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Lightning Blackjack Review

Lightning Blackjack is another exciting and electrifying variant of the traditional blackjack online. Created by Evolution, the casino game is played by an infinite number of gamers in the same round. At first glance, you can tell that it’s different from other blackjack variants, especially with the lightning effects and primarily the multiplier features.

Launched in 2021 by Evolution, it’s available in both live and first-person versions. The former involves multiple players and a human dealer in real time, while the latter is a 3D version that can be enjoyed by one person at a time. You can try the first-person variant in demo mode to familiarize yourself with the game or play the live version for real money.

However, if you're still undecided about whether Lightning Blackjack is worth your time, this review will guide you through everything you need to know about the game and how Lightning Blackjack works.

Lightning Blackjack Game Logo
Game Type Blackjack
RTP 99.56%
Volatility High
Released in: 2021
Live Dealer Game Icon Yes
Special Feature Lightning Multipliers, 6 Card Charlie Rule
Game Provider Evolution
Evolution Logo

Lightning Blackjack Game Design

Lightning Blackjack is a live game that offers a similar experience to playing traditional blackjack but with better aesthetics. Like with a traditional blackjack game, my objective in playing Lightning Blackjack was to get a hand value closer to but not above 21. Numbered cards between 2-10 are worth their face value, while Queens, Jacks, and Kings are worth 10. Depending on the situation, Aces can either be 1 or 11.

I was impressed by the game's amazing graphic design, which enveloped me in a visually pleasing gaming environment. All the action happens on a red semicircular blackjack table with the live dealer sitting directly opposite you and in between 2 decks of 52 cards each. The gameplay was viewed from various camera angles, making gameplay more interesting.

Betting options, such as Stand, Hit, Split, and Double, pop up on the screen, making it easy to choose your next move while also enjoying a neatly arranged interface with spaced-out icons. I also discovered a 20-second countdown timer that dictates how much time you have to make a decision. This timer is available only on the live version of the game.

I was impressed by how neatly arranged and easily accessible game buttons were. Your balance can be seen at the bottom-left part of the screen, while other valuable icons and settings are neatly positioned around the screen edges.

The audio experience was immersive thanks to the lightning sound effects and nicely tuned background music, offering relaxation as you play. Also, the immersion was enhanced with the live dealer offering commentary on in-game actions.

To produce an interesting and exciting live casino experience, Lightning Blackjack's design integrates traditional blackjack features with creative multipliers and a bold visual style. These multipliers appear after a lightning animation and range from 2x to 25x. They’re applied to a round after you win the previous one.

How to Play Lightning Blackjack Online

The objective of Lightning Blackjack is to defeat the dealer with a hand equal to or as near to 21 as possible. Face cards are worth 10, while number cards are worth their face value. An ace might be valued at 1 or 11.

You can choose to hit or stand after getting two cards. The dealer deals you a new card if you hit. You can hit as often as you like, but watch out – if you hit more than 21, you'll go bust. When you stand, the dealer shows both cards and tries to hit 21.

While playing, I was required to pay a Lightning Fee in this game in addition to my regular blackjack stake. The fees made me eligible for the multiplier bonuses. However, the lightning multiplier was only available after I won a hand.

Languages English
Multiplayer Icon Yes
Mobile/Tablet Icon Yes
Min Stake €1.00
Max Stake €5,000.00
Bet Limits €5,000.00
Bet History Icon Yes

Lightning Blackjack Bet Information

As I mentioned in the How to Play Lightning Blackjack Online section, besides the regular blackjack wager, I had to pay a "Lightning Fee" equivalent to my main stake value. Note that this Lightning Fee is never refunded. Lightning Blackjack has a 99.56% RTP, but with the inclusion of a Lightning Fee, the RTP falls to about 82.4%.

But should you win a hand, you get a multiplier for the following round you play. Depending on your final hand value, the multiplier values – which are randomly assigned – can range from 2x up to 25x.

The multiplier increased my main wager whenever I won the next hand. Standard blackjack payments cover the remaining portion of the stake. Keep in mind that the multiplier is lost if you lose the next hand. 

