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Before we can discuss the Grosvenor Victoria Casino, one of the most popular casinos in the UK, we need to quickly cover who and what Grosvenor is. In 1970, an unknown company called Grosvenor Casino, owned by the Rank Group, unleashed 53 gambling venues across the county. The site at Victoria, London, perhaps became their most prolific venue. Grosvenor began life under the title of Country Clubs, and the name switch came in 1969. The Rank Group has experience in bingo, casinos, and online gambling, having done the same business moves in Belgium and Spain.

With that history lesson over, we can crack on with this review that lifts the lid on everything about Grosvenor Casino Victoria. I ventured to London to experience the venue firsthand. I will candidly share my experience and how the casino holds up to the abundant competition in the capital. I'll also tell you how to find the casino, because the Grosvenor Victoria isn’t in fact based in the Victoria area.

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♦️ Grosvenor Victoria Casino Overview

First, to avoid confusion about this casino and its location, let me make some clear points. The casino is called Grosvenor Casino. However, it is also known as The Victoria or The Vic because the land used to belong to the Victoria Sporting Club. Along the way, the names merged, and people called it Grosvenor Victoria. Now because there are 53 Grosvenor venues, people assume that Grosvenor Victoria is located in the Victoria area of London. But the casino actually sits on Edgeware Road, which is above Hyde Park.

The Grosvenor is situated on the corner of Edgeware Road and Harrowby Street. The casino’s main entrance is on Harrowby Street. However, on Edgeware Road you also have The Little Vic Casino and a secondary entrance. Getting to the casino can be done by car and bus, but London being London, the best means of transport is the Underground. 

Quick Info

🪪 Membership required:✔️ Yes, free to register
👔 Dress code:✔️ Yes, smart-casual
🏧 Cash machines:✔️ Yes
💸 Cashless wallet options:❌ No 
♿ Wheelchair accessible:✔️ Yes
🍴 On-site restaurant:✔️ Yes
🚬 Smoking areas:✔️ Yes, outdoor area


🛎️ Services and Facilities at Grosvenor Casino The Victoria

The Grosvenor is one of London’s elite casinos; there is no disputing this. It's seriously established and has been in the business decades - one of the city's new casinos this is not, for good or bad. Helping to make this place a glowing experience is the wonderful service that comes from the team of staff. From reception to croupiers, all are remarkably professional and friendly. They are there to provide not only their extensive knowledge about the games but also about London itself. 

71K Sq. Ft Venue
3 Entertainment Floors
35 Poker Tables
2 Bar Areas
24/7 Open all Hours


Smoking: Smokers who attend the site have an outdoor smoking area located on the first floor. 

Accessibility: Those attending with wheelchairs can use the wheelchair-accessible car park; there is a wheelchair-accessible entrance, lift, and toilet facilities. 

Bars and Restaurants: If you come to the Grosvenor with an appetite, you'll be pleased to find a restaurant and bar service. This is open with the casino 24/7. Now, there is a restaurant and an all-day menu, which consists of pizza, pasta, chicken wings, burgers, sandwiches, and desserts. Regarding beverages, if you have a Grosvenor One loyalty card, you can benefit from having free hot or cold drinks. 

Dress code: The dress code for the casino is smart casual. If you want to wear a suit and ballgown, you can, but I made it perfectly fine with smart jeans and sensible trainers. 

Funds and payments: If you need more cash in your pocket, ATMs in the casino help you. Now, there are no cashless games inside the casino itself. And it's here that I seamlessly transition into the next section of the review that discusses the casino’s games.

While the Grosvenor brand is very well thought of and is definitely amongst the London elite, it is still very much a typical London casino when it comes to the atmosphere. I walked in with a preconceived notion that I was about to be waited on hand and foot. That, somehow, my shirt and tie combo would rouse whispers among the staff because I was not their usual kind of clientele. I had even gone the extra yard by polishing my shoes just by using the back of my trouser leg. If I was going to win, I wanted to look like a winner.

🎰 Games at the Grosvenor Victoria

Inside The Vic, you can enjoy a wide birth of games that will enable you to experience all the classic titles you’d hope to expect and want from a casino. Table games include two blackjack, three roulette, and a whopping 35 poker options. You will also have access to electronic games and many, many slot machines. 

Premium Poker

The most popular game at the casino is, without a doubt, poker. The services and features for this include events for the National Poker League. The Grosvenor Poker Room is one of the largest in Europe. This is a prime spot for major poker fans, so it is often very busy. And if it’s not the poker league bringing in players, the alternative poker tournaments have the clientele returning for more. 


For those new to the gambling experience, the casino offers several packages for beginners. You have the All-In Experience, which comes with a welcome drink cocktail, half a bottle of champagne, 30 minutes at a private table, £30 free bet money, and a free roulette bet. The Game On Experience shows you how to play all tables and the best new slots machines. You get a welcome brink, 30 minutes with a private tutor, £15 free bet spending money, and a gift voucher for your next visit. 

The Fan Zone Experience is tailored towards sports betting interests. It begins with your free welcome drink. You have a reserved seating area, £15 free bet money, a free roulette bet, and a £5 online Grosvenor free bet. The last package is one for wannabe poker players. The Poker Hand Experience gets you 2 hours with a private dealer and tournament game. You have £15 in free casino money, and you get free play on the Daily Poker Tournament with the online Grosvenor casino site. Plus, a free roulette lucky number bet.


