables. There are also plenty of machines down here, and while the variety of games can't hold a candle to the best slot sites you're probably used to, it's still a great selection for a land-based casino. It's here you'll spot several cash machines (ATMs) as you wind through the building, following the lush deep purple carpeting.

On the third floor is where you will find the PokerStars™ at the Hippodrome Casino. On this floor, I found I was able to play several cash games. It's where they also host poker tournaments and a small number of blackjack, roulette, and three card poker games. The last area of play is on the fourth floor and known as the Gods Casino. This is a very small area of play with access to a craps table, three roulette tables, two blackjack tables, and electronic gaming. 

Jackpots, VIP Rooms and More

The casino does offer plenty of jackpot games, particularly on the best real money slots and roulette. At times, you can enter a draw to win a spot on a roulette table that comes with a substantial jackpot up for the win. You'll also find a selection of games that are tailored to the budgeting players and the high rollers.

Whilst making my way through the venue I didn’t happen to notice any VIP rooms, only private function rooms for board meetings and lunches. The venue is adamant via the website that there spaces can be adapted for private hire, but a permanent VIP space appears to be lacking.

♣️ Poker :✔️ Yes
⚪ Roulette:✔️ Yes
🃏 Blackjack:✔️ Yes
🎲 Baccarat:✔️ Yes
🎰 Slots:✔️ Yes
🎊 Bingo:❌ No
💎 VIP:❌ No
🏆 Tournaments:✔️ Yes

💰 Hippodrome Casino Bonuses and Promotions

With Hippodrome Rewards, you can enjoy an array of discounts on their food and drink services. Even with their Instant Slot Rewards, it all comes back to food and drink. This is not an online casino, and this is not your Gala Bingo. There are no rewards that can help you to potentially win money for free. This is not what land-based casinos are about. Sites like Hippodrome Casino rely on returning customers and giving free promotions away is too risky and costly. 

Now, these are not the words a modern casino player would want to hear - but the world of online casinos and high street venues is very different. If you're looking for promotions that feed into your bankroll, there's always the Hippodrome online casino. They usually have some form of new player welcome bonus as a minimum. 

🎇 My Hippodrome Casino Experience

I remember my first experience of the Hippodrome very well. It was the first land-based casino I had been to, so I had this overwhelming sense of 'should I be doing this?' Those first steps onto the black and white entry tiles gave me this cerebral wobble. A sense that the energy had shifted from 'should I', to 'holy hell, it’s happening'. 

A Long-Overdue Revisit

Returning to the site a decade later, nothing much had changed. The building is certainly grand, though perhaps now a little too modernised for my taste. I want what was a period theatre to retain an air of character. The outside is very ‘classical revival’ in its architectural style, and that is where it ends. A few updated LED lights bring in some neatened touches but the reception foyer though whilst trying its hardest to look old, just comes across as an homage to something even later than 1900s décor. It's like the place isn't sure whether to keep up with the stylings of new casinos, or stick to its roots.

Putting my tastes aside, once in, the casino was clearly busy even at two in the afternoon. Yes, you can easily spot the tourists from the locals but it doesn’t diminish the atmosphere in any way. All gaming areas were relaxed, there was no overbearing sound from any table in use. The place was perfectly clean, and they clearly have staff going around maybe two or three times every hour to keep it that way.

Tourist Appeal

Upon my return, I kept to the old tradition of failing miserably. Now, it may sound odd, but there was also a sense that I had outgrown the place. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this casino, it does what it needs to do, and does what is expected of a business in a tourist area. However, as a more experienced casino-goer maybe I was searching for something that this casino couldn’t offer. Maybe it’s too big, maybe the nostalgia became tainted upon my return. It felt like going back to an old familiar place and not having quite the same feelings for it.

before I wrap up, let's not forget safety's vitally important. And when it comes to the safety aspect of the casino, you have clear exit signs, there are evacuation chairs for emergencies. There are numerous fire alarm points throughout the casino, and you have first aid-trained staff on site for those ‘just-in-case’ moments. I certainly could put any concerns aside and get stuck into the games.

⭐ Standout Moment 

A few games of roulette in The Gods Casino. This nook right at the top of the building gives you sweeping views of everything happening down below. There's no better spot to take in the atmosphere - plus the Rooftop bar's right beside.


The Hippodrome in Review

When looking at the quality of the tables and games, I thought that all seemed in a very reasonable state. I have to remind myself that this is an open-door casino. It’s in one of London’s most popular tourist hotspots. It has a high footfall, which makes the place busier than most other London casinos. So no, not everything is spotless, and not everything is brand-new. But all the slots, tables and environment more generally is of a very respectable quality. 

💭 My Verdict on Hippodrome Casino

For players visiting London, it is a perfectly impressive casino that comes with all the classic games you would hope to find. Blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker, and slots provide most of the excitement, though being a venue that also hosts events entertainment and many gastro delights, there's fun beyond the tables and machines too. Did I mention that the Hippodrome even has its own barbers? That's certainly unique and should have you looking suave for your night in the West End. 

If you're used to playing at some of the best payout casinos on the internet, you might be slightly perplexed by the slower pace and limited game options of land-based casinos, but the Hippodrome does offer more variety than most. So I'd most recommend it as a place of exploration for those who have never stepped inside a high-street casino before.

The place does come with a very relaxed feel to it, you can wear what you want and there is no membership. That said, I think I personally prefer my casinos to demand a little more - a sprinkling of that private members' club vibe. But don't let my tastes put you off. If you're looking for low-pressure casino gaming in an environment that's slick and well-equipped, the Hippodrome London delivers.

What I Liked and Didn't Like

True classic casino with all games covered
Top team of staff who can't do enough for you
Impressively clean and comfortable environment given the footfall
Didn't Like
A little touristy for me
Less of a high-end vibe
No VIP spaces

🧭 How to Get to the Hippodrome London

If you want to easily hit a casino in London, then the Hippodrome might just be the best-located venue. Getting to the site is very easy and most choose to travel via the London Underground, especially given Exit 2 of the Leicester Square station comes out under the building. But don't assume you need to hop on transport in this very walkable city. If you're in other areas of the capital like Soho, Oxford Street, or Covent Garden, you'll find its no more than 5 to 10 minutes' walk to reach the casino from these spots. 

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