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Should you find yourself at a loose end in Cardiff and you fancy a day or night out on the casino floor, you’d be wise to check out the Grosvenor Casino Cardiff.

Offering packages for casino beginners and enough tables and machines for even the most seasoned casino-goer, it’s fair to say that the Grosvenor Cardiff Casino is one for the many.

In this review, I’ll answer all the questions you may have about what a visit to the Grosvenor Casino Cardiff looks like: is it easy to get to? Are my favourite games available to play there? Are there some tasty food and drink offerings to keep me fuelled in-between games?

Keep reading to hear the answers to all of these questions about Grosvenor Casino Cardiff and more.

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♦️ An Overview of Grosvenor Casino Cardiff

Fans of being right in the heart of the action will be glad to know that the Grosvenor Cardiff Casino is located in Cardiff Bay – Europe’s largest waterfront development. 

Outside of the casino you’ll find all your typical fun fair type activities such as a merry-go-round and a big wheel, along with numerous fast-food stalls located along the waterfront. It all makes it a great destination for a weekend away. 

The casino itself is located inside the Red Dragon Centre, which has been a hub of activity in Cardiff since it opened back in 1997. It offers ten-pin bowling and a cinema alongside various eateries, including a Five Guys and a trendy Japanese place. 

Plus, its enviable location means that it has great public transport links, which make it super easy to get there either by train or by bus, but I’ll go into more detail on that later.

Quick Info

🪪 Membership required:❌  No, but encouraged 
👔 Dress code:❌  No, but smart-casual recommended
🏧 ATMs:✔️ Yes
🚘 Parking:✔️ Yes
♿ Wheelchair accessible:✔️ Yes
🛏️ On-site accommodation:❌  No
🍴 On-site restaurant:✔️ Yes
🍹 Free drinks and snacks:

✔️ Yes, free soft drinks

🚬 Smoking:❌  No, but it does have outdoor smoking areas

🛎️ Services and Facilities at Grosvenor Casino Cardiff

Perhaps the first thing that stands out about this casino is the warm welcome and simplistic entry process upon arrival. You can expect to be greeted by a receptionist who will require a form of photo ID (or it’s even possible to just use your debit card if you’re lucky enough to look over the age of 25) but aside from that, you walk straight in. 

One thing to note is that I immediately felt like nothing was too much trouble for the staff – whether I needed a hand on one of the machines or was after a recommendation on where to start, all members of staff I interacted with were approachable and, most importantly, knowledgeable. 

Cardiff Grosvenor Casino is open seven days a week with table games in operation from 12pm to 5am Monday to Thursday and 12pm to 6am Friday to Sunday. The overall cleanliness of the place was great, especially when you consider the building is only shut for a few hours each day.

20 Multi-game Slots
Yes Poker Room
Yes Live Table Games
Yes Electronic Gaming
6am Open 'til Late

Smoking: While smoking is not permitted inside the property, those partial to a strategic cigarette break will be glad to know that there are pleasant terrace spaces complete with tables and chairs which can be used for such purposes.

Accommodation: Those wishing to head straight on up to bed following a session at the tables may be a little disappointed to find out there is no onsite hotel. However, fear not, as there are plenty of hotels nearby.

The Coal Exchange Hotel, Travelodge Cardiff Atlantic Wharf, and the Future Inn Cardiff Bay, for instance, are all within a ten-minute walk, so take your pick.

Restaurant: I don’t think it’s too much of an exaggeration to say that a casino without a good quality restaurant isn’t worth your time. After all, losing money sure does work up an appetite. 

Thankfully, all us foodies are catered for via the on-site Gallery Restaurant which provides an array of mouthwatering, old-favourite-style dishes including things such as steaks, burgers, and fish and chips. 

While I didn’t get the chance to try the restaurant out, what I did try was ordering from the Player’s Menu – a fantastic option for those having too much fun on the casino floor to even think about a sit-down meal. Think ‘picky’, ‘finger food’ and you’ll have the right idea. 

I opted for a simple pepperoni pizza and thoroughly enjoyed the novelty of eating it without the need to stop playing.

Entertainment: If you feel like taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the casino floor there’s no better place to do it than the vibrant onsite bar and lounge. Serving a wide selection of drinks, including cocktails, wine, champagne, beer, and cider, you can put your feet up and enjoy the extensive range of live sport. 

Plus, live music and comedy shows are common occurrences in the lounge. Just remember that it can get very busy, especially on weekends, so booking a table in advance is certainly advisable.

Parking: While the venue is easily reached by public transport, those wishing to drive there themselves can benefit from free parking outside of the Red Dragon Centre. Don’t forget to get your ticket validated (for free) inside the casino upon arrival, though. 

Dress Code: Taken straight from the horse’s mouth, Grosvenor wants their guests to feel ‘comfortable.’ Therefore, the dress code is quite relaxed. Think ‘smart-casual’ and you’ll be fine, though it is pointed out that long trousers are preferred over shorts so maybe just keep this in mind. However, no need to dig out your best suit just yet.

Accessibility: Another great thing to see was just how accessible this casino was. With ramps to support wheelchairs and dedicated disabled toilets that can only be opened by a special key. I told you, the Grosvenor Cardiff Casino is one for the many, not the few.

All of the tables were in great nick and manned well, the machines were all up and running and the choice of being able to enjoy a sit-down meal or order food and drinks straight to the casino floor was great.

🎰 Games at Grosvenor Casino Cardiff

Given the Grosvenor Casino Cardiff is located inside an entertainment complex – the Red Dragon Centre – the size of it was pretty impressive. I definitely expected it to be smaller than it was so that was a pleasant surprise. It’s worth noting, though, that it’s still not the biggest venue in the world.