The Grosvenor Casino also provides an online gambling service. This comes with access to live table games, sports betting, jackpot, poker, and electronic table games. It's also comfortably one of the top slot sites around. This extended service comes with the best online casino software, with top games made by top software developers. Players that set up a membership with both the land-based casino and online casino can also transfer money between accounts, adding more security and convenience, and with the online service comes additional promotions!

♣️ Poker :✔️ Yes
⚪ Roulette:✔️ Yes
🃏 Blackjack:✔️ Yes
🎲 Baccarat:✔️ Yes
🎰 Slots:✔️ Yes
🎊 Bingo:❌ No
💎 VIP:✔️ Yes
🏆 Tournaments:✔️ Yes

💰 Grosvenor Victoria Bonuses and Promotions

For most high street casinos, the business and the concept of promotional bonuses don’t exactly go hand in hand. However, the odd treat can be found here and there with the Grosvenor. There are promotions galore for the online wing of the business, including an online welcome bonus for new players only. For the high street branch, player deals are more seasonal, so to speak. 

Now, some offers are available across all Grosvenor sites, but now and again, Victoria will not be valid. Do make sure to read the small print to see how the T&Cs affect you and from which casino is promoting the offer. For example, upon my visit, the casino was running a ‘Hot Seats’ Promotion. This was aimed at slot machines, and a prize draw was formed for those playing games during promo time. The prize was cash vouchers to use within the casino.

While it would be better to have real cash in hand, this one example of their promotions is more than most casinos in London ever do. The perks that come from this casino continue with their membership scheme. The Grosvenor Casino online wallet provides fast-track entry to all their casinos, instant cash access within the casino, and transfers money between online and high street casinos. Many of the upsides to playing at a venue and replicated when playing online - for example and in my experience, Grosvenor ranks well among fast withdrawal casino sites. 

🎇 My Grosvenor Victoria Casino Experience

While the Grosvenor brand is very well thought of and is definitely amongst the London elite, it is still very much a typical London casino when it comes to the atmosphere. I walked in with a preconceived notion that I was about to be waited on hand and foot. That, somehow, my shirt and tie combo would rouse whispers among the staff because I was not their usual kind of clientele. I had even gone the extra yard by polishing my shoes just by using the back of my trouser leg. If I was going to win, I wanted to look like a winner. 

My Observations

As I strutted through the casino with the Bee Gees song Staylin’ Alive playing in my head, I went straight for the roulette table. Now, personally, I aim for European Roulette because of the better odds over the American table. Having stuck to the roulette table for roughly 15 minutes, I was able to observe the condition and quality of the surrounding game area. Whilst the overall place was clean, there were clear signs of wear and tear. I have seen this inside of many London casinos and, frankly, I almost expect it. This is a business that operates around the clock, so to forewarn you, nothing is immaculate. 

The casino was busy on the day of my visit. The poker room was certainly the livelier spot. There must have been plenty of members considering the number of waiting staff going around with drinks. Now, the drinks aren’t cheap but they are free if you have a Grosvenor One Card. So, I’m just going with my powers of deduction on this one

⭐ Standout Moment

The Poker Room is genuinely world-class, and you won't need to be a poker expert to appreciate it.


Grosvenor Casino Tip

Don't forget a photo ID if this is your first visit, though a debit card will be fine provided you look clearly over 25. This will be used to create your membership. After that, you can waltz into all 52 Grosvenor casinos hassle-free. 

💭 My Verdict on Grosvenor Victoria Casino

Would I return? Well, the more I journey through the casinos of ye old London town, I am able to expand on my decision-making through comparison. I have numerous casinos under my belt, so to speak, and the Grosvenor aka the Vic doesn’t make my top five list, so far.

While the casino does come with several positive features, be it the expanse of games to player promotions. there is this glaring chasm of disappointment. Despite the reputable quality of the company, the casino was just lacking in what I can only describe as soul. If this were a review of their online casino service, then my verdict would be different. Now, this does bring about a conundrum, simply because the online casino gets it right, would you really need to visit the Grosvenor on foot?

What I Liked and Didn't Like

World class poker room
Big venue with a good range of games
Packages seem to be good value for money
Didn't Like
Lacking a little in soul
Slightly awkward location

🧭 How to Get to the Grosvenor Victoria London

The Grosvenor Casino Victoria is in a peculiar location which is neither quite in the central areas of London nor outside of them. I have seldom been to Edgeware, except for going past it to get to Hyde Park. Sure, getting there is quite easy, a 2-minute walk down from the Edgeware Station and about a 5-minute walk up from Marble Arch Station, should you want to approach from the south of London.

The nearer station is Edgeware Road, which can be accessed via several train lines. Edgeware Road is on the Hammersmith & City, District, Circle, and Bakerloo lines. Once you walk out of the station, head south down Edgeware Road itself on foot, and after 2 minutes, you will see the casino on the left side of the street. 

While you can drive to the casino, the site itself does not have parking. However, there are many parking locations in the area, but if you know London prices, you'll know that it’s not worth it.

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