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American Roulette Review

Roulette is a popular table game at both land-based and online casinos. Hence, it's unsurprising to find it in diverse variations at roulette casinos. Throughout my years as an avid roulette fan, one variant I have always played in online casinos is American Roulette by NetEnt.

NetEnt released American Roulette in 2014, and since then, it has grown to become a fan favorite at many top online roulette casinos. This game review explores all you need to know about this exciting table game popularly called Double Zero Roulette. I'll discuss the game design, bet information, and bonus features to help you decide if it's the right RNG game for you.

American Roulette by NetEnt Game Logo
Game Type Roulette
RTP 94.74%
Volatility High
Released in: 2014
Live Dealer Game Icon Error No
Special Feature Favorite Bets, Dynamic Billboard
Game Provider NetEnt
NetEnt Logo

American Roulette Game Design

One thing that stood out for me while playing American Roulette by NetEnt is the quality of the game graphics. The quality doesn't still reduce when you kick-start the real game. At the center of your screen's top is the turning roulette wheel, while the logo is on the left side.

The right side is where you'll find recent hot and cold numbers, offering hints on the numbers to gamble on. At the bottom of the screen, you'll find the betting table sporting a red color. Here, you can place your bets ranging from red or black, even or odd, 1-1, 2nd 12, amongst others. 

There are also many customization options at the bottom of the American Roulette gaming interface. For instance, pressing the I icon opens the paytable while the Star button shows the favorite games you've saved. 

There's a selection of gambling chips in the middle of the bottom screen, ranging from $1 to $500. These are the minimum and maximum wagers you can place per round.

I applaud NetEnt for designing American Roulette to be player-friendly. Whenever you hover over the table with your mouse, the possible bets will be highlighted, which is pretty helpful for new players. I also appreciate the Favorite Bet feature, which helps save customized wagers for future use. 

How to Play American Roulette Online

Playing American Roulette by NetEnt at an online casino is easy. Simply visit any casino site featuring the game and sign up. Then, navigate to the games lobby and click on the American Roulette thumbnail to load the game. Ensure the online gambling platform you choose is mobile-optimized and user-friendly. You can also load the game through an app if the casino offers one. 

Choose a chip from one to 500 located on the right side of the screen. The minimum wager amount for one bet position is three, while the maximum is 500. After choosing your wager, it's time to place or position your bet. The potential amount you can win depends on where the bet is placed (a ratio to the wager). Once you place your bet, spin the wheel and wait for where it'll stop. If the ball lands in a slot equal to the number you placed a bet on, you'll receive a payout.

Languages English
Mobile/Tablet Icon Yes
Min Stake €0.10
Max Stake €5,000.00
Maximum Win €15,100.00
Bet Limits €5,000.00
Bet History Icon Yes

American Roulette Bet Information

Understanding what roulette odds are and wagering on American Roulette by NetEnt is straightforward. You can choose a single number or place your chip in the middle of two numbers. That way, you bet on both. Regarding this betting option, you can also place a chip between four. Furthermore, there’s an option to wager on a specific line by positioning the chip on any of the 2:1 sections. 

Players can also place wagers on the odd and even section, 19-36, or 1-18 sections. Once you've positioned your bet, press the button in the screen's bottom right-hand corner to set the ball rolling around the wheel. 

Note that the payout you can receive from the American Roulette game by NetEnt can be a 1:1 for betting on even or odd, 19-36, black or red, or 1-18. 

Winning a column or dozen gamble pays out 2:1. However, a winning six-line wager gets a 5:1, while a top-line gamble winning features a 6:1 payout. You can even get a 35:1 for winning a straight bet. 

American Roulette Bonus Features

Like the regular roulette game, players get several betting options on American Roulette based on specific color and space numbers. The stakes are also classified into inside and outside bets. 

However, the American Roulette by NetEnt possesses special features that make it popular among roulette fans. Here are some of them.

Dynamic Billboard

The Dynamic Billboard is a small window that shows various game information, statistics, and outcomes. While gameplay is on, you'll find Cold and Hot numbers on display there to bet on. Cold numbers are simply the numbers that haven't been winning in the last 500 rounds, while Hot numbers are the opposite. 