Despite this, the casino had more than enough on offer to keep you busy. Plenty of electronic gaming machines and slot machines await punters, though I did notice they were extremely close together at this particular casino. 

I was lucky enough to have the entire row to myself when I took a gamble on the slots but I felt that having a neighbour would almost certainly result in rubbing knees. Not ideal, but I guess the mid-size venues do have to make use of every inch of space. 

Fans of roulette can take their pick of six roulette tables while blackjack is also well-catered for. Not all of them were manned during my mid-week visit but to be fair to the casino, the number of people in there didn’t quite warrant that anyway. 

The high rollers amongst you will be glad to hear that there are a small number of premium tables available at this venue. I didn’t see anybody sat at these tables during my visit, but I can imagine they get their fill on a weekend when the crowds are bigger and people are blowing off steam.

I also distinctly remember noticing that pretty much all of the tables I had a look at appeared to be in good condition, chairs included, which is always appreciated.

Poker rooms are a running theme within Grosvenor casinos and I was pleased to see the tradition being upheld in this particular casino. You’ll find the poker room at the back of the casino with different tables to choose from – all of which appeared to be well attended during my visit.

The poker room does have an intriguing and electrifying buzz about it, almost giving off the impression that once you’ve parked yourself down at one of the tables then hours could pass by in the space of what feels like minutes. 

Though it wasn’t crowded during my evening mid-week visit, it was steady and certainly had enough atmosphere to draw you in. I got the feeling that this would be the place to be on Friday or Saturday night and this was confirmed by a member of staff who informed me that come 11pm on the weekend, you could find yourself jostling for a place at a table.

♣️ Poker :✔️ Yes, dedicated poker room
⚪ Roulette:✔️ Yes
🃏 Blackjack:✔️ Yes
🎲 Baccarat:✔️ Yes
🎰 Slots:✔️ Yes
💎 VIP:❌  No
🏆 Tournaments:✔️ Yes, poker

💰 Bonuses and Promotions at Grosvenor Casino Cardiff

It’s true that you’re much more likely to come across attractive bonuses and promotions at the best online casinos than you are a land-based one. In terms of UK casinos, though, Grosvenor Casinos do tend to offer more than most.

Following your admittance to a Grosvenor casino for the first time, you can choose to become a member and receive a membership card. You can then upgrade your membership and create a Grosvenor Casino online wallet, giving you the opportunity to play online or at any Grosvenor casino in the UK, and even move money to and from the casino to online. 

Remember, offers are subject to change at a moment’s notice. However, another offer that stands out here is the weekly Road to Rewards promotion. Again, it combines playing in both the land-based casino and online, but the general idea of it is to reward you for your loyalty. 

The offer is available weekly, from Monday to Sunday, and gifts punters up to £30 (£10 for each £50 spent up to the capped £30) in bonus funds if they have visited a Grosvenor casino and played online at within seven days prior to the promotion start date. You opt in to this online and I would definitely recommend doing so if you frequently visit Grosvenor casinos. After all, who doesn’t like a freebie?

🎇 My Grosvenor Casino Cardiff Experience

All in all, I can’t really fault my visit to the Grosvenor Cardiff Casino. Having arrived on a Thursday evening, the atmosphere was lively without being rambunctious. However, I was told by staff that it can get very busy on weekends, especially during the summer months thanks to its waterfront location, which is to be expected.

Due to it not being full capacity, I felt as though I managed to scope out the place quite well. There were undoubtedly signs of wear here and there but nothing out of the ordinary for a building approaching two decades old, and certainly nothing offensive enough to impact on the experience. 

All of the tables were in great nick and manned well, the machines were all up and running and the choice of being able to enjoy a sit-down meal or order food and drinks straight to the casino floor was great. 

⭐ Standout Moment

The poker room was probably my favourite part of the Grosvenor Casino Cardiff. The atmosphere was unmatched, and I felt as though I could have spent a solid few hours in there fully immersed in the experience.

💭 My Verdict on Grosvenor Casino Cardiff

Ultimately, if you’re planning a trip to the area or live nearby and are looking for a reason to visit the Grosvenor Cardiff Casino, I’d definitely recommend stopping by. 

Reaching this decision came down to the comfortable atmosphere, range of games on offer, impressive and immersive poker room, and high-quality food and drinks.

I myself would most definitely pop back in if I were in the area and I think that speaks volumes.

🧭 How to get there

For those driving to the Grosvenor Cardiff Casino – simply punch in the postcode CF10 4JY and this will direct you straight to the Red Dragon Centre. Simply find a parking spot and head straight on in.

Those wishing to arrive by bus have the choice between the 1 and 1A, which takes you around the whole of Cardiff in a clockwise direction, the 2 and 2A, which takes you around the city in an anti-clockwise direction, the 6 Baycar, which is a fast and direct line between the city centre and Cardiff Bay, and the 8, which runs from the city centre to Cardiff Bay via Grangetown. 

For those opting for the train – the nearest train station is Cardiff Bay Station, which is just a five-minute walk from the casino via Hemingway Road. Frequent rail services run from Monday to Saturday from Cardiff Central Station, but it should be noted that the journey is two trains and takes roughly around 20 minutes. If you feel like stretching your legs, the walk from Cardiff Central Station will take you almost the same amount of time.

What I Liked and Didn't Like

Great location
Buzzy atmosphere
Good size
Inviting and engaging poker room
Didn't Like
Confused décor
Personal space – or lack thereof at slots games

Licensing Authorities and Testing Agencies

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