Lightning Blackjack Bonus Features

Lightning Blackjack offers several features to spice up the gaming experience, such as:


Lightning Blackjack insurance is an optional side bet offered when the dealer's upcard is an Ace, paying 2:1 if the dealer has a natural blackjack. If the dealer doesn't have a blackjack, you lose your insurance bet, but the game continues. Some gamers generally consider this a bad bet, but I find it useful for conservative play or extending my bankroll.

Lightning Multipliers

The game awards multipliers after each win, with the multiplier increasing after you win a round. I also discovered that your hand determines the multiplier value you receive. For example, you receive a 2x multiplier if your hand total is 17 or less. The multipliers you get fall between 2x and 12x if the hand totals any digit less than or equal to 20. However, the real fun begins when you win on 21 or Blackjack, as your winnings will then rise by 15x and 25x, respectively.

6 Card Charlie Rule

Evolution also featured the 6 Card Charlie rule, which states that any hand with six cards that hasn’t busted is a winner. This implies that you can still win the round even if you hit multiple times without going above 21.

Bet History Icon Yes
Bet Limits €5,000.00
Side Bets Icon Yes
Dealer Hits Soft 17 Icon Yes
Dealer Peek Icon Yes
Double After Split Icon Yes
Double Down Icon Yes
Insurance Icon Yes
Number of Decks 8
Random Shuffle Icon Yes
Split Icon Yes

My Experience Playing Lightning Blackjack Live

Lightning Blackjack live is streamed from Evolution. But this didn't stop the platform from adding virtual elements like the lightning bolt and game icons. Playing the online casino game live felt like I was in a traditional casino. Unlike standard online blackjack, the live version features a professional dealer shuffling the cards and dealing in real time. I also noticed a live chat feature that enabled players to interact with the dealer. Thus adding a social element to the gaming experience.

Seeing the occasional lightning bolt animation gave me a sense of exhilaration while wondering whether or not I received a multiplier. Knowing that a 5x or 10x multiplier could turn a blackjack into a massive win offered me an extra layer of excitement.

Lightning Blackjack also has a Bet Behind feature, which allows me to bet behind one or more of the seven main players. This add-on made the game more interesting and offered higher returns. 

In summary, playing the game live offered a blend of skill, luck, excitement, and social interactions. Whether you’re a seasoned blackjack player or a curious newbie, the live version adds an electrifying twist to the traditional game.

My Experience Playing Lightning Blackjack For Real Money

Playing Lightning Blackjack for real money kept me on the edge of my seat. I had to find the right balance of strategic moves to help me get through the game's volatility. Doing so helped raise my chances of getting huge rewards, but it requires lots of brainstorming.

Before playing with real money, I familiarized myself with the game rules and watched the game video, which offers just a single-player experience but comes in handy if you're not ready to make a financial commitment yet. From my experience, I couldn't glimpse all the features you'll find while playing with real money. Also, the real money version gives a more exhilarating experience since you're competing with your money at stake and having fun at the same time.

After my investigation, I decided it was time to try my luck at the best online casino for real money. Remember to set a betting limit and stick to it. This little trick prevented me from mismanaging my funds while playing the game.

Live Studio Locations Yes
Multiple Cameras Icon Yes
Live Dealer Chat Icon Yes
First Person Icon Yes

Best Lightning Blackjack Casinos

While Lightning Blackjack is one of the most popular blackjack variants from Evolution, it’s not available on all online gaming platforms. However, I’ve curated a list of top reputable casinos below offering this title. You can pick any of the sites below to begin your gameplay.

It seems these offers aren't available in your location right now. Click here to check out the best casino deals for your area!

Lightning Blackjack Review Summary

Lightning Blackjack is a casino game I can recommend to any traditional blackjack lover looking to switch things up. But that doesn't mean you need to be a blackjack fan to love the game, as the title offers an exciting level of excitement that's appealing to all online gamers.

With its intuitive interface and designs, I had a fun time playing Lightning Blackjack. The live casino game version gave an even more interesting feel with the live chat support and back bet feature that lets you stake on a player’s hand. So, whether you're seeking an exciting table game or an immersive blackjack version, Lightning Blackjack is worth your time. But if you need help with the game's rules, I recommend reading the review and familiarizing yourself with the Lightning Blackjack strategy.

Lightning Blackjack Pros and Cons

Visually pleasing interface
Decent RTP
Offers exciting bonus features
Easy-to-understand rules
High volatility

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