Favorite Bets

The Favorite Bet feature is important for saving wagers I use often, to avoid entering it manually multiple times on the layout.


Although not a bonus feature, Racetrack is one of the add-ons you'll find on American Roulette. To use it to place special bets, click on its designated button on your device screen. You can pick straight, neighbor, or complete bet on 00 by clicking on the racetrack directly.

Bet History Icon Yes
Bet Limits €5,000.00
Side Bets Icon Yes
Racetrack Icon Yes
Called Bets Icon Yes
Double Zero Icon Yes
Betting Window Icon Yes
Hot and Cold Numbers Icon Yes
Number of Balls 1

My Experience Playing American Roulette on Mobile

One thing that always stands out for NetEnt games is their ability to adapt to different screen sizes. From my experience, American Roulette is an easy-to-play title if you're craving on-the-go gaming. The best thing is that you can find this game on several online casinos with casino game apps and websites optimized for mobile gameplay. 

If you're ready to play American Roulette by NetEnt on your mobile device, here's what to do:

  • Visit the NetEnt website or sign up at any of the online casinos on this page's banner
  • Load the games from the mobile browser or app
  • Play in landscape mode for a better experience

Viola, you’re done! Note that the casinos I recommend for playing American Roulette by NetEnt offer top-notch audio and video quality. The game loads quickly on these sites, too. While playing the game, you'll notice that the bet numbers and buttons show clearly, ensuring an optimal gaming experience.

My Experience Playing American Roulette for Free

Players looking to play American Roulette without real money can find the demo version in this review. Many third-party sites also offer a chance to play online roulette for free. However, before loading the game from a third-party website, ensure the site is reputable.

One thing I love about the demo mode is that it allows you to play American Roulette for free to test your gaming strategies. While you'll get the same audio quality, top-notch visuals, and game mechanics, you won't be able to win real money since you aren't playing from your bankroll.

As a new player, I recommend starting with the demo mode, as it'll help you study the roulette table and bet placement while familiarizing yourself with the game rules. To play the game for free, I visited the NetEnt website and loaded American Roulette. The background sound was relaxing, and the dealer's voice calling out the winning numbers was professional.

I chose $5 as my minimum wager and placed a bet on 8 black. After rolling the roulette wheel, it landed on my chosen number, and I got $175 worth of free chips for more gameplay. When I depleted the $1,000 free credits I received after loading the game, I closed and opened the game again to find another free $1,000. 

Where to Play American Roulette for Real Money

American Roulette by NetEnt is a fan favorite for gamers who love taking risks due to its high volatility and house edge. Hence, you need to sign up at a reputable gambling platform to play the game. The online casino you choose must have a verifiable Random Number Generator (RNG) for fair game outcomes. 

Fortunately, my recommended top casino sites online feature NetEnt's games, including the popular American Roulette. These online casino platforms are all licensed, with generous bonuses and promotions to help new players kick-start their gaming adventure.

American Roulette Review Summary

American Roulette by NetEnt is an easy-to-play, enjoyable roulette game, which is why it has quickly become a favorite amongst Roulette fans since its release in 2014. Although the game has a high house edge and 94.74% RTP, players can still enjoy a rewarding experience with the best roulette strategy.

Understanding the game mechanics is easy, as it's just like a regular roulette with a slight variation. There aren't many bonus features that distinguish it from traditional roulette. However, players enjoy access to a Dynamic Billboard, Favorite Bets, and Racetrack features. 

If you prefer gaming on the go, you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that American Roulette runs on HTML5 technology, so it easily adapts to all screen sizes. The gameplay is smooth on both desktop and mobile devices, and the games load quickly. 

While American Roulette by NetEnt isn't available in all online casinos, you can find casino sites that feature this game on the website. I've also included a few on this page. So, if you're considering playing this popular RNG game by the renowned NetEnt, prepare for a memorable gaming adventure.

American Roulette Pros and Cons

Dynamic Billboard feature
Favorite Bets feature
5,000 max wager
Beautiful background sound
High house edge

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